FFXIV: Best Healer Jobs

In Final Fantasy XIV‘s meta, not all jobs have the same amount of difficulty. As a result, all combat roles are feasible and may be played at the highest levels without being criticized by other players.

In addition to healing, several vocations offer damage bonuses or shields, which give them a distinct advantage over the rest of the team. It is the players’ comfort levels that determine the strength of a job.

Here are the top healer occupations in FFXIV if you’re still undecided about which one to play.

Barrier healers and regenerative healers are the two types of healers employed in the field.

Healing over time is the primary method of replenishing the health of regeneration healers, but barrier healers must foresee the enemy’s attacks and shelter their friends in advance of the approaching harm.

So we’ve listed the categories in order of importance for high-quality content.

Regeneration healers

White Mage, a healer in its purest form

Best Healer Jobs

One mana point may heal an entire party using the White Mage’s arsenal of healing spells and abilities, including the ability to revive players.

You can use Thin Air and Lily stack to avoid expending mana, as well as off-cooldown burst heals like Benediction, which restores all of the target’s health without incurring any cost at all.

The Blood Lily, a resource used in a powerful attack known as Afflatus Misery with a potency of 900, charges instantly when healing skills using Lily stacks.

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High-end chores are easier to perform because of the White Mage’s numerous OGCD and immediate abilities that allow him to roam freely.

Astrologian, the damage booster

On top of several healing abilities, the Astrologian makes use of cards, making them a more formidable opponent than the White Mage.

Up to three boosts can be applied to a single target, the entire party, or the player themselves by drawing cards and forming symbol sequences.

The buff’s settings are altered when the cards are separated into two colors. While purple cards are best suited for long-distance shooting, green cards are better suited for close-quarters combat.

As a result, the Astrologer must be well-versed in all aspects of the game in order to succeed.

The Astrologian was a barrier healer for years, but big changes were made in the current Endwalker expansion and it became a regeneration healer with a new card system.

As a result, it doesn’t have to optimize the cards as much as before and gains a number of bonuses for itself, as well as for allies who use cards and the entire party that meditate.

FFXIV’s card mechanics are unique to this job, making it difficult to master but extremely rewarding once you do.

Which Job is Stronger?

To put it another way, the White Mage is a more effective healer than the Astrologer in this regard.

According to FFLogs, the top White Mage players in the initial Endwalker’s Savage raids are healing two percent more on average than the Astrologian.

When it comes to hard mode content, when high DPS is critical, the Astrologian has more worth than the White Mage as a healer who also possesses healing abilities.

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White Mage, on the other hand, is easier to learn than Astrologian, making it a better choice for beginners.

Due to its high mana potential and burst heal, it also has the potential to save the squad should things go wrong, giving it an edge across the board in FFXIV.

Barrier healers

Scholar, the fairy master

The Scholars enlist the assistance of a fairy to give their comrades a boost. A pet master’s fighting version, the Arcanists are a step up from the original Arcanist job, which can be unlocked at level 30.

While the healer has no direct control over the Scholar’s fairy, she can set a pattern for her to follow.

As scary as it appears, the Scholar’s powers can be mastered with practice. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it satisfying.

When the fairy’s heal is enough to keep the team alive, the Scholar’s fast-paced playstyle includes multiple off-cooldown abilities and high-damage opportunities.

Aetherflow stacks, which the healer needs in addition to mana, let them use their strongest abilities. It offers everything a team might want once it’s mastered, but getting the hang of it isn’t easy.

Sage, the aggressive healer

With the release of Endwalker, the Sage is the second new healer job. Since it has so many powers to learn, it begins at level 80 and might be a challenge to master.

A good thing is that completing the work objectives will assist new Sages to gain a feel for the game’s playstyle.

In addition to Phlegm and Toxikon, the Sage uses math to augment its power and inflict damage on its enemies.

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The Sage is quite similar to the Scholar in terms of play style, but it has a different look and a different set of abilities.

Shields are abundant, and the Kardia ability grants additional shields and healing to the main tank.

The Sage also employs stacks on top of mana as resources, some for healing and others for causing damage.

The Scholar must utilize skills to unlock the stacks that normally regenerate or are provided as a result of dealing a certain amount of damage.

Which one is the strongest?

White Mage, Astrologer, and Scholar all have unique abilities, while Scholar and Sage are more alike.

Even in high-end responsibilities, it’s impossible to tell which job has the most potential, since their healing and DPS outputs are comparable among the best players according to FFLogs.

Due to the difficulty of learning barrier healers at this level, the strongest healer is the one with which the player is most familiar.