Elden Ring Patch Makes Invasions More Challenging by Turning Off Phantom Scaling

Elden Ring players have discovered a game mechanic that can significantly increase the damage dealt by invaders during invasions, making the mode much more challenging for hosts and summoned phantoms.

Invasion PvP in Elden Ring is typically one-sided, with a single red phantom invader facing off against at least two other players: one host and one or more summoned yellow phantoms. To balance the odds, yellow phantoms have their damage and defenses downscaled. However, it has recently been discovered that if an invader uses the Phantom Finger item during an invasion, the downscaling disappears entirely.

YouTube user M conducted a test to demonstrate the effects of the Phantom Finger. They invaded another player’s world as a level 25 character, while the summoned phantom, baba, was a level 621 character with 99 in every stat except Arcane.

Using three different weapons, M found that the downscaled damage dealt by the yellow phantom was significantly lower than it would be if the scaling were not in place. However, when M used the Phantom Finger and reran the test, the damage dealt by the yellow phantom increased by 280% to 310%.

Veteran Soulsborne PvP streamer Peeve has speculated that the Phantom Finger removes all buffs from the invader, including the downscaling applied to summoned phantoms. This theory is supported by M’s tests, which showed that damage dealt by invaders to high-level phantoms was unchanged after the Phantom Finger was used.

It is not clear if FromSoftware will address this issue, which has been present in the game since its release. The developer has previously patched Elden Ring to balance the game between PvP and PvE, so it is possible that a solution will be found. In the meantime, players should be aware that using the Phantom Finger during an invasion could make the mode significantly more challenging.

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While the Phantom Finger may be a useful tool for invaders looking to increase their chances of victory, it is worth considering the potential consequences for hosts and summoned phantoms.

Without the downscaling applied to yellow phantoms, invasions may become much more difficult to survive, especially for those facing off against high-level invaders. It remains to be seen how FromSoftware will address this issue, but for now, players should be prepared for potentially tougher invasions if they choose to use the Phantom Finger.