FFXIV: What is the Road to 60 & Road to 70 Buff?

“Road To 60” is an effect that is applied to specific servers within Final Fantasy XIV.

New characters created on servers that have Road To 60 active would receive double the amount of experience from any source.

As of the time of this writing, the Road to 60 buffs has since been replaced by the Road to 70 buff, which is the same but with an extra 10 levels. 

This is to accommodate the increase in level caps that was added by an expansion called Shadowbringers.

Population control is a key aspect of MMOs.

Although the distribution of players doesn’t occur naturally, it must be planned.

Final Fantasy XIV has an array of features to help encourage this and stop already overcrowded worlds from becoming completely crowded. 

Although it’s not guaranteed, it may seem very successful in the present.

The game has experienced a huge number of new players joining XIV, and many of them are enjoying the huge trial offer.

To lure new players to less populated areas (while keeping them from the more populated worlds), the game usually assigns certain servers as preferred. This is where the Road to 70 buffs come into play.

The idea of creating a character in the world that FFXIV calls a “preferred world” offers several benefits.

For new players, the huge experience bonus could be extremely appealing. In the end, it cut the time to the level of 70 by half.

There’s an enormous distinction between leveling without and with the buff. This is especially noticeable when it comes to crafting and gathering tasks.

I’d recommend you create your character in one of the worlds you prefer in Your Data Center (Primal), currently Diabolos Exodus and Lamia, to allow you to join forces with your friends and get the buff as well. 

The preferred world’s list is updated frequently, however you can always verify the list in real-time in this manner: 

“When creating a new character, Worlds in which these bonuses are applicable will be marked with a star icon () on the World selection screen.”

With the buff, you’ll get them back in just one week.

Another benefit of having the boost for a brand newly-initiated player (in my view) is that you will earn enough XP playing only this Main Story Quest chain and Duty Roulette, so you can play the story without having to endure “grind to the next level” stops.

I’d like to make the character of an Arcanist a character to start with addition for two reasons:

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1.) you can achieve level two jobs at the same time: the Summoner (ranged DPS caster with pets that tank or dpss) and the Scholar (healer). Both jobs are at the same level regardless of the one you are currently playing.

2.) If you can heal (scholar) the dungeon queue is eliminated, as are the quests you can solo be able to complete comfortably using the Summoner.

How do I get the Road to 70 buffs?

It’s easy.

Create a new character in a world that is currently in an active Road To 70 status. You’ll be able to view the status clearly on the screen for selecting worlds.

The buff is automatically applied to all characters eligible, as well as an experience boost of 100% for all jobs the character can take on from level 70.

It’s important to note that the Road to 70 experience is a good match along with other bonuses to experience.

It includes the Rested Exp, which is a 50% increase in your experience by staying in a place of refuge, as well as any other accessories you may have that enhance your enjoyment.

For instance, if you’ve purchased Endwalker and you’ve purchased Endwalker, you’ll get Menphina’s Earring. This is an item that can boost the level of experience up to level 80 when installed.

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If you’ve got a rested XP and a rested Road to 70. That’s an enormous increase of 180% in total.

How long does the buff work for?

The Road to 70 lasts until the world no longer prefers it or until 90 days following the creation of the character or until the character is created, whichever is later.

Therefore, even if the chosen realm loses preferred status within a few weeks after you’ve created the character you want to play, it will still have the chance to use the buff in enough time to make use of it.

90 days is quite a long time span-you’d be able to complete two classes quite easily during that period, depending on the number of hours you’re prepared to commit to.

It’s an enormous boost and can be particularly beneficial if you’re also trying to find several crafting or gathering professions along with combat-related tasks.

Is the Road To 60 Buff worth it?

the Road to 60 & Road to 70 Buff

If you’re beginning this game entirely new, meaning that you don’t have any players you’d like to play with, it’s certainly worth buying a Preferred World and the Road to 70 buffs, according to me.

It’s important to keep in mind that it won’t help you progress through the maze of quests for the main scenario too significantly.

Whatever speed you progress at, you’re likely to be required to read the same story as all the other players.

The only thing that “Road to 70” does provide is a total absence of uncomfortable downtime.

It’s always possible to surpass main scenario levels by a significant margin, and there’ll never come a moment when you’re required to deviate and come up with a new option to keep your way to higher levels.

If you prefer to be patient and take your time to smell the flowers (or choose them in the case of a botanist), the buff can be helpful.

It is possible to land some jobs that pay an acceptable amount during the duration that Road To 70 is active.

If you happen to be a part of a group of friends who already have a game with Road to 70 actives, this buff alone will not keep you ahead of them faster.

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The process of completing the main scenario quests is not an easy feat.

It took nearly two months of playing every day to master Shadowbringers, and I did not get the full range of scenes.

Dungeons, trials, raids, and other quests in XIV aren’t locked by level, like they are in World of Warcraft, for instance. 

They’re all linked with your progress through the story and are not unlocked by quests that you will be able to complete until you’re at a sufficient point in the plot.

Road to 70 makes the leveling process a breeze, but it doesn’t unlock any content faster.

In essence, if you want to get to the finish line, that’s the reason you chose the Road To 70 server, but it may not be at the speed you’d like.

Should I wait for my server to get “Road to 70” before making a character?

I’m not a fan of giving definitive answers to such questions, as everyone is unique at the end of the day, and that buff is very helpful to lots of people.

However, in this particular instance, I’d say no.

There’s no way of knowing the date when a country will receive Preferred Status or when there’s any chance that it will ever happen.

If you’re looking for the possibility of a Road to 70 buffs on a planet that’s generally crowded and crowded, you’re likely not to get the chance.

I’ve already talked about some of the reasons why you should not use the Road to 70 buffs. It might not be as beneficial as you think it is to clear your main scenario.

It’s also true that you’ll probably be spending more time sitting around waiting on Road To 70 than you’d do by completing the character in the normal way.

It’s a great perk, for sure.

What’s worth waiting for? No, not at all.