7 Best Places To Cannon in Old School RuneScape

It can take a long time to get your range level up.

We’re lucky to have guns that can give us that much-needed extra experience boost.

Once the quest “Dwarf Cannon” is done, you can buy a cannon for 750k, or less if you’re not an ironman and buy it on the Grand Exchange.

But it costs a lot to use a gun. And no one wants to throw money away on cannonballs.

So where do you want to shoot? Here are my best places to go if you want to use a cannon well and get the most out of it.

7. Catacombs of Kourend

This location is a popular choice for cannoning due to its wide variety of aggressive monsters, including bloodvelds, ankou, and greater demons. It offers both decent experience rates and potential profit.

6. Taverley Dungeon

With a range of cannonable monsters like hellhounds, black demons, and blue dragons, Taverley Dungeon provides a great opportunity for efficient cannon training.

5. Hill Giants (Zeah)

Surprisingly, not many people know about this area, but I think it’s one of the best places to set up your cannon for some real XP wins.

Near the Shayzien Graveyard on Zeah, there are about six to seven Hill Giants. And there are a lot of safe places in the area.

This means that if you are a pure, you can set up your gun and take no damage.

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Using a cannon on Hill Giants has a number of other perks as well. First, you have a chance of getting Giants Keys, which you can use to fight Obor pretty much whenever you want.

Second, you may get a Giant Champion Scroll, which is an extremely rare drop.

And third, Hill Giants have pretty bad protection, which means that most of the time, your cannonballs will hit them.

Make sure to visit this place while it’s still not too well known.

4. Rock Crabs (Rellekka)

Unlike the last place, it is well known that Rock Crabs is a popular place to use your gun.

Even more so at lower levels, between 1 and 40.

There are a lot of Rock Crabs on the northern beaches of Rellekka. They have a high HP level but a low defense.

So these are the best training grounds for low-level heroes.

If you want to get the most out of your experience, you should use both a gun and knives. All the XP you earn there should go up a lot.

Your only problem will be to find a world that is open.

If you hit another player with your gun, they might be upset.

3. Scabarites (Sophanem Dungeon)

I personally love this option, as Scabarites can actually be consistently profitable to cannon – unlike most of the other entries on this list.

This is because many of them drop rune items and other stackable items, like noted addy ore and blood runes fairly often.

I recommend taking high alch runes to take advantage of any rune drops.

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The only downside is you’ll need to at least start the quest “Contact”, which is a fairy high level master quest.

You’ll also want some prayer potions and some high healing food if you plan to last in this area, since it’s a multi-combat area and all of the enemies will be on you constantly.

I would also advise wearing melee gear here. Just to minimize potential damage and pray against missiles.

2. Castle Wars Ogres

This is also a very famous place, especially with pures.

This is so popular that it’s hard to find an open world at the Castle Wars Ogres that isn’t already being used by a pure!

Why is it so well-known?

You can hide behind the low wall near the ogres while the gun shoots all of the ogres in the area. This gives you some good experience, and there’s a small chance you might get some Ranarr seeds, which will save you some money on the grind.

You can get here quickly by teleporting to Castle Wars and running east toward Yanille. You can also run west from the door to Yanille’s house.

1. Lighthouse Dagannoths

I like this place for guns because it’s easy to get to (by fairy ring) and has dozens of Dagannoths in a place where more than one fight can happen.

If you have good close-range gear, you won’t take too much damage here either. And you can always bring enough food to last the whole trip, like monkfish.

You can also camp here as long as you want if you bring a Guthan’s set.

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Because with that set, you’ll always be able to heal faster than the Dagannoths.

You won’t be able to safe spot them like you could with some of the other choices. But the things you can do here are just out of this world.

And if you can get a Dagannoth Slayer job, you’ll get even more experience.

Expect to use up almost a thousand cannonballs an hour here.

Your gun will fire all the time.

Dagannoths sometimes drop good loot, like high-level seeds like Snapdragon and Torsol seeds.

You may also get medium hint scrolls fairly often, which is a nice treat.

The only thing you need to do to get into this place is finish the intermediate level quest “Horror from the Deep.”