FFXIV: What Are Achievement Points For?

When a player accomplishes an achievement, they receive an achievement point.

They are not a currency in and of themselves, but rather a measurement of progress that can be granted in various amounts.

Achievements can be earned in Final Fantasy XIV for doing simple things.

These items provide as evidence that you have, in fact, accomplished something.

Perhaps you spent more time than was good for you on the Gold Saucer getting a haircut, clearing a dungeon, or spamming something.

You will find that each achievement notification has a corresponding point value.

As one might expect, more points are awarded for more difficult accomplishments.

Your accomplishment points can be used toward a small number of rewards, but you can’t actually buy them.

I’ll elaborate on that further down.

So What Do I Get From Completing Achievements?

Pride and profound contentment with oneself.

In addition to gaining titles, things, equipment, Orchestrion Rolls, and mounts can be acquired through completing achievements.

Accomplishments can be earned for just about everything you do in the game. Therefore, there is a tremendous amount of difficulty to overcome.

Some of them will be simple to obtain, while others will be more challenging.

Achievement hunting in XIV is a rewarding way to pass the time, and you’ll get in-game items for your trouble.

Blue Magic spells, hairstyles, emotes, and relic weapon animations can all be recorded here.

Each accomplishment is worth a certain number of points, with the value increasing in direct proportion to the difficulty of the task at hand.

These points are primarily a means of tracking your progress through the game, serving as tangible evidence of the time and energy you’ve spent exploring and completing various activities throughout the world of Eorzea.

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Free Companies and raiding stats can utilise it to identify which dungeons you’ve cleared (and at what difficulty), which is useful information for determining whether or not your skills are up to par.

With the release of Patch 5.5, the Achievement Menu has become the central hub for collecting your earned prizes.

Can I Do Anything With Achievement Points?

Actually, sure.

They’re not strictly a currency by itself, but players can visit an NPC in Old Gridania named Jonathas.

He’s designated with a trophy icon on the mini-map, and will convert your collected achievement points into achievement certificates.

These certificates can then be used to purchase a range of prizes from the items on this list.

There are some fairly fun stuff available.

My personal favourite by far is the Giant Chocobo Head, a helmet that combines wonderfully with practically any splendour you choose to wear.

But there are minions and some really cool mounts too – like the towering Behemoth, or the darkly comic Magitek Death Claw.

Or if you wish to keep things vintage, you can obtain some new barding options for your Chocobo.

It shouldn’t take you too long at all to acquire enough achievement certificates to buy almost everything you desire from the list.

The sums really aren’t that big, and you’ll be showered with achievements through your early time with the game.