18 Best Range Gear in OSRS

One of the most important fighting skills in OSRS is ranged combat.

Almost every boss has something to do with range. And being able to fight from afar is a very useful skill.

There are dozens of different kinds of tools out there.

What is the best-ranged gear?

It can be hard to compare all the numbers, but I’ve done most of the work for you right here.

18. Necklace of Anguish

The Necklace of Anguish is the best item in its spot for Ranged Attack and Ranged Strength.

It came out on May 6, 2016, when Monkey Madness II did. To wear it, you need 75 Ranged.

The Necklace is made of:

+15 Attack bonus for ranged, +5 Strength bonus for ranged
+2 Prayer bonus
What is so great about the void ranger set?

It is one of the few slots that doesn’t hold ammunition that gives a range Strength boost.

17. Void Equipment

The Void Knight gear was added to the game on July 17, 2007, when the Pest Control update came out.

When you finish this minigame, you get commendation points. You need a total of 850 commendation points to get a full set with one hat.

This Ranged gear is useful because it is a good choice for low-level armor that boosts Ranged damage when the whole set is worn.

Also, all you need to use it is 22 Prayer and 42 Attack, Strength, Defense, Hitpoints, Ranged, and Magic.

When worn as a set, the Void Ranger Helm increases Ranged damage and accuracy by 10%, and the Elite Ranger version adds another 2.5% to this effect. But you need the hard Western Provinces book to do this.

16. Dragon Hunter Crossbow

The Dragon Hunter Crossbow, obtained from the Chambers of Xeric, is a powerful one-handed weapon in Old School RuneScape.

With a +95 Ranged Attack bonus and special effects against dragons, it’s the ultimate choice for dragon slayers.

Acquire it by trading with other players for around 67 million coins in the Grand Exchange.

15. Green Dragonhide Set

Range Gear

Let’s start our list by showing off the best free-to-play range gear in the game.

The green Dragonhide vambraces, the pants, and the body make up this set. All of it is easy to get, even for free-to-play people, and it comes with some good bonuses.

Note that you need to have finished Dragon Slayer I before you can wear the green d’hide body. The same as when you wear the Rune Plate body.

The vambraces also have the best bonuses of any gloves in OSRS. This makes them not only the best in slot for ranged attacks, but also the best in slot for melee attacks.

Where to Get: You can purchase the vambraces and chaps at the champion’s guild. The body can be bought from Oziach in Edgeville.

14. God Dragonhide Set

God Dragon Hide holds the exact same stats as its Black Dragon Hide counterpart, but carries with it a sizeable prayer bonus of +1 per an item.

The set also has coifs and boots, which the normal Black Dragonhide set doesn’t offer.

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The boots are especially popular since they’re actually affordable, act as a god item, and have decent bonuses.

The next biggest upgrade is almost 35m gp – making these boots a very nice alternative.

You can also store this set in your Player-owned House which can save you the bank space.

Where to Get: Obtainable through hard clue caskets only.

13. Heavy Ballista

The Heavy Ballista is a strong two-handed weapon that has a huge +125 range attack bonus and hits hard.

It’s meant to be strong and fast, like a Godsword. It hits very slowly, but does a lot of damage.

It also has a special attack that is 25% more accurate and does 25% more damage when it hits an enemy.

The ballista works best as a knockout weapon in PvP scenarios.

Also, you need to have finished Monkey Madness II and reached level 75 in range before you can use it. The standards are pretty high, but it’s well worth the work.

Where to Get: You’ll need to make the Heavy Ballista yourself, which requires a fair amount of components – all of which are dropped by Demonic gorillas.

12. Barrows Gloves

Barrows gloves are not only the best gloves for ranged gear at the moment, but they are also the best gloves in the game overall.

So, these are great if you want to use more than one style at once.

They have a +12 Range attack and defense, so they are useful in a lot of different ways.

You need at least 75 task points before you can get Barrows gloves, which can be hard to do. That means making a lot of stuff!

You must also finish the quest Recipe for Disaster.

Where to Get: Bought from the Culinaromancer’s Chest for 130k. This price will decrease with the completion of the Lumbridge Diary to 104k.

11. Robin Hood Hat

The Robin Hood Hat has a good +8 attack bonus at a distance and a few small defenses all over.

To wear this, you’ll need at least 40 range.

But Robin Hood hats are mostly worn by pures because you don’t need a certain defense level to wear them.

So if you’re a pure, this is the best helmet you can wear as a ranger.

Because of this, these hats are sometimes worn in risky PvP fights because they are still worth around 1.5m.

Where to Get: Obtainable only as a drop from hard clue scroll caskets

10. Armadyl Helmet

So far, this is the only piece of the Armadyl Armour set we’ve seen… the helmet of Armadyl!

With a +10 range attack bonus, this is the best helmet in its spot right now. It beats the Robin Hood hat by +2.

It also gives you a +1 prayer bonus, making it a good choice for places where you pray a lot.

Keep in mind that you’ll need pretty good stats to wear this in the first place, as you need to be at least level 70 in both defense and range to equip it.

It’s also helpful to know that Falo the Bard might ask for this item as part of a Master Clue move.

Where to Get: Kree’arra drops this item at a 1/381 drop rate within the God War Dungeon.

9. Twisted Buckler

The Twisted Buckler has the best off-hand range attack bonus in OSRS, at +18, and it has defenses that are about the same as an adamant square shield.

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It is very hard to use, since you need level 75 defense and range before you can use it.

At the time, this makes it the best range shield in OSRS.

Where to Get: Only obtainable as a rare drop from completing the Chambers of Xeric.

8. Archers Ring (I)

The imbued archers ring (i) is an archers ring, which means it has twice as many perks.

A normal archer’s ring gives +4 to both attack and defense at range, but the imbued ring gives +8 to both, making it the best ring for range in its place.

It’s used on almost every Slayer Task and most boss fights where DPS is the main goal.

This could only be changed in places where defense is more important or in rare situations, like when facing Zulrah.

I would tell you to make sure you get this ring and imbue it as soon as possible. The extra attack is well worth it.

Where to Get: The Archers Ring is one of the DKS drops, only dropped by Dagannoth Supreme.

7. Ava’s Assembler

The best range cape in OSRS is Ava’s assembler. And it’s better than the collection on the current Ava.

Stats-wise, it has a very nice +8 range attack bonus and good defenses all around, with a +8 magic defense that stands out.

It also has a +2 bonus to range strength.

And to get the assembler, you have to have finished Dragon Slayer II and fought Vorkath, the boss. To make the assembler, you’ll need a “Vorkath’s Head” drop, which is a rare drop.

The grind is well worth it, though, because the device will instantly recover 80% of your ammunition for you. The other 20% is wiped out.

Where to Get: Obtainable from Ava, provided you take her an accumulator and the Vorkath head.

6. Pegasian Boots

The Pegasian Boots are an improved pair of Ranger Boots. To wear them, you need to have at least level 75 in both range and defense.

But they have a very nice +12 attack bonus at a distance and a +5 defense bonus across the board.

The way these boots look is also great, and they give range builds a lot of extra benefits.

Because of this, they are very expensive and worth almost 35 million coins!

They do give you a negative magic bonus, though, so don’t wear them when you need a lot of magic in a fight.

Where to Get: You’ll need a Pegasian Crystal and a pair of Ranger boots. To combine the two you also need at least level 60 runecrafting and magic. Combining them is irreversible, so be sure it’s what you want to do!

5. Amulet of Anguish

This item is a great charm based on Zeynte. It has an insanely high +15 range attack bonus, a +5 range strength bonus, and even a +2 prayer bonus, making it the best ranged necklace in OSRS by a mile.

Like all Zeynte jewelry, it can’t be worn until you have at least level 75 hitpoints.

But this chain is used everywhere the range skill is used. So almost nothing can stop you from getting this very strong necklace.

Where to Get: You’ll need to enchant a Zeynte necklace, which requires level 93 magic.

4. Armadyl Chain Skirt

The Armadyl Chain Skirt is the second Armadyl item on this list, and hunters should look for it.

It gives a +20 range attack bonus and good defensive boosts all around, with a +40 magic defense that is very high.

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When fighting wizards, this chain skirt makes great tank legs, especially if you have a bow in your hands.

The only bad thing about them is that they have bad bonuses for both melee and magic attacks. This makes them bad for more than one type of battle.

But there is no better leg slot item for range. And these are very powerful almost all of the time.

Note that you’ll need at least 70 defense and range to wear them.

Where to Get: Kree’arra drops this chain skirt at a 1/381 drop rate within the God War Dungeon.

3. Armadyl Chest Plate

Here are the last pieces of Armadyl armor on this list.

The +33 range attack bonus and +70 magic defense of the Armadyl chest plate are huge. And the set also has good boosts for melee defense.

Like the chain skirt and the helm, the armour makes it harder to attack with both magic and weapons. So be careful if you use this item and when you use it.

But this chest plate is the best you can get for your body spot for ranged damage. Like the other Armadyl things, you’ll need defense and range of at least 70 to wear this.

Where to Get: Kree’arra drops this item at a 1/381 drop rate within the God War Dungeon.

2. Toxic Blowpipe

The Toxic blowpipe is definitely one of the best DPS weapons in OSRS.

It has a very fast hitting speed of only 3 game ticks. For comparison, other fast weapons like the Abyssal Whip hit after 4 ticks.

But the blowpipe gives more than just speed.

It has a range attack bonus of 60 or more, and when you add Rune Darts to the mix, you start to hit very quickly and do very high amounts of damage.

As if this wasn’t strong enough, the blowpipe also has a 25% chance of poisoning enemies.

This chance goes up to 100% if you use the blowpipe with a Serpentine Helmet.

Overall, I think most players would say that the Toxic Blowpipe is a very useful weapon. And can be used for a number of things, from raids to training.

You’ll definitely want to have this in your arsenal!

How to Get: The Toxic Blowpipe can only be obtained by crafting it from a Tanzanite Fang at level 53 Crafting. You can obtain a Tanzanite fang as a rare drop from Zulrah.

1. Twisted Bow

One of the most expensive bows in OSRS takes the top spot on this list:

The Bow with a Twist!

This bow is worth an insanely high 1.1 billion coins, and it has a very powerful passive effect that makes it dangerous against enemies with high magic levels. Basically, it hurts more if the magic level of your target is higher.

You can easily get 70s or even 80s on monsters like Olm and Commander Zilyana, which is why this weapon is so sought after.

The bow is not very good against normal threats. So you need to use it in the right situation if you want to get the most out of its powerful benefits.

But if you’re lucky, you should be able to pay off the bow pretty fast, since you’ll be able to kill bosses in PvM with ease.

How to Get: The Twisted Bow is a mega-rare drop from the Chambers of Xeric, along with the Kodia Insignia and Elder Maul.