Silent Hill: The Short Message Gets Rated in Taiwan and Korea

Silent Hill: The Short Message, one of the many Silent Hill titles that were leaked back in September by the Korean Rating and Administration Committee, has recently received a rating from the Taiwanese rating system.

This rating included an official image and a basic plot summary, which seems to confirm that the game is still in development.

The official image for Silent Hill: The Short Message looks similar to leaked images that were shared earlier this year for an unnamed Silent Hill game.

The image shows ominous papers sticking to the walls in a red-tinted room, and previous leaked images have shown multiple areas with strange papers scattered about.

One photo even showed a person’s face being peeled away like paper. The official image also includes the official logo for Silent Hill: The Short Message.

The plot summary for the game reveals that it will follow a woman named Anita as she enters an abandoned apartment to search for her friend Maya. However, she becomes trapped inside and encounters strange monsters.

This setup is reminiscent of Silent Hill 4: The Room, in which Henry Townshend becomes trapped in his own apartment room.

The Taiwanese rating only mentions that the game will be available on the PlayStation 5, which is not surprising given that several upcoming Silent Hill games will be PlayStation exclusives, including the Silent Hill 2 Remake.

It’s worth noting that Silent Hill: The Short Message was not announced during the Silent Hill Transmission, a digital event hosted by Konami in October. However, it appears to be further along in development than some of the other titles that were announced during the event.

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These titles include Silent Hill: Townfall, an interactive streaming experience called Silent Hill: Ascension, a brand new game set in 1960s Japan called Silent Hill F, a new movie titled Return to Silent Hill, and the Silent Hill 2 Remake.

Fans of the Silent Hill franchise have been eagerly anticipating the release of these new titles, and the recent rating for Silent Hill: The Short Message has only added to the excitement. While it’s not clear when the game will be released, it’s clear that it will be a highly anticipated and popular game when it does hit the market.

Whether or not it will be a PlayStation exclusive remains to be seen, but given the recent rating, it’s clear that the game is still in development and may be closer to a release than fans originally thought.