FFXIV: How To Get The Conditional Virtue Minion?

Rarely, the Baldesion Arsenal Duty will drop a Conditional Virtue Minion. And more specifically, it might be in the Coffer you unlock after vanquishing Absolute Virtue.

The Baldesion Arsenal represents a second layer of obligation. The Forbidden Land, or Eureka Hydatos, contains a massive Dungeon.

It can hold up to 56 players at once and is one of the game’s toughest challenges.

There are traps and challenging bosses galore throughout the Dungeon itself. Furthermore, its appearance is contingent on a number of factors, but the benefits are well worth the effort.

Groups typically organize runs through this dungeon. Several factors have contributed to this:

  1. Death in the Baldesion Arsenal is irreversible unless one is revived in the Duty. Your Elemental Level will drop if you die or are kicked out of a group.
  2. It is only during the battle that healers can use their Raise spells.
  3. Several unique Eurekan Actions, such as the ability to scout for Traps, are needed to make it through the Duty.
  4. The synchronized mechanics of certain Bosses are unique. Particularly obtaining Absolute Virtue calls for finishing a unique FATE that is not found within the Dungeon.

These, together with a number of other considerations, make this a huge task. You can understand why the Conditional Virtue Minion proves so difficult to obtain.

The Keys To The Arsenal

You’ll need Eureka access first and foremost.

To do this, you’ll need to acquire the following four primary Quests:

  1. And We Shall Call It Eureka (Galiena – Rhalgr’s Reach – Chakra Falls, X:10 Y:12)
  2. And We Shall Call It Pagos (Rodney – Kugane – Pier #1, X:9 Y:14)
  3. And We Shall Call It Pyros (Rodney – Kugane – Pier #1, X:9 Y:14)
  4. And We Shall Call It Hydatos (Rodney – Kugane – Pier #1, X:9 Y:14)
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When you reach a new Eurekan Zone, you’ll unlock the next available Quest. Inside each one is a series of quests that must be finished before you can proceed.

You can get by without completing your relic weapon or buying the relic armor set, but doing so is recommended.

This is because Eureka is what it is, and because of the Baldesion Arsenal in the future.

Virtue Minion

The Elemental Weakness system from traditional role-playing games like Final Fantasy XI is used for all gameplay within Eureka.

The ultimate Relic you acquire will be a weapon or set of armor with an additional “Elemental Bonus” stat.

With this buff, your damage output and defenses inside Eureka will both improve. This means the Baldesion Arsenal is included. Which greatly improves your odds of survival in the event of an error.

Totally voluntary, but strongly suggested!

Once you reach Eureka Hydatos, you’ll need to raise your Elemental Rank to 60 in order to complete the area’s Quests.

You now have all you need to start looking for the illusive Conditional Virtue Minion.

There’s no other way to get into the Baldesion Arsenal after you’re inside Eureka other than to defeat Ovni.

As long as there are enough players of level 60 in the area, the Notorious Monster will spawn around every 15 minutes.

You’ll need to kill it to get the benefit “Aetherically Charged.” As soon as Ovni is defeated, 48 new Portals will appear, and you can enter any of them with this.

This Portal leads directly to the Baldesion Arsenal, where you can switch jobs or attend parties. You will then divide into smaller groups to take on the Dungeon’s Bosses.

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When you reach the penultimate location, an additional Event called “The Baldesion Arsenal: Expedition Support” must be activated.

This is crucial as it unlocks the key to the Coffer hidden behind the Absolute Virtue, allowing you to claim victory and reap the rewards of your hard work.

A Conditional Virtue Minion can only be found in that Coffer.

One of the rarest and coolest Minions in the game, but it requires a lot of effort to obtain. That is if you enjoy Final Fantasy XI very much.

Reading up on the Fights within the Duty might help you get ready for the challenge ahead. Especially considering how little time and opportunities you have left to succeed.

The fantastic Ozma Mount is yours if you’ve finished the Baldesion Arsenal. It’s a good investment of your time, for sure.

I wish you the best of luck in the long haul.