FFXIV: Where Do You Get Spruce Logs? (Location)

Botanists with level 50 can collect spruce logs from an unspoiled node in the Coerthas Central Highlands (X:27.3, Y:12.7).

Even though there are a lot of other ways to get spruce logs, like treasure hunt maps and voyages, this is one of the best.

When getting spruce logs, you can also ask your retainers to help.

Gathering is usually the best way to farm items as a Disciple of the Land, but this isn’t always true if the item you want can only be gathered from unspoiled nodes.

So let’s go into more detail about all the ways you can get Spruce Logs in the game.

Logging in Providence Point

Take the aetheryte to Camp Dragonhead in Coerthas to get to the place where the node is that has the spruce logs.

Then go north from there to where the map says “Providence Point.”

As already said, you can find spruce logs in places called “unspoiled gathering points.”

These nodes are special because they only spawn at a certain time of day during a fixed window of time.

They also contain unique items.

The node you’re looking for appears in Providence Point at 9 a.m.

Eorzean time and stays there for 3 hours.

This is about 10 minutes in the time of Earth.

Spruced Up Treasure Maps

Get Spruce Logs

Treasure hunting is a feature of FFXIV that can be unlocked by doing “Treasures and Tribulations,” a level 36 side quest from H’loonh in Eastern La Noscea (X:21, Y:21).

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This lets the player decipher old maps they’ve found while gathering as a Disciple of the Land, so they can look for treasure chests where the map says to.

Spruce logs might be in treasure chests that can be found with Timeworn Peisteskin Maps.

You can also buy these maps from the market board if you don’t find them in level 50 or higher gathering nodes.

Note, though, that you can only have one at a time in your inventory.

For these maps, you should have a full group of eight level 50 players, but I was able to handle everything by myself at level 90.

Once you’ve found the right spot on your Peisteskin Map, click “Dig” to find the coffer.

You can get your prize after you get rid of the enemies that appear.

Ventures & Voyages

You can stock up on items by sending your retainers on missions.

If you have any retainers who are level 50 or higher, you can send them out to collect spruce logs.

If your NPC friend meets the level requirement, you should see the option for spruce logs when you give them a quest.

The whole thing will take an hour, but that time can be cut down depending on how good your retainer is.

Depending on your retainer’s perception stat, you’ll get back anywhere from 3 to 11 logs.

A perception of at least 336 will make sure that most people are brought together.

Voyages are like ventures, but they are done by a group of players instead of just one player.

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Also, you don’t send out the NPCs you hire. Instead, you send out ships like airships and submarines.

There are two places on a voyage where you can get spruce logs:

  1. Deep-sea Site 6
  2. Wreckage of the Windwalker

Uses For Spruce Logs

One of the first things you can do with spruce logs is finished the “Seeds of Hope” quest for the level 50 botanist class.

This quest is given by Fufucha, the botanist guild master in Old Gridania (X:6.5, Y:7.7). It is a tutorial for gathering points that haven’t been spoiled.

The quest actually sends you to the Providence Point node we talked about at the beginning of this guide.

But these logs are also used in a couple of levels of 50 Carpenter Master Recipes.

  1. Blank Grade 2 Orchestrion Roll
  2. Spruce Lumber

Then, spruce wood can be used in a wide range of master recipes, most of which are for making furniture and walls for homes.

But items made by the Free Company also need spruce logs.

Here are some ways you can use them with your FC:

  1. Large Arms Supplier’s Walls
  2. Large Eatery Walls
  3. Large Outfitter’s Walls
  4. Medium Arms Supplier’s Walls
  5. Medium Eatery Walls
  6. Medium Merchant’s Walls
  7. Medium Outfitter’s Walls
  8. Smally Arms Supplier’s Walls
  9. Small Eatery Walls
  10. Small Merchant’s Walls
  11. Small Outfitter’s Walls