Overwatch 2 Players Earn More Coins from Microsoft Rewards than in-game

There’s no denying that Overwatch 2 has had its fair share of issues since its launch earlier this year.

From connection errors and matchmaking issues to a confusing SR system and an expensive in-game shop, players have had plenty to complain about.

One frustration that seems to be shared by many is the lack of reward for investing time and money into the game.

Some players have called for increased rewards in the Battle Pass and a higher earn rate in Weekly Challenges, but it seems that there may be a different solution altogether.

According to a Reddit post by user MyGoodFriendJon, it’s possible to earn more Overwatch 2 coins through Microsoft Rewards than by completing every Weekly Challenge since the game’s launch (a total of 143).

In fact, MyGoodFriendJon reports that they’ve earned 800 Overwatch 2 coins through the Microsoft Rewards system, compared to a weekly total of 780 from Overwatch 2 itself.

While it’s not uncommon for games to have secondary systems in place for earning rewards, such as watching affiliated Twitch streams to earn in-game items, it does seem strange that players can earn more by doing things outside the game than by actually playing it.

It’s hard to argue that playing the game itself shouldn’t be the primary means of earning currency.

Many players are understandably frustrated by this discrepancy and are calling on the developers to address the issue.

It’s worth noting that this is just one player’s experience and it’s possible that others may have had different results.

However, it’s clear that the Overwatch 2 coin system needs some adjustments to ensure that players feel like they are being fairly rewarded for their time and investment in the game.