18 Best Flying Mounts in FFXIV

Even though all mounts in Final Fantasy XIV can fly after collecting all the aether currents in an area, this doesn’t change the fact that mounts with wings or machines that can fly look more natural when their wings move as they move through the air.

Since flying was added, there has been a Cambrian Explosion in the mount selection. Game designers have thought about how a mount moves on the ground and how it would look flying through the air.

When you ride some mounts, they really light up the sky, while others… not so much.

Some are better on the ground than in the air, like the tank mounts, while others were made to fly.

Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away as we look at the mounts I think are the best at flying in FFXIV.

18. Firebird

Flying Mounts

The Firebird is one of the most beautiful mounts in the game.

Even though Firebird is an old mount that came out with the Heavensward expansion, it still won first place because it looks so great.

The Firebird looks cool and badass because:

It is a magnificent mount, and any player who sees its shining wings and body will lose their breath. It is also very big, so people always notice them when they go somewhere. The Firebird’s flying animation is also beautiful, with its regal wings flapping in the air so it can fly wherever the player wants.

Getting the Firebird:

Unlock and complete all of Heavensward’s extreme trials to get the mount that goes with each one. Players can also choose to have a smaller group of people in their party, which makes it much easier to get through the extreme trials.

At this point in the Endwalker expansion, players can also finish most of the hardest trials by themselves or with the help of only one friend, instead of with the help of seven friends.

The seven mounts that players must get are the Warring Lanner, the Demonic Lanner, the Sophic Lanner, the Dark Lanner, the Round Lanner, the Rose Lanner, and the White Lanner.

After getting all seven, players can accept the “Fiery Wings, Fiery Hearts” quest in Idyllshire and finish it to get the Firebird.

17. Eurekan Petrel

The cute and wide Eureka Petrel mount!

Eureka is a big part of the Stormblood expansion. It comes with new relic weapons and a lot of mounts, like the Eurekan Petrel.

The Eurekan Petrel looks cool and tough because:

It is one of the few cute mounts in the game because it is big and has a cute face.
It also has a unique flying animation that makes it look like it’s swimming. Their big, beautiful blue wings make this even cuter.

It’s a very rare mount that you can only get from Eureka. You can also buy them at the Market Board, but they cost a lot.

The Eurekan Petrel can be gotten by:

When you finish the Main Scenario Questline in Stormblood, Eureka will be unlocked. Level up your Eureka/Elemental level and complete all of Eureka’s side quests until you unlock Eureka Hydatos.

If you go to one of Eureka Hydatos’ happy bunny lockboxes, you can get this mount. If a player doesn’t want to grind, they can buy this mount from the Market Board for anywhere from 4 to 8 million Gil, depending on the server.

16. Skyslipper

Just get in the car!

A new mount was also added in the Shadowbringers expansion, which came out before this one. It’s like Demi-Phoenix, and players get it when they kill the last boss in the first savage-tier raid in the expansion.

The Skyslipper looks cool and badass because:

At the moment, it is the only mount that can fit up to four people. Most of the Mogstation’s multi-seater mounts can only be bought with real money, but players can get this one for free.

The mount is the same as the one that many NPCs ride in the Shadowbringers expansion. This makes it an even cooler mount because it has been around before and has a history.

The Skyslipper can be gotten by:

Complete the main scenario quests for Shadowbringers to get to the Eden raid. To get to Savage, you have to finish the first four Eden raids.

Clear Eden’s Gate: Sepulture (Savage), the fourth Eden Raid, to get this mount as a guaranteed drop. At level 90, players can also use the Undersized Party option to make the Savage Raid much easier.

15. Rathalos

Rathalos is a mount from another Japanese game franchise that crosses over with another (Monster Hunter: World).

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It doesn’t glow and shines as the others do.

But you can only see how quietly it moves when you land this scary dragon, zoom in, and look at the details in its design.

Take it all in, it won’t hurt you (at least the mount version won’t!)

When it’s in glide mode, I love how the wings react to the air resistance. The detail is so good that you can see the sun shining off each scale.

How to get it: You can trade at least 50 Rathalos Scales for the Rathalos Whistle, or you can get it as a rare drop from The Great Hunt (Extreme).

14. Landerwaffe

Landerwaffe is my favorite because it reminds me of all the best parts of the toys I used to play with as a kid.

If I had Landerwaffe as a kid, I’d feel bad about my dinosaur, mech, and Star Wars toy collections.

When it’s on the ground, the wings fold up in a way that makes sense for how it’s made, and when it’s in the air (thanks to the jets), it looks a lot like an X-wing.

So, if you like Star Wars, this is the flying mount you should try to get.

It has unique mount music (the Shadowbringer’s main title theme) and can hold up to two players, so grab a friend and go blow up a Death Star!

How to get the Landerwaffe Flute: Get the seven Gwiber mounts first, then finish the quest “The Dragon Made” to get the Landerwaffe Flute.

13. Alte Roite

Alte Roite first appeared in Final Fantasy V as a wizard. His final form, Jura Aevis, was the model for the majestic winged serpent in Final Fantasy XIV.

It’s in Deltascape V1.0 (Normal), which isn’t the hardest raid, but the game designers must have liked the design enough to turn it into one of the most beautiful flying mounts in the game.

The tropical colors are nice, and the double set of wings, especially where they are placed on the snake’s body, are some of my favorites on this list.

The way it moves through the air, slithering around and around, gives me the good kind of goosebumps.

How to get it: If you beat Deltascape V4.0, the Alte Roite Prism may drop (Savage).

12. Astrope

Astrope is a royal snow-white Pegasus with a unique horn and a fancy saddle.

Even though it doesn’t have an iridescent body glow, it gets a high ranking because of how it looks and because it shows that the player base as a whole is important to it.

It can also fit two people.

Fitting for the kind of player you’ll need to be to pilot the Astrope.

The flying animation is exactly what you’d want from a big-horned Pegasus, and it has the same “tuck-and-glide” hoof animation as Kirin.

How to get it: You have to do 2,000 Mentor Roulette tasks to get the Astrope Whistle, which is probably the most grinding you’ll have to do in FFXIV.

11. Kirin

A qilin is a creature from Chinese mythology that has horns and looks like a mix of a giraffe, a horse, and a dragon.

Kirin is all of these things in Final Fantasy XIV, and you can ride it.

The gold and black color scheme are beautiful, and the aetherial cloud and shimmering effects make you feel like you’re riding on something truly special.

The golden wings might be my favorite thing on the list.

They just spread out from the shoulders in a butterfly shape. The beautiful way it gallops through the air and glides on its front hooves… Kirin is a beautiful flying horse.

How to get the Kirin Fife: Get the six Nightmare mounts first, then finish the quest “A Legend for a Legend” to get the Kirin Fife.

10. Forgiven Reticence

Shadowbringers brought a new type of monster called “sin-eaters.” Sin eaters are white, mindless shells whose only goal is to eat the aether of others until they are full.

This giant winged lion/lizard hybrid is “not aggressive,” which is good news for us because Warriors of Light love to ride on enemies that tried to kill them.

Riding a sin eater is very satisfying, especially after the trouble they caused in Shadowbringers.

And When in the air, Forgiven Reticence looks scary.

Winged lions, griffons, and other animals like them all have a place in our minds that makes us want to fly with them. Forgiven Reticence is a great example of this archetype.

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How to get: To get the Forgive Reticence Horn, Shadowbringers players must take part in The Hunt (3,200 Sacks of Nuts, purchasable in The Crystarium).

9. True Griffin

With their strong wings up in the air, griffins can fly.

The Stormblood expansion added a new mount called the Flying Griffin. It has strong wings that it can use to fly.

how cool and badass the Flying Griffin looks:

The design of the mount is very appealing because it has strong wings.
It’s one of the biggest and coolest mounts in the game because it’s so big and intimidating.

The griffin’s colors are all white, which makes it look very fluffy, clean, and striking.

How to find the Flying Griffin:

Unlock the Ananta Beast Tribe in Stormblood and help them level up by doing their daily quests.

Collect 18 Ananta Dreamstaffs, which you can get by doing daily quests for the Ananta Beast Tribe. One Ananta Dreamstaff is given out for every daily quest.

Madhura in Castellum Velodyne will give you the True Griffin mount in exchange for 18 Ananta Dreamstaffs.

8. Pteranodon

In FFXIV, the Pteranodon is the same thing as the Pterodactyl, a dinosaur with wings that were thought to be a carnivore and terrorized the skies of ancient Earth.

This Pteranodon mount isn’t much of a hunter and more of a scavenger. After being fed scraps, it becomes friendly.

Good for us, because flying on this horse is a lot of fun.

It’s such a pure flying mount that it doesn’t even land on the ground when it’s in land mode. Instead, it hovers in the air with the help of its huge wings, which it flaps.

How to get: To get the Pteranodon Horn, you have to earn 500,000 points toward your Skyward Score (by taking part in the Ishgardian Restoration) in every crafting and gathering class.

Pteranodon is special because it’s a status symbol for crafters and gatherers, which is another reason why it’s so valuable.

7. Demi-Phoenix

The Demi-Phoenix is a beautiful four-winged flying mount.

Demi-Phoenix is a new mount that came out with the Endwalker expansion. It is beautiful and elegant, but it is also fierce and strong.

The Demi-Phoenix looks cool and badass because:

First of all, the Demi-Phoenix was added in the most recent Endwalker patch. Because it is one of the newest mounts in the game, it is currently one of the rarest.

It is also the boss of the new Pandaemonium raid, Asphodelos: The Third Circle, which is a tough one. Because the mount from Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage) can only be gotten through a boss raid, players have to beat the boss before they can get the mount. This makes it very unique.

Getting the Demi-Phoenix:

In the new Endwalker expansion, you have to finish the main scenario quest line and the normal versions of the raid before you can access the wild Pandaemonium raid.

Players must finish the last Pandaemonium Savage raid, Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle, in order to get the mount (Savage). Clearing Savage is hard for players, so it is suggested that they make a static that is just for clearing this hard content.

6. Amaro

Amaro is a mix between a camel and a bird. They are only found in the Shadowbringers expansion.

If you do any of the side quests in Il Meg, you’ll see that they’re alive and can have complex, deep relationships.

Their dusty black feathers and fur look great when they fly, and they have two sets of wings and a small pack that sits behind your character. This makes Amaro a good choice for roleplaying as a real adventurer.

Amaro also has low-fidelity mount music.

If you want to hear a song that you can’t hear anywhere else in the game, turn on the setting.

To get the Amaro Horn, you have to get all of your combat jobs to level 80. Enjoy the hard work!

5. Wivre

The newest Wivre mount, he looks like a badass.

Even though this guy on the list doesn’t have wings like many of the others, he is still one of the saddest asses in the arena.

The Wivre looks cool and badass because:

It has a huge horn that makes people notice it right away. At first glance, the design of the mount may seem strange, but it’s also the main thing that makes it so appealing. It’s also a fairly new mount that came with the Endwalker expansion.

Few people know about it, so when they see one in the wild, they’re surprised. Not only that, but out of all the new mounts that came with Endwalker, Wivre is one of the hardest to get, which makes it even cooler and more badass.

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Getting the Wivre:

Before you can use the Shared FATE system, which is part of the Shadowbringers expansion, you have to unlock it. Then, players have to grind these FATEs in either the Shadowbringers or Endwalker areas in order to get Bicolor Gemstones.

Then, players can buy a total of 500 Bicolor Gemstones. Each Gemstone costs 100 Bicolor Gemstones to buy.

The Bicolor Gemstones Vouchers can also be bought from the Market Board. Then, you can get the Wivre mount by giving Edelina in Mor Dhona 500 Bicolor Gemstones Vouchers.

4. Adamantoise

Adamantoise’s longtime fans know exactly why it’s on the list.

It can fly by tucking its arms and legs into its shell and using jet propulsion alone, which is a very strange and funny way to fly.

It’s so silly, but at the same time, it makes perfect sense.

I love how, when it comes back to the ground, it pops back out of its shell.

If I could, I’d put Adamantoise at the top of every list of mounts. But, alas, I try to stay as fair and neutral as possible.

How to get it: For 200,000 MGP, you can buy the Adamantoise Whistle from the Gold Saucer.

3. Al-iklil

Al-iklil has a cute design that looks like a motorbike and can fly perfectly.

Al-iklil is a mount that came out during the Shadowbringers era. It can carry two people on a ride through the sky!

The Al-iklil looks cool and badass because:

It is one of the few mounts that can carry two people at the same time. Most mounts that can do this cost money, but this one can be earned for free by grinding in-game!

It has a unique design that looks like a cross between a bicycle and a horse. A lot of people are also interested in how the mount moves and moves while it is in the air.

Not only that, but not many people have this mount, even though it was introduced during the Shadowbringers era. This makes people curious whenever they see it flying through the air.

Getting the Al-iklil:

To unlock Bozja Southern Front, you must finish the Main Scenario Questline up to level 5.1 in the Shadowbringers expansion and all Alliance raid quests in the Stormblood expansion.

Get all of the field records from Delubrum Reginae, the southern front of Bozjan, and Zadnor. After players have earned all three achievements, they will be able to get the Al-iklil mount.

2. Raigo

Unfortunately, the Garo PvP event that was needed to get Raigo is no longer going on.

The event, on the other hand, went on for years, so there’s a good chance you’ll see one of the mounts out in the wild, with the fearsome Raigo being the most impressive.

Raigo is a mix of the best parts of the other two Garo mounts. He is a Pegasus with armor that protects him from head to hoof and reflects damage.

I really like how Raigo’s wingspan and color scheme make him look like a bird.

It has everything that makes a great flying mount:

A unique design that works well for being in the air, and a flight animation that looks good.

The feathers on Raigo’s tail remind me of a peacock’s when it is at rest, which adds to his overall opulence.

To get the Raigo Pipe, you had to enjoy the PvP grind a lot (win 60 Frontlines, The Feast, or Rival Wings matches while sporting a Garo title).

1. Gabriel Mark III

The beautiful, shiny Gabriel Mark III, with shiny emerald wings!

The Gabriel Mark III is a great mount that was added in the Shadowbringers expansion. It caught the eyes of many hungry players.

The Gabriel Mark III looks cool and tough because:

It is a shiny flying horse that gets people’s attention wherever it goes. It is very bright, and even in the darkest parts of Eorzea, you can see it.

It’s also a big mount, and the emerald-colored wings that shine only add to its beauty and charm.

When the Gabriel Mark III is in the air, it changes into a completely new shape that looks like an airplane. This makes the mount even cooler.

The Gabriel Mark III can be gotten by:

It can be bought on the Market Board for between 500,000 and 1,000,000 Gil, depending on the server the player is on. You need to unlock Bozja and do Delubrum Reginae so that you can find this mount in one of the chests.