FFXIV: How to Reset Chocobo Skills?

With the Reagan Pepper, available from the Grand Company quartermaster for 48,000 company seals or from any of the Hunt Billmasters for 20 Allied Seals, you can reset your Chocobo’s talents.

In Final Fantasy XIV, Chocobos are indispensable companions.

In particular, those who prefer to embark on their own quests alone.

Chocobos can be geared to perform a variety of roles, including tanking, healing, and damage dishing. You can use them as a mount, extra storage space, or both!

Freedom is one of Final Fantasy XIV‘s strongest points compared to other massively multiplayer online games.

Do you seek a career change? Get on it. There’s no need in creating a slew of secondary accounts when you can just use one main one.

Although this has its benefits, it also has certain drawbacks. Multiple pieces of armour may be necessary if you play more than one role.

To get the most out of your Chocobo, you may need to adjust their skill set.

Having your feathery companion assume the tank role can be helpful when levelling healers.

You may need them to heal you if you are tanking or dealing damage.

Fortunately, your Chocobo has the ability to do it all; however, you will need to acquire a Reagan Pepper in order to redistribute and refund all of its skills.

There are two places where gamers can obtain one of these peppers, making it easy for everyone to get their hands on one immediately.

How Do You Get A Reagan Pepper?

Reset Chocobo Skills

There are two sources for Reagan Peppers:

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The first is the quartermaster of your Grand Company. Below is a picture of Limsa Lominsa’s quartermaster, who works for The Maelstrom.

You must travel to Gridania if you wish to join the Twin Adders.

Travel to Ul’dah if you’re part of the Immortal Flames!

They charge 48,000 company seals for a single Reagan Pepper from these GC providers.

Even though this may seem like a lot, most players in Final Fantasy XIV already have a sizable stockpile of Company Seals just sitting around.

Nonetheless, this sum is not inconsequential.

You should be sure you want to change your Chocobo’s abilities before investing the time and effort required to farm sufficiently along these lines.

The second source for Reagan Peppers is Hunt Billmasters.

Located in each of the three metropolises, including Gridania (shown below), these are ubiquitous.

Twenty Allied Seals can be exchanged for a Reagan Pepper from a Hunt Billmaster.

To get your hands on this currency, however, will involve significantly less effort than acquiring Company Seals, despite the fact that it is more valuable and difficult to attain.

Therefore, this course of action is the most time-efficient one if it is available to you.

How To Use A Reagan Pepper

Good news: a Chocobo Stable isn’t required for this.

To properly care for your Chocobo, you’ll need access to a Stable, either through your own home or a Grand Company.

The Reagan Pepper is no different from any other consumable in that it can be utilised straight from stock.

Superbly convenient!

You can change the colour of your Chocobo by feeding it special foods, and you can further personalise it by using “barding” materials you find in various places.

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This article solely applies to the Grand Company Chocobo you get through the “My Little Chocobo” quest, so keep that in mind as you read.

None of this will apply to any other Chocobo mount versions you may get.