Gamer Beats God of War with One Hand in Pringles Can

Twitch streamer MissMikkaa has proven that anything is possible in the world of gaming with her latest challenge: defeating Thor in God of War Ragnarok on the hardest difficulty using only one hand, while the other hand was stuck in a Pringles can.

MissMikkaa, who has gained a following for her unique Elden Ring playthroughs, in which she plans to beat the game twice at the same time using a controller and a dance pad, showed off her impressive skills and quick thinking as she took on the god of thunder while snacking on chips.

And while beating a boss with one hand while snacking on Pringles may seem like a daunting task, MissMikkaa proved that anything is possible with determination and a little bit of creativity.

But MissMikkaa isn’t stopping there. After defeating Thor, she continued to play the game, determined to conquer the Lands Between of Elden Ring using her dance moves.

And this isn’t the first time MissMikkaa has taken on a unique challenge – in the past, she’s even beaten the game using only her dance pad.

MissMikkaa’s impressive gaming skills and innovative approach to challenges have made her a hit on Twitch, and it’s no wonder why.

Who wouldn’t want to watch a streamer take on a boss with one hand while snacking on Pringles? It’s safe to say that MissMikkaa is definitely bringing some excitement and entertainment to the world of gaming.