FFXIV: How to Unlock Diving & How to Dive?

With the release of the Stormblood add-on, Eorzea has become the perfect place to live out your wildest Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea fantasies.

When you learn to dive with your mounts, the world is yours to explore with them. Dammit, wait a minute, that’s Aladdin, not The Little Mermaid.

My bad.

I’ll try again.

Since diving is now a part of Final Fantasy XIV, your potential for adventure has been greatly expanded.

Nailed it.

Read on to find out when you’ll be able to dive, how to dive, and where I recommend going once you do.

The Diving Quest

Patch 4.0, the Stormblood expansion, introduced diving as I indicated in the introduction. The later Shadowbringers and Endwalker expansions include several underwater environments to explore.

The quest “In Soroban We Trust” in The Ruby Sea will become available to you as you go through the Main Scenario Quests.

This quest is mandatory and must be completed in the specified order. If you pursue the quests in the upper left corner of the screen, you will reach this area shortly. One of the benefits is learning to dive.

If you are primarily leveling through MSQ, you will most likely reach this quest between levels 63 and 65.

There is a gene unique to Eorzeans that protects them against decompression sickness. It’s possible for you to dive and surface with the speed and agility of a madman.

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How to Dive?

You have successfully finished your quest. You’re just keeping your mount afloat.

Ariel is right; it is time to venture forth into the unknown.

Select your preferred device from the list below to access control instructions:

In order to play on a computer, you must hit the control key (CTRL) and the space bar at the same time.

PlayStation gamers may want to think about using the circle button.

Whatever the B button is on Xbox, the spirits are asking me to press it.

Where Your New Diving Skills Can Take You

Il Mheg

This small village and its sunken church have such perfect liminal space feelings.

It’s the perfect spot to take it easy, have lunch, think about death, or take a nap. The Shadowbringer zone MSQ requests that you check out the local church.

In my opinion, the fact that First Fae can’t swim is one of their best qualities. To avoid them is possible. You need to let Urianger know about this.


Friendship exists among the Kojin. In the same way that the Namazu would be interested in whey protein, these people are.

This bubble town of theirs is adorable. The Stormblood MSQ sends you here quickly haver you earn the ability to dive.

This is a wonderful area to AFK or parks oneself to just chat. Fishman, peaceful surroundings, and low traffic.

It certainly pulls me back to my childhood. The Custom Deliveries NPC is also available to assist you in advancing your crafting profession.

Of all the expansions, I have the least affinity for Stormblood. Trash trash. This moist hamlet is an exception.

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The Lochs

If you thought the vibes in Il Mheg were intense, you should check out the severe version.

Maybe I just have a thing for lost cities resting at the bottom of deep, dark pits.

Now, let’s move on from Ohio…

To reach a certain timed mining node, you must first enter this pit.

This dismal gorge and the fisherman bubble town are the only two things I appreciate about Stormblood.

Yes, you’re wrong if you prefer Stormblood, but everyone has the right to their own viewpoint.

I’m kidding…

Am I…?

Yes… Or…?

Yeah, I am.

However, if you think Hermes is a redeemable character, I need you to turn your location on. I need to have a conversation with you.


Okay, so I’m not officially diving, but I am in the water. I felt the need for a break. When it comes to Final Fantasy XIV, Costa del Sol is hands-down my favorite zone.

This Costa is the most popular because it satisfies two competing desires: a longing for the beach and a fondness for throwback FATE parties that helped players reach level 50.

I wouldn’t call myself an RPer, but there’s something about Costa del Sol in the summer that makes me want to drift around aimlessly.

Relax with an old friend and some Bananas Foster after you’ve mastered diving in Final Fantasy XIV and explored some of the game’s actual diving areas.