FFXIV: How to Unlock Red Mage?

This was the most anticipated job release in the history of Final Fantasy XIV, as we said in our Dark Knight guide.

Imagine if you read, “I’ve been waiting for Red Mage since release!” and had a $1 for every time it was said to you.

That’s my new go-to piece!

I would have a dozen times that amount of money.

The Red Mage is more popular than any other profession in Final Fantasy lore.

This was a much anticipated and greatly appreciated addition to the Eorzean landscape.

The animations for this profession are some of the most impressive and enjoyable in the game.

They are so durable that they can compete with later-delivered job listings.

This role is ideal for you if you’re seeking a less taxing but still rewarding way to contribute to a winning team.

It’s impossible to find another company that offers work attire as eye-catching as the red suits and ties are worn by the staff here.

Those interested in learning how to gain access to this fantastic job in Final Fantasy XIV should continue reading.

It’s a simple and worthwhile procedure.

Becoming a Red Mage

In addition to the Samurai class, Red Mage was made available in the Stormblood expansion.

The primary focus of this job is magical damage, but there is also some melee combat.

Red Mage skips the class phase and goes straight to the job phase because it was released after A Realm Reborn. (It is appreciated by the Twelve.)

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The Quest to Unlock RDM

Unlock Red Mage

This is one of the more time-consuming jobs that unlock tasks, taking five minutes rather than two.

All you need is to be level 50 or higher in the relevant Disciple profession and have the Stormblood expansion for Final Fantasy XIV.

Start your journey with the Distraught Lass in Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (14X, 12Y).

She’ll present you with a task called “Taking the Red” the standard plus symbol will appear on the map marker for these types of quests.

Finding this Lass will allow you to follow the quest markers around the Thanalan area and finish the mission quickly.

You will receive a useable coffer containing the Red Mage job stone, the Mythrite Rapier weapon, and the full outfit of Red Attire.

Your Red Mage Life Begins

Congratulations! Your new mage status is Red.

This job not only has a deadly red aesthetic, but it also starts at level 50, which is a big advantage.

Although now at level 70 in FFXIV: Endwalker, you can choose between two different jobs.

Cast your spells of black and white now!

The gameplay in Red Mage revolves around striking a good balance between white and black mana to unleash devastating melee combos.

In the most recent Endwalker update, this feature received a simplification that made it easier to use.

Very little explanation is needed for the rotation.

Although the best rotations are always evolving, a general rule of thumb is to use your melee abilities when your white and black mana gauges are full and cast the spells that trigger quick cast procs (which are marked on your skill bar).

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You’ll be very useful to the party if you’re a Red Mage.

Since this position grants a group-wide buff called “Embolden” and has the unique ability to cast “Raise” at any time, it is essential for certain teams.

As with any profession, if you want to reach the top tier of the endgame, you should study the current best practices in your field.

The discord community for Balance is a fantastic resource that is frequently updated.