8 Best Vambraces in Old School RuneScape

There are a lot of cool and unique gear pieces for the ranged skill.

Many players want to play the part of a ranger as realistically as possible, so only real vambraces will do.

Vambraces don’t get as much love as they should, even though some of them are great tools for any ranger to have.

I think we should show them some of the love they need and deserve.

8. Red Spiky Vambs

Red spiky vambraces are red dragonhide vambraces with kebbit claws connected.

It takes 32 Crafting and gives 5.8 Crafting experience to make a red dragonhide vambraces with kebbit claws.

Hunter is a skill that can be used to get kebbit claws. You can also get red spiked vambraces by stealing from an eclectic impling that has been caught.

They have the same stats as red dragonhide vambraces, but they add 2 strength to the wearer’s strength.

7. Guthix Vambraces

The Guthix bracers are a piece of Ranged armor that is connected with the god Guthix.

You need at least 40 Defense and 70 Ranged to wear these vambraces.

It can’t be made with the Crafting skill, like other pieces of Blessed dragonhide armor.

To get one, players can either finish Treasure Trails at level 3 or trade with someone else.

6. Ancient Vambraces

Ancient bracers are pieces of Ranged armor that are connected with the god Zaros.

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To wear these vambraces, the player must have at least level 70 in Ranged and level 40 in Defense.

The only difference between them and black dragonhide vambraces is that they weigh 1.0 kg instead of 0.8 kg, and they give a +1 prayer bonus.

Players can either do Hard or Elite clues or deal with another player to get the vambraces.

5. Green d’hide Vambraces

This list starts off with the best free-to-play vambraces in OSRS and a really good pair of combat gloves.

The Green d’hide vambraces have a good +8 range attack bonus and some very basic bonuses for melee and magic defense, making them the best gloves in their slot for F2P as well.

These have also become a great way to “splash,” which is a way to train magic while you’re not there. How so?

Because their magic attack increase is -10, which is very high.

Just remember that you need a level of 40 in range to wear these.

How to Get: These are buyable at the Champions Guild. You can also craft these from using 1 tanned Green Dragonhide at level 57 crafting.

4. Black d’hide Vambraces

Black makes everything look better.

The black vambraces are much better than the green ones. They now have a +11 range attack bonus and much better defenses, especially against magic with a +8 magic defense.

Since these are easy to make and get for a low price, many players use them as “tank gloves” in the wild.

So, magic users won’t be able to try to pk them.

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To wear these, you need a high range level of 70, but they are worth it.

And elite and master clue scroll steps often need these, so keep a pair on hand.

How to Get: The best way to obtain these is to simply buy them. Alternatively you can craft them requiring one black Dragonhide and 79 crafting.

3. Black Spiky Vambraces

Why does black not look better?

Obviously, it’s black and has spikes.

These vambraces are pretty special because they have the same stats as the black d’hide vambraces, but they also give you +2 strength. This makes them much better for fights where you use both ranged and close-quarters attacks.

To wear them, you’ll still need to be at least level 70 in range.

But they look really cool.

To get these, you need to be a level 32 hunter and attack kebbit claws to your black d’hide vambraces.

2. Blessed Vambraces

Blessed vambraces are part of the God Dragonhide set and come in six different styles.

They have the same stats as black dragon hide vambraces, but they give +1 prayer points more.

In addition, they are aligned with certain gods, which makes them helpful in the God War Dungeon for staying out of the way of certain factions.

To wear these, you’ll need level 70 in range and level 40 in defense.

How to Get It: You can only get these from hard clue box drops.

1. 3rd age Vambraces

The number one spot on our list goes to the best and strangest vambraces in the game.

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To wear these vambraces, you need to be at least level 65 in range and level 45 in defense.

They have the same stats as the lucky vambraces, except they don’t give you a bonus for praying. But they do have a +9 magic defense because they have an extra point.

The most expensive item in the game is a 3rd age vambrace, which costs 6.6m. Hey, they’re not common!

But because they are so rare, they are more of a status thing.

How to Get It: About 1 in 200,000 hard, elite, or master clue chests drop it. I’d suggest getting them at the Grand Exchange.