Final Fantasy 16 to be the First M-Rated Game in Main Series

Final Fantasy 16, which will be classified M, will be the first game in the long-running Final Fantasy series to deviate from the conventions of its predecessors in the mainline.

Final Fantasy 16 will create a new era for the Final Fantasy series, as it will be the first of the series’ numbered entries to be given a rating of M for Mature in North America and PEGI 18+ in Europe.

This grade indicates that the game is suitable for mature audiences.

Following the completion of The Game Awards, preorders for Final Fantasy 16 were made available online, which led to the confirmation of the rating.

Why Will Final Fantasy 16 be M-Rated?

In the days before the new Final Fantasy 16 trailer came out, the Brazilian Interactive Rating System said that the game will get a rating in the country that says it is not appropriate for children under the age of 16.

Furthermore, the rating indicated that there will be some form of drug use and torture in Final Fantasy 16.

The last trailer that was presented during the broadcast of The Game Awards 2022 was named “Revenge,” and it was shown in person by the producer of Final Fantasy 16, Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida.

The Game Awards ceremony took place in the year 2022. The preview had horrific images, including the obvious and gory death of a chocobo that was gushing blood within the first few seconds of the clip.

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The death of the chocobo confirmed early on that the game will be given the “M” rating (for “Mature”) in the United States and Canada.

The game received ratings that were comparable to those in the United States in Europe and other areas.

Final Fantasy 16 has been given a classification of M owing to the use of graphic violence, blood and gore, harsh language, sexual themes, and partial nudity, as stated by Square Enix.

In May of 2022, Square Enix published a gameplay teaser for Final Fantasy 16 called “Dominance.”

The trailer gave the impression that the game will have nudity and sexual material of some kind.

Preorder Information:

The launch window for Final Fantasy 16 was unveiled at the very end of the video for the “Revenge” game.

The video game is scheduled to be made available for purchase on PS5 as a timed exclusive beginning on June 22, 2023.

Shortly after The Game Awards came to a close, preorders for Final Fantasy 16 went live on the official website.

On December 12, preorders for the physical Collector’s Edition will get underway on the Square Enix Store.

This will be the only location where preorders are accepted.

Some Additional Information About Final Fantasy 16:

According to Yoshida, the reason why prior entries in the Final Fantasy mainline series have traditionally been given ratings of T for “Teen” or equivalent, the fact that Final Fantasy 16 is an M-rated game is because of the requirement of having such a rating.

Yoshida also mentioned that the development team’s desire to convey a more personal story served as the inspiration for the storyline of Final Fantasy 16.

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The mystery surrounding Final Fantasy 16 is only increasing as a result of several factors, including the tragic events that befell Clive and Joshua Rosfield, the political manoeuvrings of the contending nations of Valisthea, and the unexplained abilities bestowed upon the Dominants by the Mothercrystals, which have the ability to transform them into the kaiju-like Eikons.

Fans of Final Fantasy will have to be patient for the next six months, and only time will tell if the game will be good enough to warrant the wait.

Final Fantasy 16 will be released on June 22, 2023, for PS5.