18 Best Gloves in Old School RuneScape

In OSRS, the gloves slot can hold many different useful things.

There are gloves and bracelets that help you with almost every skill, and some of them have uses and affects that are completely unique.

Many of the gloves in OSRS help you learn certain skills and can save you a lot of time and money as well.

And since it takes almost 2,500 hours to get the max cape, you’ll want to make the most of your grinding time.

With so many options, it’s hard to know where to start.

Don’t worry, your personal glove tester is here to tell you what’s hot and what’s not.

18. Antisanta Gloves

During the 2014 Christmas event, you can get Antisanta gloves from him if you give him a full coal box.

You can also get them from other Christmas events by asking Diango for them after you finish one.

As part of the 2014: Antisanta costume set, this item can be kept in the toy box of a costume room.

Ultimate Ironmen won’t be able to get pieces back until the whole set is put away.

17. Infinity Gloves

In the OSRS game, magic users often use this second magic glove.

As they give the player 5 or more extra attack and defense points when fighting other players and animals in the game.

But players must have at least 50 magic and defense levels in order to get these gloves.

Also, players must have finished the Mage Training Area Mini-Game in order to get these gloves in the game.

In the Old School RuneScape game, the players must also have other job points.

Amount of Task Points, such as 1500 Enchantment Pizazz Points, 225 Alchemist Pizazz Points, and 175 Graveyard and Telekinetic Pizazz Points.

16. Void Knight Gloves

Another famous glove in the OSRS game that is basically a part of the Void Knight armor. A flexible glove that gives +9 defense and attack points in close, magic, and range modes.

This makes it one of the most important gloves for combat players because it helps players attack and protect well during the game.

With these gloves and other pieces of void knight armor, you can hit your targets with more accuracy and do more damage to them.

But for players to be able to wear these gloves, they must meet certain standards, such as having a level of 45 in magic, defense, range, and strength.

In the OSRS game, the Void Knight Gloves can be bought from other Void Knights for 150 commendations or prize points.

15. Gloves of Silence

These gloves are, well, pretty quiet.

Thieves in Gielinor use the gloves of Silence to easily steal from NPCs who don’t know they’re being robbed.

Pickpocketing will be 5% less likely to fail if you wear these gloves. This will not only give you more loot per hour, but it will also give you more experience.

Just remember that these gloves won’t work after you finish the Ardougne Elite Diary because the diary gives a 10% lasting boost to pickpocketing that doesn’t stack with the gloves.

How to get: You only need two dark kebbit furs and 600 coins to make these gloves. Take all of those things to the fancy dress shop in Varrock. You must be at least level 54 Hunter to wear these gloves.

14. Bracelet of Slaughter

Have you ever been given a Slayer job that you wished would go on for longer?

Well, this can now happen with the Bracelet of Slaughter!

When you wear this on a Slayer task, there’s a 25% chance that your current kill won’t count toward your total task, but you’ll still get all the experience for it.

This helps a lot when looking for certain things from bosses like Cerberus or Hydra in Slayer.

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And here, it’s best to only wear the band for the last hit of the kill to get the most DPS out of it.

How to get it: You can make the band by enchanting a Topaz bracelet, which requires a magic level of 49.

13. Bracelet of Ethereum

Now, this band is special because it can only be used in the Revenant Caves in the Wilderness.

The Bracelet of Ethereum needs to be charged with ether. Any damage done by Revenants in the cave is cut by 75% for every ether charge used.

The band is often dropped by Revenants, but be careful, because it is always lost when you die.

So be careful about how much ether you use to charge it!

In the end, the drop table for Revenants is very good. And less damage there is important if you want to camp for a rare drop like a Craws Bow. Beware of Pkers!

How to get: Revenants often drop it.

12. Superior Mining Gloves

These gloves are the upgraded form of the Mining Gloves, and they are incredibly useful.

When you mine certain rocks for gold, there is a chance that the rock won’t be completely gone. You save time because you don’t have to wait for the ore to come back.

This result is great for mining Rune Ore, since there’s a chance of about 12.5% that a Rune ore won’t be used up.

How to get: The Mining Guild is where you can get these gloves. You can buy them from Belona if you have your original mining gloves and 60 unnamed minerals.

11. Chaos Gauntlets

When you finish the “Family Crest” quest, these powerful mid-level magic gauntlets will become available.

When worn, all bolt spells get a +3 boost to their greatest hit, which is a huge boost.

For reference, that would mean that the maximum hit of any of the bolt spells would be only 1 point less than the maximum hit of the corresponding blast spell.

This is great because you can do almost the same damage for a lot less money and with a lower magic level.

You can use these where magic-resistant monsters are weak, like Steel or Blue Dragons, or where you want to safe spot.

How to get: Take the steel gauntlets you get from the quest to Johnathon at the Jolly Boar Inn, which is just outside of Varrock. He’ll also charge you 25k to do it for you.

10. Karamja Gloves (4)

Getting the gloves can be a bit of a grind, but the benefits can be well worth it, especially if you plan to stay in the Brimhaven Arena area or fight in the Tzhaar Fight Caves.

There are some unique perks to these gloves that many players like.

Many players go after them because they have a 10% chance to get double tickets in the Brimehaven Arena, one fight cave resurrection per day, double tokkul from the Tzhaar Fight Caves, and free entry to Hardwood Grove and the Shilo Village furnace.

But along with this, they also let you move to Duradel, the highest-level Slayer Master, as many times as you want, as long as you’ve found him.

Even if you don’t wear these gloves as your main set, their benefits make them very useful in some cases, so it’s a good idea to keep them around just in case.

How to Get It: The Karamja gloves (4) are locked behind Karamja Diary tasks, and you have to do the easy, medium, hard, and special tasks to get them.

Once these are done, talk to Pirate Jackie the Fruit in Brimhaven near the Arena. She will give them to you.

She can also make new ones for you if you ever lose them.

9. Cooking Gauntlets

If you’re tired of burning your fish while cooking, these gloves are for you. Let’s be honest, that’s all of us at this point.

If you wear these gauntlets while cooking, you are much less likely to burn monkfish, swordfish, anglerfish, crabs, or sharks.

This makes them very useful until your cooking skill reaches 99 and you get the cooking cape.

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But while the cape works on all kinds of food, these gauntlets only make it less likely that these five fish will get burned.

Even though it won’t fully get rid of the risk, it can still make cooking a lot easier for most of us and save a lot of time and frustration overall.

How to Get It: You can get these gauntlets after you finish the Family Crest quest. They won’t be magical yet, so they’ll just look like steel gauntlets.

You’ll need to take them to Caleb in Catherby so he can charm them for you.

Keep in mind that if you bring him gauntlets that have already been cursed, you’ll have to pay 25,000 coins to get rid of the enchantment and this one.

Also, if you lose them, you can get them back from Dimintheis in the southeast of Varrock.

8. Combat Bracelet

This band has a bit of a reputation in the OSRS community because many players wear it instead of the better Barrows Gloves because they don’t want to do a quest for them.

Instead, they wear the combat bracelet, which doesn’t require a quest to wear.

Even though the band has some good benefits, most people use it for the teleports it has built in.

This can take you to the Ranging Guild, the Warriors Guild, the Champions Guild, and the Edgeville Monastery.

Also, keep in mind that the Combat Bracelet usually only has 4 charges and needs to be charged at the Legends Guild after that.

How to get: At Magic level 78, enchant a Dragonstone Bracelet.

7. Goldsmith Gauntlets

You could also get the blacksmith gauntlets if you finish the Family Crest quest.

Because they are better than the cooking gauntlets in one way, they come in at number 7 on our list.

When these gauntlets are blessed, smelting gold ore gives 56.2 experience points instead of 22.5.

In some places, like the Blast Furnace, this can mean getting almost 300,000 experience per hour.

Now, that’s not a bad thing if you want to level up fast and your character is focused on mining and crafting.

How to Get It: You can get these gauntlets by taking the steel gauntlets you got at the end of the Family Crest quest and giving them to Avan at the Al Kharid Mine instead of Caleb.

As long as they aren’t already charmed, the process will be free. But, like with the cooking gauntlets, if they were already magical, the change will cost 25,000 coins.

After completing the Family Crest quest, you can get these gauntlets for free from Avan at any time. You can also have more than one type of Family Crest gauntlets at the same time without getting in trouble.

6. 3rd Age Vambraces

As with most 3rd-age items, the vambraces are pretty expensive and are often thought of as flex items.

On the other hand, these vambraces have the second biggest range bonus of any vambraces in OSRS. And are a good option for prayers, like pures, who don’t have Barrows Gloves.

They also have a +9 bonus to their magic defense, which could be useful for tanking.

How to get: You can only get these with elite or master clues, but you can buy them on the Grand Exchange for a lot less work.

5. Regen Bracelet

The regen band is a cool item, and players don’t need to meet any special requirements to wear it. Its fighting stats are even better than those of the combat bracelet.

This bracelet has a special effect that makes the rate of healing per minute go from +1 to +2.

With this bracelet, the Hit Points Skill Cape, and the Rapid Heal Prayer, you can essentially quadruple the rate at which your body heals itself.

This can be very helpful in a lot of ways, especially when doing things that do small amounts of damage over and over again, like pickpocketing with trade-off loot, taming the Wintertodt, fighting weaker but more accurate enemies, and plundering pyramids.

Because it heals, it can make a person much less reliant on healing from outside sources during these kinds of challenges.

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The regen bracelet can be the best in slot for players with only one defense because it has good fighting and defense stats.

How to Get It: This band can be very useful for players, but making it is surprisingly easy. You can make it for yourself if you have 87 power and an onyx bracelet.

But if you don’t want to make it yourself and have 1.4 million coins burning a hole in your coin bag, you can buy it on the Exchange for that amount.

4. Dragon Gloves

During the quest Recipe for Disaster, the Dragon Gloves are the second best thing you can buy from the Culinaromancer’s Chest.

Many players buy these on their way to getting the Barrows Gloves, since the Dragon Gloves only cost 107 Quest Points and the Barrows Gloves cost 175 Quest Points.

These are good in terms of stats. They give +9 in almost every area except magic, where they give +5.

They look great, and a whole set of them makes a dragon look absolutely amazing.

Check these out if you’re looking for something new to add to your fashionscape.

How to get: At a certain point in the “Recipe for Disaster” Quest, you can buy these from the chest in the Lumbridge Basement.

3. Tormented Bracelet

The Tormented band is getting close to the top of our list and is definitely the best band for Magic in OSRS for its slot.

This awesome bracelet gives a +10 bonus to magic attacks and does 5% magic damage. So this is a must-have for things like Chambers of Xeric.

To wear this, you need a high level of 75 Hitpoints and 75 Magic, just like with all other Zeynte gear.

The bracelet is for people who are at the end of the game, so it has some very high standards.

How to get: You’ll need level 93 in magic and a Zeynte Bracelet to charm it. The band can also be bought at the Grand Exchange for about 10m. These are not cheap at all.

2. Ferocious Gloves

If magic isn’t your thing, you might want to think about the fierce gloves.

These gloves are the best in slot for fighting, but they can only be worn by people with a very high attack and defense level of 80.

But you’re in for a treat if you meet these conditions. The ferocious gloves give +16 to all attacking melee stats and a +14 strength bonus, which is better than even the barrows gloves.

Keep in mind that they have a -16 against both magic and ranged attacks, which makes them less useful when both are used.

Still, they can be very helpful in high-level Slayer and PvM battles.

How to Get It: You can get these gloves as a rare drop from the Alchemical Hydra. They are made of hydra leather, which is a drop from the hydra.

Once you have this, you can take it to the Lithkren Vault, which needs you to have finished Dragon Slayer II, and use it to make these gloves out of hydra leather.

If you ever want to sell the gloves, you can take them back to the machine in the Lithkren Vault and turn them back into a piece of leather. This makes it possible to trade or sell them.

1. Barrows Gloves

By far, the most famous gloves in the game are Barrows Gloves. And getting a pair is usually the first step in OSRS’s end game.

They are the best gloves for almost any style because they are +12 in all attacking and defensive stats except magic, where they are only +6.

Even though they don’t stand out in any one area, the bonuses mean that any player can use them for things like Chamber of Xeric and DKS that require more than one type of attack.

I think you should make it a goal to get these, because they’re worth it.

How to get: Complete the longest quest in the game, “Recipe for Disaster.” It has 10 smaller tasks and a lot of requirements.