All 12 Best Arrows in Old School RuneScape

In RuneScape, every archer wants the best arrows they can get.

But members are the only ones who can get the best arrows the game has to offer. But even people who aren’t members can find very good ammunition in many parts of the game, especially as they level up.

Arrows must be fired from bows that are strong enough to do so. So, it’s possible that you won’t be able to shoot Adamant arrows from a regular low-level bow.

You have to change your archery skill and gear based on the type of ammunition you want to hold and the amount of damage you want to do.

If you want to make your own arrows instead of buying them, you’ll need to level up your Fletching skill. If you learn how to fletch well, you can make the best arrows in the game and save some money at the same time.

Whether you buy them or make them, I think every player should have at least a few of these powerful arrows.

12. Training Arrows

All 12 Best Arrows in Old School RuneScape

Training arrows are the weakest in the game, and even the weakest bows can be used to shoot them.

The ranged tutor will give you stacks of 25 training arrows and a training bow to use them with.

In fact, these arrows are so weak that only the training bow can shoot them.

Strangely enough, the training arrows and the bronze arrows are the same in every way.

The fact that you can only shoot them with the training bow, which is the weakest ranged weapon in the game, makes them even worse.

Many players don’t use them in battle because they do so little damage. You can get them, though, by going to Lumbridge Castle and talking to the ranger combat instructor there.

11. Bronze Arrows

By no means are bronze arrows the strongest in the game.

But many players keep them close to their hearts because even the most experienced archers started out with this simple and generally ineffective type of ammunition.

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Any bow in the game can be used to shoot bronze arrows (with the exception of the poor training bow).

You can make them with melted bronze bars, and if you want, you can poison the tip.

You only need level 1 fletching to make them, so they are the best type of arrow to make if you are just starting out.

10. Iron Arrows

When there are iron arrows, things start to get interesting.

If you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably very interested in one day becoming a master bowman.

Minotaurs can be killed to get the iron arrow tips needed to make these items.

But if you want to save time, you can also buy them all over the world.

If they aren’t poisoned, the only benefit they give is a 10% boost to your ranged strength.

You can also shoot them with any bow in the game except for the training bow, which isn’t very useful.

But who would want to use that?

9. Ice Arrows

You can only get ice arrows during one quest, when you have to fight the Fire Warrior of Lesarkus.

This powerful enemy can only be hurt by these arrows made of ice, and you can find them all over the area where the warrior is.

You can’t use them, though, unless you have at least a mid-level bow.

Don’t forget that you also can’t sell these arrows. But the arrows are like steel arrows in their own way.

The only reason they aren’t as highly rated as their steel counterparts is because they aren’t as easy to find.

8. Steel Arrows

If you have an oak bow, you’re almost ready to get some steel arrows to make your shots more powerful.

They do 5 ranged damage, which is four points more than all of the other arrows we’ve mentioned so far except for the ice ones.

Steel arrows can be made by a good fletcher, and they also give you a good amount of experience.

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The grand exchange is also a good place to sell poisoned steel arrows.

So, if you know how to deal with poison and make strong tips from it, you should be selling these arrows in the market like there’s no tomorrow.

7. Ogre Arrows

You can only get ogre arrows if you are a member, and they are very useful on some quests.

They are mostly used to hunt birds, and you can only use the Ogre Bow or the Composite Ogre Bow to shoot them.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to kill an ogre to make them.

At level 5, all you have to do is cut down an Achey Tree and use its logs to make shafts.

When two new quests were added to the game in 2004, these arrows were added to it for the first time.

6. Broad Arrows

You need a Magic bow or something stronger to shoot a broad arrow.

The only reason these powerful arrows aren’t higher on our list is because you can’t buy them until you reach level 55 in Slaying. However, they are stronger than Mithril ammunition.

They are the only arrows in the game that can kill Turoths and Kurasks, and the only NPC who can teach you how to make them is the Slayer Master.

5. Mithril Arrows

Mithril arrows are the second strongest arrows that non-members can use in the game.

If you are a member, you can make them at Fletching level 45. They are a natural step up from steel ammunition.

If you don’t want to make them or aren’t a member, you can go to Varrock and buy a lot of them at once.

4. Rune Arrows

The ranged strength of rune arrows is much higher than that of broad arrows, but they have less base strength than broad arrows.

To shoot them, you only need a yew bow, which is a big plus.

It’s hard to get a bunch of these arrows, so you should only use them (and every other arrow listed from this point on) if you have at least one of Ava’s tools.

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3. Amethyst Arrows

Amethyst arrows are the second strongest in the game, just a little weaker than Dragon arrows.

If you want to make them, you need at least a level 82 in Fletching, and if you want to shoot them, you need at least a magic bow.

They are worth a lot and are stronger than any other arrow on this list, even the ones made of Adamant. But, as you might guess, they are especially hard to get.

2. Adamant Arrows

The only reason I put the Adamant arrow higher than the Amethyst and Rune versions is because Adamant arrows are the best ranged weapons that non-members can get.

I know that many of us like to play RuneScape for free, so I want to include that in my list.

Keep in mind that the two arrow types before adamant are stronger. but members are the only ones who can see them.

The range requirement for these adamant arrows is 30, and they give a total bonus of 31.

Most of the time, you can buy them on the Grand Exchange for about 60 pieces of gold.

When you reach level 60 in fletching, you can also make these arrows, and some of the highest-level mobs in the game will drop them when you go hunting.

1. Dragon Arrows

Dragons shoot arrows that are very strong.

They have a base strength of 60 and a ranged damage of +60.

But in the game, you can only shoot them with the Dark Bow, the Twisted Bow, or the 3rd Age Bow.

There aren’t many stronger arrows in the game, so getting a stack of these can change the way anyone plays.

Note that you need to be at level 90 in Fletching to make them, so buckle up and start grinding now if you ever want to get some.

If you want to get some dragon arrow tips, you’ll also have to start killing dragon implings. No matter how you kill them, they’ll be tough.