18 Best Dungeons in Old School RuneScape

The caves in OSRS can be both scary and fun to explore.

You’ll have plenty to do since there are dozens, if not hundreds, of levels to choose from.

There are skilling dungeons, quests, PvM, bosses, Slayer, and a lot more! As an explorer, it’s your job to make sure you’re ready to go into these dungeons, because if you don’t, you’ll die for sure.

As someone who has visited a lot of the game’s dungeons, let me be your guide and show you what I think are the best dungeons in all of OSRS!

18. Temple of Ikov


Under Hemenster is a prison called the Temple of Ikov. You don’t have to start the Temple of Ikov quest to get into the cave.

However, you need a pendant of lucien to get through the gates north-west of the southern entrance. The main entry to the dungeon is south of the Ranging Guild.

A shiny key is needed to get into a second entrance inside a house in McGrubor’s Wood.

If you’ve lost your boots of lightness, you can get a new pair here. Bring a light source and a tool that can cut. This was also the place where the Staff of Armadyl was.

17. Skavid Caves

Six caves called the Skavid caves are near the ogre city of Gu’Tanoth. The Skavid, a race of animals owned by the Ogres, live in the caves.

In the Watchtower quest, the caves are an important part. Also, cave nightshade, which is also called nightshade or belladonna, grows slowly in two caves.

To get into any of the holes, players need Light sources and Skavid maps. If a player tries to go into a Skavid cave without a Skavid guide, they get lost and end up outside of another Skavid cave.

16. White Wolf Tunnel

White Wolf Tunnel is a shortcut beneath White Wolf Mountain and home to a small group of dwarves.

The tunnel only becomes accessible after the player helps the guards Austri and Vestri win the local Fishing Contest at Hemenster, after which it becomes a convenient way to pass White Wolf Mountain while avoiding the aggressive wolves that roam the slopes.

White Wolf Tunnel has a station for the Keldagrim minecart system manned by a cart conductor, which can be used after starting The Giant Dwarf. The tunnel also has a small bar where Holoy runs a crossbow shop.

15. Crandor and Karamja Dungeon

This is possibly the most famous F2P dungeon.

It’s where you go to kill Elvarg and finish the famous Dragon Slayer I quest.

There are a lot of smaller demons and dangerous red spiders for training here. You can also find Red Spider Eggs down here, which are used to make Super Restores and can be sold for a quick profit.

Once Dragon Slayer is done, the cave becomes a way to get to the island of Crandor.

Members will need to go through this area to get to the city of Tzhaar, which is inside the volcano of Karamja.

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14. Underground Pass

Even though this dungeon isn’t very useful once you’ve finished all of its quests, it’s still one of the best-designed dungeons in the game, in my opinion.

The Elven Lands quest line uses the Underground Pass, which is a real test!

Once you’re inside, your skills will be put to the test as you solve puzzles, fight off enemies, and move deeper and deeper into the pass.

You might think that you can leave by teleporting. But if you lose everything you’ve learned, you’ll lose hours of time.

If you manage to get away, the elves will let you into their land, Tirannwn.

13. Lumbridge Swamp Caves

Be careful of the gas!

You got it: the Lumbridge Caves are full of swamp gas. Which can be very dangerous!

To explore these caves, you’ll need a light, but don’t bring an open flame.

Bring in a bull’s-eye light, which will work fine.

The caves are a great place for new players to train because they are full of low-level slayer monsters.

The Tears of Guthix minigame is also in the caves, which is a great way to gain experience early on.

When you explore these caves, you will find some strange things. Who knows what you could find inside…

12. Falador Mole Lair

The Giant Mole who lives in Falador dug a network of tunnels under the city. These tunnels are called the Mole Lair.

Even though he can’t see, he sure knows his way around. Even when you fight him, he’ll dig himself a hole to get away from your powerful hits.

You should also bring a light source that isn’t out in the open, like a bull’s-eye lamp, because the Giant Mole could put out your light by kicking up a lot of mud.

In the end, you’ll come here to kill the Giant Mole, whose skins and claws can be very valuable.

11. Kraken Cove

A cove full of Cave Krakens, Waterfiends, and the Cave Kraken Boss can be found near the Piscatoris Fishing Colony.

It is safe to go into the prison itself.

But only people who have a Slayer Task can fight the enemies inside.

It only has one floor and isn’t very big, but the enemies, especially the Kraken boss, drop some great items.

A lot of time will be spent here by adventurers looking for a Trident of the Sea or a Kraken limb.

10. Brimhaven Dungeon

Now, this cave is almost as old and as well-known as the Karamja cave.

Brimhaven Dungeon is also on the island of Karamja. It became famous for being the only place to find metal dragons.

No longer is this true. But it still has a reputation for having killer monsters like Fire Giants, Black Demons, Red Dragons, Wild Dogs, Greater Demons, and all metal dragons up to and including Steel.

Bring an axe with you if you want to go into this dungeon, because many of the ways are blocked by vines.

Also, you’ll need 875 coins to get in. The neighborhood tribesman will make you pay before letting you in. Or, you can pay 1m for membership that lasts forever.

9. Smoke Devil Dungeon

Here is a Slayer Dungeon that is like the Kraken’s Cove.

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Castle Wars and a Fairy Ring are close to the Smoke Devil Dungeon.

There is a lot of smoke inside the area. And to get in, a person will need a slayer helmet or a face mask.

Without one, you’ll always be hurt.

People like to kill smoke devils and the thermonuclear smoke devil, which is another slayer boss, in this lair.

And just like in Kraken’s Cove, you’ll need a slayer job to fight the devils inside.

The Occult Amulet, which they drop, is a great magic improvement.

8. Edgeville Dungeon

Edgeville Dungeon is well-known in the OSRS community, and it was the first dungeon I went into when I first started playing.

The basement has two entrances: one outside of Varrock and one in Edgeville.

You’ll need a Brass Key, which you can find in the basement, to get to the Varrock entrance.

Most of Edgeville Dungeon is free-to-play, but the Wilderness area is only for users.

The Hill Giants in this dungeon are very famous in Free-to-Play because they drop big bones and Giant Keys, which are used to fight Obor.

Members use this Dungeon to get to Vannaka, who is a medium-level slayer master for Wilderness slayer, and to run air or earth orbs.

7. Kalphite Cave

The Kalphite Cave is just outside of the Shanty pass. It is where the dangerous Kalphite Queen lives.

To get down into the cave and fight these big bugs, you’ll need a ladder.

You can also teleport right outside the door if you have the desert amulet (4).

The prison is made in a very creative way. And you really feel like you’re in a place where dangerous animals live.

There are eggs all along the walls of the long, winding tunnels. Most of the time, Kalphites hatch from the eggs.

You’ll find the Kalphite Queen at the end of the caves. The goal of many explorers has been to beat her.

6. Ancient Cavern

Ancient Cavern is for end-game players and is full of powerful dragons, like the Mithiril Dragon, but not just that one.

This is a very dangerous place, which goes without saying.

You have to jump off a dock and into a whirlpool outside of Otto’s Grotto to get into this cave, which is a very unusual way to get there.

To get into the level, you also need to finish Barbarian Training. If you don’t, you’ll just get carried away.

Here is also the Dragon Forge, where the Dragon Platebody and Dragon Kiteshield are made.

5. Fremennik Slayer Dungeon

This slayer dungeon is very pragmatically designed and well thought out.

It has multiple areas, all of which are home to unique slayer monsters.

The deeper you go, the harder and higher-leveled they become.

At the end of the dungeon you’ll find Kurasks, which are a level 70 Slayer monster. They have a very good drop table and are quite commonly farmed for money making.

The dungeon itself is easy to get to as well.

There’s a teleport on the slayer ring which takes you inside, or alternatively you can use fairy rings because one is right by the entrance.

4. Revenant Caves

This scary cave is the only place where Revenants can live. It is in the Wilderness.

Because of this, it has become the best place in the Wilderness to PK.

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There are three ways to get into the cave. They are on Wilderness levels 17, 26, and 40.

This means that if you need to get away from something, you have a lot of choices.

You’ll have to pay 100k to get in. If you don’t die in the caves, you won’t have to pay this fee again.

Be very careful if you go into this dungeon. There is a very high chance that you will die.

Carry only what you can afford to lose!

3. God Wars Dungeon

The four generals of the God Wars and their troops live in the God War Dungeon (GWD).

You can find the generals in their war rooms, surrounded by their troops, in each of the four corners of this huge dungeon.

The Dungeon is a true work of art. As you move, you can watch the enemies on each side fight each other.

If you don’t want to join in the fighting, wear items that match the gods of the GWD, and their troops will leave you alone.

Most explorers here are high level and want to fight the generals because they drop some of the best items in the game, including the legendary Godswords.

2. Taverley Dungeon

I think that the Taverley Dungeon is the best dungeon in OSRS.

It has material for all levels of players, including bosses and a lot of quests.

You can find a little bit of everything in this cave, from dragons to secret hiding places. It’s fun to look around and really well made.

But players will need a Dusty Key or Agility level 70 to go into the more dangerous part of Taverley Dungeon.

To get the key, you’ll have to look around the cave until you find the Black Knight’s Fortress. If you talk to Velrak the Explorer, he’ll give you the key.

Many low-level players come here to kill Blue Dragons to make money quickly, while high-level players come here to fight Cerberus or kill Black Demons.

The entry is just outside of the town of Taverley. Anyone who is brave enough to go in will find a ladder.

1. Catacombs of Kourend

And the Catacombs of Kourend are at the top of our list.

This dungeon is under Zeah and covers a large part of the island. It has many openings all over the place.

It is one of the biggest levels in the game as a whole.

The inside is dark purple and blue, and there are different levels without ladders or stairs because the cave goes up in some places.

The design is interesting and worth looking into.

This cave really has everything a slayer could want.

There are a lot of enemies, including the powerful Brutal Black Dragons and a lot of Sand Crabs for lower stages. This place has a little bit of everything.

You’ll also find that every bone you bury here restores a prayer point. This means that items like the Bonecrusher can give you a lot of extra prayer points with little to no work.

You can also fight the boss Skotizo in the Catacombs if you find the three totem pieces that are only dropped by enemies in the Catacombs.