What Are Market Prohibited Items in FFXIV?

Market Prohibited Items are things that can’t be sold in the player market in Final Fantasy XIV.

Most of the time, these are weapons and armor, but they can also be unique things like minions or Orchestrion Rolls.

How Do You Know If An Item Is Market Prohibited?

Move your mouse over it in your inventory or on your character screen.

At the bottom, to the right, of the huge wall of text that usually comes with weapons and armor, you’ll see the words “Market Prohibited.”

This means that you can’t sell this item on the Market Board.

You might be wondering what the point of this is.

Well, some rewards would be less valuable if they could just be sold to the highest bidder.

For instance, the 2B Automaton from raids based on the game Nier is a bit of a status symbol.

If players could just buy the reward, would they be as motivated to finish the raids?

Most likely not.

It also stops players from selling cash shop items for a profit inside the game, which protects Square’s income streams.

Yes, you can buy some things with real money and sell them for gil.

But most of the items that make people look good will be Market Prohibited.

What Kind Of Market Prohibited Items Are There?

Weapons, armor, minions, Orchestrion Rolls and other items can be bought.

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You might find that most of the rewards you get from trials and raids are “Market Prohibited.”

This means that players aren’t allowed to buy or sell these items.

That doesn’t mean you can’t buy any of the things above from the Market Board.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

There are a lot of fun minions and useful upgrades for gear and looks.

Some will always be locked behind a piece of content, so if you really want something, you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way.

If an item is not Market Prohibited but still can’t be sold, it may be Spiritbonded.

Market Prohibited

Spiritbonding is a process that starts when you get to experience it while wearing a piece of gear.

When an item has been fully Spirit bonded, it can be turned into Materia.

In this situation, you can either finish the Materia Extraction or sell it to an NPC if you don’t want to bother.

But if you want to see a full list of everything that can’t be sold at the Market, just click on this link.

How Do You Get Rid Of Market Prohibited Items?

These items don’t just stay in your inventory forever, which is good news.

If that were the case, you’d run out of room pretty quickly.

There are quite a few uses for them, although none of them are going to make you the profit you might like.

First of all, these items can almost always be sold to NPC vendors.

Since items sold to these vendors just vanish into thin air, they have no effect on the economy of the game or on Square’s bank account.

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You’ll get a small amount of gil and some extra space in your inventory.

Do you want to level up any other jobs or classes in the future?

Could they use that Market Prohibited gear?

If so, you might want to put it away for a bad day.

Market You can get Company Seals in exchange for certain types of banned gear at your Grand Company.

Company Seals can be traded for a number of useful things, such as a higher rank in your Grand Company, retainer ventures, and crafting materials.

Most of the time, this is a much better way to use your Market Prohibited Items, since the gil you get from vendors isn’t very much.

If all else fails, you can always just throw the item away, since there is no “Garbage Prohibited” modifier.

It’s best to just throw something away and move on sometimes.

Don’t keep everything you get!