What is Stacking in FFXIV?

In Final Fantasy XIV, “stacking” is a term for a technique that is used in boss fights.

It’s when a group of people gathers at one or more points. Stacking is useful in a lot of cases, even if it’s not what the fight is supposed to be about.

Stacking can sometimes help your party work better together, but most of the time it’s just a way to spread damage around so you don’t have to take it all yourself.

Stacking isn’t very interesting either.

As you move around Eorzea, you’ll have to do it more than once.

I don’t think it’s ever been done in the world of Eorzea, though.

Stacking is usually always a part of boss fights as a way to do damage. Unless you’re in a brutal raid or a fight that’s meant to be hard on purpose, there will always be a sign.

Most of the time, a big orange circle will be drawn around a mechanic that needs stacking to show where players should group up.

When people stand together, the damage is generally split between all of them. Most of the time, you have to do this in order to, you know, not die.

The group might also need to split into two groups of four to stack in two different places. This doesn’t happen very often, though.

What is Stacking

Primary Stacking Uses

Now, I said that stacking is usually used to reduce damage between people in the same party.

Then what happened the other times?

Let me give ya an example.

Before there were any upgrades for FFXIV, Titan was the biggest bad guy who ever lived.

Titan EX was very dangerous. And stacking made the battle a little bit easier.

All of the players used to gather under Titan’s butt.

The fight with the Titans was kind of like a dance, where if you didn’t follow the moves exactly, well… bye-bye.

Getting hit by a random mechanic was less likely when people stacked and moved as a group.

And, really, those are the only times when stacking makes sense.

You’ll stack for physics, and almost always to split damage.


Why do we stack in FFXIV?

Stacking in FFXIV is commonly used during boss mechanics to fulfill specific requirements. It allows players to share damage, receive healing or buffs, and maximize the effectiveness of abilities that have a proximity-based effect. Stacking helps with mitigation, healing efficiency, and overall party coordination.

How do I know when to stack?

The need to stack is usually indicated by visual markers, mechanics, or callouts during encounters. Pay attention to boss abilities, ground markers, or instructions given by the encounter or party leader. These cues will guide you on when and where to stack to handle specific mechanics effectively.

Do all party members need to stack together?

While it is generally expected for party members to stack together, there can be variations in stacking positions depending on the encounter. Some mechanics may require specific groups or positions within the stack. Communication within the party is essential to ensure everyone is correctly positioned according to the encounter’s mechanics.

What are the benefits of stacking?

Stacking offers several benefits. It allows for shared damage, enabling healers to efficiently heal multiple targets with area-of-effect spells. Stacking also ensures that players within the stack receive the full benefit of buffs or debuffs that have a proximity-based effect. Additionally, stacking facilitates coordinated movement and simplifies the execution of certain mechanics.

Remember that each encounter in FFXIV is unique, and stacking requirements and strategies can vary.

It’s essential to communicate with your party members, follow encounter-specific instructions, and adapt your positioning accordingly to successfully navigate the mechanics of each encounter.