What is a Marks of Grace & What Does It Do in OSRS?

Marks of Grace are special drops that can only be found on Rooftop Agility Courses. You can buy the Graceful Set and Amylase Packs with them, and you can also change the color of a Graceful Set with them.

To get Marks of Grace, you’ll need to do multiple laps of an agility course on a rooftop. Every time you finish a lap, random marks will appear.

These marks will only show up for the person they are meant for, and they will disappear after 10 minutes, giving you plenty of time to grab them.

You have to decide for yourself if these are worth getting.

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), a Mark of Grace is an item obtained through the Rooftop Agility Courses. It serves as a currency specific to the Agility skill and has a few different functions.

  • Graceful Outfit: Marks of Grace are primarily used to purchase pieces of the Graceful outfit, which is a lightweight armor set that provides an Agility bonus. The outfit consists of several pieces, including the hood, top, legs, gloves, boots, and cape. Wearing the complete Graceful outfit can significantly reduce your run energy depletion rate while running, making it easier to travel long distances without needing to rest or consume energy-restoring items.
  • Amylase Crystals: In addition to purchasing the Graceful outfit, you can also use Marks of Grace to buy Amylase Crystals. These crystals are essential for creating stamina potions, which are commonly used by players to boost their running energy. By combining Amylase Crystals with Super energy potions, you can create stamina potions that provide an extended period of increased run energy restoration.
  • Rooftop Courses: Marks of Grace can also be exchanged for additional experience in the Agility skill. By speaking to Grace, an NPC found near the Rogues’ Den in the city of Burthorpe, you can trade your Marks of Grace for a specific amount of Agility experience. This can be a useful option for players who want to gain extra Agility experience but have already obtained all the pieces of the Graceful outfit.
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Overall, Marks of Grace are a valuable currency in OSRS for Agility training and acquiring the Graceful outfit, which can greatly improve your mobility and reduce the consumption of run energy while playing the game.

But if you want a smooth set, you should definitely think about getting these marks.

How do I obtain Marks of Grace?

Marks of Grace

The best way to get these marks is to finish the most difficult rooftop agility course that you can.

This is important because if you have more than 20 agility levels above the course you’re on, the rate at which marks appear will drop by 20%.

As you might guess, this will make it very hard for you to get these fast.

The best course for getting points is the Canifis Course between agility levels 40 and 59. Since this course is pretty easy to finish, it has a much higher chance of spawning than other choices at those levels.

Achievement diaries should also get extra care. Why so?

Because finishing the easy, medium, or hard Kandarin Diary will add 5%, 10%, or 15% to the number of points you get.

This makes it possible to get a lot more points here. Even though it is a middle-level study.

And no matter what, it’s best to finish the book as soon as possible to get the full benefit before your agility level gets too high.

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Note that the Ardougne Elite Diary will also increase your chances of getting marks by 25%, which is the most you can get in OSRS.

This course is the best choice for end-game players who have finished their diaries because it gives a huge number of marks per hour.

How To Spend Marks of Grace

The first and most important thing to buy with Marks of Grace is the full Graceful set, which you probably already know about (and how great it is to save running energy!)

The whole set costs 260 Marks and would take a normal player about 1–58 agility levels to get if they did rooftop agility the whole time.

Once you have the whole Graceful set, you can change its color to one of the Houses of Zeah’s colors. This could be used in a lot of different ways for fashionscape.

To fully recolor the whole set, you’ll need 100% favor in the house of your choice and 90 Marks of Grace (it costs 15 Marks of Grace to recolor each piece).

Amylase Packs are another thing you can buy with these marks. Each pack costs 10 Marks of Grace.

Stamina pills are made with amylase, so this stuff is in pretty high demand.

You can either make stamina drinks yourself (and sell them!) or sell your Amylase on the Grand Exchange for about 93k per 100 amylase.

This means that each Mark of Grace is worth roughly 9,300 gold pieces.


Are Marks of Grace required to train Agility?

Marks of Grace are not required to train Agility. They are primarily used to obtain the Graceful outfit and to purchase Amylase Crystals for creating stamina potions. However, if you wish to unlock the full benefits of the Graceful outfit or create stamina potions, you will need to collect Marks of Grace.

What are the benefits of wearing the Graceful outfit?

Wearing the complete Graceful outfit provides several benefits. Firstly, it significantly reduces the rate at which your run energy depletes while running, allowing you to cover longer distances without needing to rest. Additionally, it provides a small increase to your maximum run energy. The outfit also reduces weight, which can be beneficial for activities that involve weight-sensitive obstacles.

Can I earn Marks of Grace faster?

Yes, there are a few ways to increase your chances of obtaining Marks of Grace. Firstly, higher Agility levels can improve the drop rate of Marks of Grace. Secondly, you can wear the Ardougne Cloak 3 or 4, which further increases the drop rate. Lastly, completing the Agility course laps quickly can increase the rate at which Marks of Grace spawn, so focusing on efficiency and agility shortcuts can help you collect them faster.