Cult of the Lamb Unveils Penguin and Lion Followers in Preview for Upcoming Update!

Video game fans, get ready for some exciting news! Cult of the Lamb, the highly acclaimed roguelike game developed by Massive Monster and published by Devolver Digital, is set to receive its first major content update. The update will include a variety of new features, patches and improvements based on player feedback, and new Follower Forms for players to use on their followers.

In celebration of the new year, players will be able to obtain Follower Forms in the form of penguin and lion skins through Twitch Drops by watching participating streamers play the game until January 5, 2023. Follower Forms are special skins that players can give to their followers as they progress through the game and spread their cult.

In addition to the new Follower Forms, the major update will include new moves for the character The Lamb, including powerful Heavy Attacks. Players can use these HeavyAttacks by pressing and holding the attack button, which can knock back multiple enemies with one smash.

Each weapon will have its own unique variant of the HeavyAttack, such as the HeavyAttack for the axe allowing The Lamb to throw the weapon like a boomerang, or the HeavyAttack for the dagger summoning multiple daggers from the sky.

The blog post also mentions that new features will be added to the game as part of the major update, designed to add depth, difficulty, and accessibility to the game. The update will aim to improve the overall quality of life for players, and the blog post hints at the possibility of new features being added to rematches with old foes, possibly indicating something different going on with the Barbatos enemy.

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While the developers have not yet shared a specific release date for the major update, they have stated that the game will receive patches at the start of the new year. Cult of the Lamb, which follows the story of a possessed lamb trying to create a loyal following for his new god “The One Who Waits,” has received widespread acclaim for its unique blend of cute character designs and disturbing religious imagery, and has sold over one million copies to date. Stay tuned for more updates on the game’s upcoming major content update.