12 OSRS Best Prayer Gear: Helmets, Boots, Armor & More

In Old School RuneScape, it’s not always easy to ask the Gods to protect you because you have to show your faith!

How can you show that you believe?

Why, by wearing the newest and best prayer gear, which comes with all those great prayer perks.

For end-game material in OSRS, you also need a high prayer level. But it won’t help if you don’t have a good prayer bonus to keep those prayers going.

So let’s look at some of the best things for prayer that you must have if you want to pray as effectively as possible.

12. Proselyte Hauberk

OSRS Best Prayer Gear

Without the Hauberk, what would the Tassets be?

This platebody is almost always worn with the Tassets. It gives a +8 prayer bonus and is almost always worn with the Tassets.

It is the best item for prayer in the body slot, and along with the legs, it is one of the most common items on this list.

This is mostly because the armor is so versatile. You can still mix it with high-end attack gear.

Adventurers often wear these bits of armor in the Catacombs of Kourend.

11. Ring of the Gods (i)

Now, this ring has some good stats, but its +8 prayer bonus is what most people use it for.

That is better than all the other prayer rings by a mile.

This ring’s imbued form can also be used as a holy wrench, saving you a spot in your inventory.

The only way to get the Ring of the Gods is to kill the Wilderness boss Vet’ion, and it only drops 1 out of every 512 times.

So it’s not a very common drop.

10. Proselyte Tassets

Proselyte Tassets are very common, and because they give a +6 prayer bonus, a lot of people use them to do AFK slayer chores.

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Not to mention that it has good striking defense numbers that are about the same as Adamant Platelegs.

Only by joining the White Knights of Falador and doing the “Slug Menace” quest can you get this item.

9. Croziers

Croziers are related to the Gods of Old School RuneScape, just like many of the other things on this list, and they have the same benefits because of this.

These magical staffs give a +6 bonus to prayer and a +10 bonus to magic attacks.

I wouldn’t use them as your main magic tool, though, because there are so many better options.

You can get these as prizes from clue scrolls that are medium or hard.

8. Ardougne Cloak 4

The Ardy Cloak 4 is a great cape that has great bonuses all over.

It has the biggest prayer bonus for the cape slot (+6) and the highest stab bonus of any cape in the game.

The cape is also free once the lock is broken. Because of this, Pkers and people trying to kill the Corporeal Beast like it a lot.

This cape also lets you travel to the Ardy farming patch as many times as you want.

The only bad thing is that this cape is locked behind the Ardougne Elite Diary, which has some very high skill standards, like 90 agility and 94 magic.

7. Mitres

Mitres are very stylish hats that give a +5 prayer bonus. This makes them the best in slot prayer bonus item for headgear.

Each OSRS god has its own mitre, and all of them can be used as god items in places like the God War Dungeon.

But unlike other prayer gear, you have to be at least level 40 in both Prayer and Magic to wear one of these fancy hats.

Mitres also give a good attack bonus to mages, which makes them very useful for mid-level magicians.

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6. Holy Symbol

Holy symbols are the best free-to-play prayer item in their slot. They give a prayer bonus of +8, which is a lot.

This thing goes in the neck slot and, to my surprise, can be used for quite a few things.

Like making vampires weaker or working as a Saradomin item.

The prayer book can also be used to cure poison.

To get one, you have to put a sign that hasn’t been blessed on a Saradomin God Book (Holy book).

5. God Books

There are some great prayer choices for the off-hand slot.

But the God Books have to be the most helpful. There are a total of 6 God Books, and they all have different affects and stats.

Each one gives a +5 prayer bonus, which is a good amount.

To finish a god book, you will need to get four pages from clue cards and put them in the right book.

But if you just want the extra for praying, you can use the book without any pages and get the full effect.

Complete the “Horror From the Deep” quest and talk to Jossik in the lighthouse to get entry to the God Books.

The best part is that you can get the books for free when the quest is done. Talk about a deal.

4. Holy Sandals

Holy Sandals are a stylish pair of shoes that give you a +3 prayer bonus.

Since they are part of the same set as the Holy Wraps, they look the same.

So if you’re looking for a match, you might want to grab them both!

The sandals have the biggest prayer bonus of any shoes in OSRS.

High-level players often wear them at DKS because they can help extend trips.

The shoes belong to Saradomin, just like the Holy Wraps.

So these can also be very useful in God War Dungeon.

Sandals like these can be found on middle clue scrolls.

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3. Holy Wrench

The Holy Wrench is the only item on this list that can’t be worn and instead has a passive affect.

So, you have to put the wrench in your inventory for the passive action to take effect.

When you have the wrench in your inventory, drinking a prayer potion, super restore, or sanfew will recover an extra 2% of your prayer points.

This is very helpful in places where you use a lot of prayer potions, like in a low-level Fight Caves try where every prayer point counts.

The wrench is also not too hard to get, since it is a reward for finishing the “Rum Deal” quest, which is a medium-level quest.

2. Rada’s Blessing (4)

God Blessings are a great addition to OSRS because they let players boost their prayer bonus without giving up a valuable armor place.

Most God Blessings give a +1 prayer bonus, but Rada’s gives a +2 prayer boost. This makes it the best blessing to use when praying.

On top of that, the gift lets the player teleport as often as they want to the Slayer Master Konar, who is near a bank. Which is why this item is so useful!

The only bad thing is that you have to finish the Kebos Elite Diary, which has crazy high stat requirements like 95 Slayer.

1. Holy Wraps

Items with a prayer bonus that go in the glove spot have never been a big deal in OSRS. Only three items have this bonus.

All of this changed when the Holy Wraps were made.

They are the best prayer-filled gloves an explorer could ask for, and their +3 prayer bonus is nothing to brag about.

In addition to helping with prayer, the gloves are also a Saradomin item, which could be useful for Commander Zilyana on a long trip through the God War Dungeons.

The odds of getting this from a top clue scroll are 1 in 1100.