15 Hardest Quests in Old School RuneScape

Quests are a big part of any OSRS account.

This is because quests lock away a lot of things and places.

Some of the hardest quests in Old School are locked behind best-in-slot items like Barrows gloves and places like the Elven Lands.

As of this writing, OSRS has more than 147 tasks that are all different levels of hard.

A real explorer will try to finish them all. But which are the most difficult?

Even more so considering that a few of these quests are Master or even Grandmaster level.

Do you think you have what it takes?

Then let’s look at some of Gielinor’s most difficult tasks.

15. Sheep Shearer

Hardest Quests in Old School RuneScape

Fred The sheep of the Farmer are getting very fluffy. He’ll pay you to cut them down.

This quest, along with Cook’s Assistant, Doric’s Quest, and Imp Catcher, are the quickest to finish if you have the needed items in your inventory when you start them.

Sheep Shearer was one of the six quests that were offered at the start of RuneScape.

Sheep Shearer is the oldest quest in RuneScape. It was part of DeviousMUD, but it wasn’t finished.

14. A Night at the Theater

A Night at the Theater is a stand-alone quest in which the player helps the Mysterious Stranger learn about Verzik Vitur and the Theatre of Blood.

At the end of the quest, the player finishes a run of the Theatre.

Even though the Theatre is usually pretty hard, the quest gives you the choice to play in Entry Mode, which makes it a lot easier and is meant to help you learn how the raid works.

13. Ratcatchers

In Ratcatchers, a quest, you help different people who are having problems with rats.

The Rat Pits are a group of underground arenas where cats learn and fight. The quest tells you about them.

Only hard because the secret part is almost impossible.

A guard will sometimes say, “I miss Billy and Bob.” This is a nod to the guards you killed during the cutscene of the Garden of Tranquility quest, when you were stealing the statue of Saradomin.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve started the quest or not.

12. One Small Favour

Have you ever been asked for a small favor and then asked for another one?

Oh, and could there be one more?

This job is just a small favor for almost everyone else in the game.

You’ll run around OSRS doing favors for everyone, and this will go on and on. Get ready to run all over RuneScape to help everyone.

This quest is for experienced players and needs 36 Agility, 25 Crafting, 18 Herblore, and 30 Smithing. Take a lot of teleports to speed up this quest, which isn’t so much hard as it is long.

When you’re done, you’ll get some experience lamps that are each worth 10,000 experience points and some task points.

How to Start: You can start this quest in Shilo village.

11. Legends’ Quest

This is one of the longest quests in OSRS, and it will let you into the Legends’ Guild if you can become, well, a legend.

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You will have to go deep into the Kharazi Jungle on this long quest to meet the people and get a very special totem.

Legends’ Quest is a Master level quest, and needs 107 Quest points to even start. As well as completing a lot of other tasks, such as Hero’s Quest and Underground Pass.

You’ll also need 50 Agility, 50 Skill at Stealing, 52 Skill at Mining, and 50 Skill at Strength.

You shouldn’t try this until you’re ready for a task and comfortable with questing.

How to Start: Head on over to the Legends guild when you are ready and meet all of the requirements.

10. Recipe for Disaster

Recipe for Disaster (RFD) is the longest quest in the game. It has 10 subquests, a lot of requirements (like a total of 175 Quest Points), and a lot of master level tasks that you have to finish.

So you’ll need to be a good player with a lot of skill to finish this monster.

But if you do this, you’ll be able to get the Barrows Gloves, which are the best all-around gloves in OSRS.

RFD is a long-term goal for many mid- to high-tier accounts because the barrows gloves are a key upgrade that are needed for many PvM places.

At the end, you’ll have to fight a tough boss. You can leave the room between bosses to get more supplies if you need to.

How to Start: Speak with the Lumbridge Chef who’s preparing a massive feast for the most prominent figures in OSRS to start this crazy quest!

9. Haunted Mine

I bet a lot of you are thinking why Haunted Mine, an experienced quest, is on this list.

Haunted Mine is a quest that is about halfway long. But the fight with the boss at the end is very hard.

Since this quest is almost always done by low- to medium-level accounts, this boss’s difficulty can easily be too much for an untrained player.

If you die or move out, you’ll also have to go through the whole Haunted Mine all over again.

So, yeah, this can take a lot of time.

How to Start: Speak to the Zealot outside the Haunted Mine, as you exit the swamp on the way to Mort’ton.

8. Underground Pass

The Elven Lands of Tirannwn can’t be accessed until you finish the Underground Pass quest.

This takes place in, well, The Underground Pass, and you’ll be trying to get through it for a few hours.

This quest is hard because there is no way to get more supplies unless you want to start over. Which a lot of players have to do.

If you don’t give up, you’ll be stuck inside until the job is done. It’s not an easy one either.

You only need level 25 range to finish this quest, but you’ll have trouble if you don’t have agility of 40 or more to help you find the paths inside.

How to Start: Speak to King Lathas who is in the Ardougne Castle.

7. Regicide

As the follow-up to Underground Pass, this quest will show you around the Elven Lands properly.

Regicide is a long one because you have to go through the whole Underground Pass not just once, but twice!

You’ll also have to find your way through the tricky Tirannwn forest, which is full of traps that can poison or kill you.

Also, keep in mind that you need at least 56 Agility and 10 Crafting to start this quest.

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How to Start: Talk once again to King Lathas in Ardougne Castle.

6. Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father is the fifth part of the Myerque Series, which is my favorite quest line in Old School RuneScape.

It will send you to the Vampyre city of Darkmeyer to look around.

I’ll also say that Darkmeyer is beautifully made, even though it looks dark and empty.

The quest takes a long time. It’s a master level with multiple bosses to fight, and the last boss has a combat level of 413!

During this boss fight, you’ll have to avoid strikes like lightning bolts that can do up to 40 damage each.

So low- to medium-level players will have a hard time fighting this boss.

To even try this quest, you’ll need skills above 50 in Slayer, Magic, Attack, Agility, and Crafting, among others.

How to Start: Speak with Veliaf outside of the church in the town of Slepe.

5. Desert Treasure

This is likely one of my favorite tasks of all time.

In Desert Treasure, you have to go all over RuneScape to find the different diamonds you need to open a tower deep in the desert.

You’ll face 4 bosses who are all very strong and spread out across the map.

From the icy tundra of northern Trollheim to the crypts of the Morytania Swamps, you’ll have to beat some powerful enemies to get the diamonds they bring.

When you have the diamonds, there’s also a chance that a stranger will show up and try to kill you with a dragon knife… so always be wary!

For Desert Treasure, you’ll need at least 53 stealing, but I’d suggest going higher. You’ll also need level 50 magic, level 50 firemaking, and level 10 killer.

When you finish this quest, you can get a new spell book that has the powerful Ancient Magicks in it.

How to Start: Speak to the archaeologist who’s wandering around the Bedabin Camp.

4. Mourning’s End Part II

No player I know has ever liked this quest.

It looks great, and the Temple of Light is a brilliant idea.

But… wow. This quest was such a pain.

The whole quest is one big light game where the player has to bounce light onto different pedestals to open doors and floor panels.

I think you should use a quest book for this. It’s very hard to do without one. It is also likely the hardest problem in all of OSRS.

Make sure you have a high speed level as well, because there is a famous ledge you have to get over that people often fail to do.

Everything over 65 is a good choice.

Also, make sure you wear gear that gives you a high prayer bonus, since you’ll be praying almost the whole time.

How to Start: Speak to Arianwyn in Lleyta located in the Elven lands. This is part of the elf quest line.

3. Song of the Elves

The top three quests on this list are all Grandmaster Quests, which take high stats, strong PvM skills, the ability to solve difficult puzzles, and quick reactions.

Song of the Elves (SOTE) is the last quest in the elf quest line and comes right after Mourning’s End Part II.

Here, you’ll have to solve another easy puzzle, go back into the famous Underground Pass, and keep an enemy army at bay. Then you have to face the last boss, which I won’t tell you about here.

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But keep in mind that this boss can hit you for your maximum hitpoints minus one, leaving you with only one life.

For Hardcore Ironmen, this can be a very scary thing.

But this boss is weak against magic attacks, so a trident and food that heals a lot are good choices.

The quest is very long and needs a lot of level 70+ skills, like Agility, Construction, Farming, Hunter, Mining, Smithing, Woodcutting, and Herblore.

It will also help a lot to have high-end gear and be able to get potions that give you more energy.

When you finish the quest, the elven city of Prifddinas becomes available. It has some special features, like Zalcano and The Gauntlet.

How to Start: Talk to Elmond who lives in East Ardougne.

2. Monkey Madness II

This Grandmaster quest is the straight sequel to Monkey Madness I. It has five chapters and focuses a lot on fighting and solving puzzles.

To start this job, you’ll need very high stats, like 70 Crafting and 69 Slaying.

So, no, it’s not for people who just started.

Here, you’ll face a lot of demi-bosses, like Kruk in Chapter 2, who can kill an unprepared explorer quickly because he hits very hard and uses a variety of attack styles.

Just getting to Kruk is hard because you have to go through a set of dangerous caves.

In Chapter 3, the player has to solve a very complicated puzzle on an airplane.

This is hard because if you get caught, you’ll have to start all over again. So you have to be very good at timing and planning if you want to finish this.

You’ll face the final boss at the end of the Quest (no surprises!

He’s very hard, and you have to beat him in three stages.

His third and last part is very difficult. During this fight, even seasoned players die. It is by far the second best boss in OSRS quests.

But if you finish this quest, you can fight Demonic Gorillas, which drop the very important Zeynte Shard.

1. Dragon Slayer II

Dragon Slayer I was the hardest quest we had when the game was free-to-play.

Dragon Slayer II is even harder than the first one. It is by a mile the hardest quest and Grandmaster in OSRS.

To start this, you need 200 Quest points, a lot of completed quests, very high fighting stats, and many high skilling levels, like 75 Magic and 70 Smithing.

As a nod to Dragon Slayer I, you’ll have to look all over the world for three key pieces that will let you open a secret room on Lithkren, a new island.

When a new dangerous threat to the world shows up, you’ll need to bring together the bravest and greatest adventurers to face it.

To get the key pieces, you’ll have to fight several bosses, solve tasks, and stay alive in dangerous places.

Everything will lead up to the end battle, where you will fight several dragons.

The real end boss has 1200 health, 4 phases, and is a huge level 608.

As the most powerful quest boss in OSRS, he has many moves, some of which kill him right away.

But if you work hard and have steel guts, you should win.

How to Start: Go to the Myths Guild and speak with Alec Kincade who’s located by the front door.