FFXIV Bismarck: How To Unlock Limitless Blue (Extreme)

In-game, Bismarck Extreme is referred to as The Limitless Blue (Extreme), and it is a level 60 trial available in the Heavensward expansion.

The battle with the flying primal is a tougher variation of the one in the Main Scenario quest.

Unlocking Bismarck Extreme (Quick Step-by-Step)

  1. Defeat the last boss in the “Heavensward” main scenario quest.
  2. Visit The Pillars and try to locate Torsefers (X:11.7, Y:11.5)
  3. Allowed, and Gods of Eld Quest.
  4. Come to Mor Dhona and visit the Rising Stones.
  5. The quest “Gods of Eld” cannot be finished without first speaking with Unukalhai.
  6. You should revisit Unukalhai and select “The Diabolical Bismarck” as your mission.
  7. Meet Sonu Vanu in the Cloud Forest and have a chat with him (X:11.7, Y:14.8)
  8. Meet Cid in the Cloud Kingdom (X:6.5, Y:25.6)
  9. The aetheryte can be tuned to at the Whale’s Crown, which is located in the Sea of Clouds (X:29.4, Y:27.1)

When you defeat Bismarck on the Extreme difficulty setting, you’ll unlock a variety of mounts, weapons, and crafting supplies.

Returning to the Limitless Blue (Detailed Walkthrough)

Start the “Warring Triad” quest chain to gain access to Bismarck Extreme. You can start the first quest in this chain, “Gods of Eld,” by talking to Torsefers, a non-player character in The Pillars of Eternity (X:11.7, Y:11.5).

Once you have completed the Heavensward Main Scenario Task at level 60, you will be allowed to accept this quest.

Unukalhai, a young kid with white robes and a mask, is presented to the player during the “Gods of Eld” quest. He gives you insight into the Warring Triad and how the resurgence of some primal you’ve already vanquished affects them.

Unukalhai can be found in Mor Dhona’s Rising Stones after “Gods of Eld” has been completed. At this point, he’ll present you with three further quests:

  1. Thok Around the Clock
  2. The Diabolical Bismarck
  3. When the Bough Wakes

When you zone into Mor Dhona, you’ll see Unukalhai’s quest marker even if you opt to leave the Rising Stones and return to the questline at a later time. If you want to see it, you’ll have to go back into the Rising Stones.

Choose “The Diabolical Bismarck” to gain access to Bismarck Extreme. You must speak with Sonu Vanu at the Sea of Clouds after flagging this mission (X:11.7, Y:14.8).

After chatting with Sonu Vanu, you’ll need to hunt for Cid who is also in the Sea of Clouds at (X:6.5, Y:25.6) (X:6.5, Y:25.6). Cid generally isn’t located in this spot unless you are at this point in the quest.

Last but not least, you must attune to the aetheryte in Whale’s Crown, a section of the Sea of Clouds located at (X:29.4, Y:27.1).

You will be prepared to face Bismarck Extreme once you have completed your attunement to the aetheryte.


“The Limitless Blue (Extreme)” may be found in the Duty Finder, under the Trials menu, under the Heavensward submenu.

The blue marker for “Gods of Eld” may not appear on the map because Torsefers is the NPC starter for many missions.

You can find him outside Fortemps Manor and choose from one of his quests by talking to him.

Why Take On Bismarck Extreme?

In this mode, defeating Bismarck can net you a wide variety of useful weapons and equipment.

Let’s check out the benefits of this trial for players.

Expanse Totem

As a guaranteed drop, this item can be used as a form of payment while transacting business with Bertana in Idyllshire (X:5.9, Y:5.2).

For 10 totems, you can purchase any Expanse Weapon, and for 99, you can get the White Lanner Whistle. To ride a White Lanner, you need the White Lanner Whistle.

Bismarck’s Baleen

This ingredient is required for two different craft projects.

Once an armourer reaches level 60, they can use it to make an Expanse Barding. It can also be used by level 60 goldsmiths to create an Expanse Fountain.

Bismarck Card

This is a four-star card for the Triple Triad side game. Its values are 8, 1, 9, and 7 going clockwise from the left.

If you’re a die-hard fan of Triple Triad or just a card collector, you might want to get your hands on this. You can also obtain this card by playing Triple Triad against Linu Vali (The Sea of Clouds X:6.0, Y:14.0) and winning.

Additionally, the Golden Saucer will sell duplicate cards for MGP if you need them.

Treasure Coffer Rewards

After defeating Bismarck, players will have access to loot in a chest before leaving the instance. In it, you’ll find loot that will require a roll of the dice to divide up.

The contents of this treasure chest include the following items:

  1. Expanse Sword
  2. Expanse Battleaxe
  3. Expanse Greatsword
  4. Expanse Partisan
  5. Expanse Patas
  6. Expanse Katana
  7. Expanse Machetes
  8. Expanse Longbow
  9. Expanse Handgonne
  10. Expanse Long pole
  11. Expanse Grimoire
  12. Expanse Rapier
  13. Expanse Cane
  14. Expanse Codex
  15. Expanse Astrometer
  16. Expanse Shield
  17. Expanse Baleen
  18. Expanse Weapon Coffer
  19. White Lanner Whistle
  20. Faded Copy of Limitless Blue
  21. Faded Copy of Woe That Is Madness

Except for de-synthesizing them for use in making other items, expansion weapons are now largely obsolete.

It is possible to craft Endless Expanse weapons, which are still widely utilized in the form of weapon glamours, using these components.

This allows for a high market price when placed on the market board.