15 Best Hard Clue Scroll Droppers In OSRS

In OSRS, hard clue scrolls are an excellent method to quickly earn money.

The greatest payout might be in the hundreds of millions of dollars, while the minimum payment is typically in the range of $100,000!

People spend a lot of time hunting and completing clue scrolls because they are both entertaining. Additionally, you may never be certain of what you will receive.

What is the simplest method to obtain hard clue scrolls then?

Let’s examine some of the more effective OSRS hard clue droppers and where you may locate them in the game.

15. Kurask

Best Hard Clue Scroll Droppers In OSRS

Kurask are Slayer monsters in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon.

To kill them, you need to have a Slayer level of 70 and use a leaf-bladed spear, leaf-bladed sword, leaf-bladed battleaxe, broad arrows, broad bolts, or a magic dart.

Since neither close-range nor long-range weapons can be poisoned, Kurask can’t be poisoned.

14. Gargoyle

Gargoyles are Slayer monsters that live on the top floor and in the basement of the Slayer Tower. To hurt them, you need 75 Slayer.

The ones in the basement can only be used by players whose Slayer task is to kill gargoyles.

If they try to kill them when they’re not supposed to, Raulyn will stop them.

13. Gangster

During the Tackle Organized Crime event for the Shayzien House, there are run-ins with gangsters in Great Kourend.

They show up in groups of 4 to 14 with a Gang boss in certain places. They will disappear from all worlds 5 minutes after the time they were supposed to appear.

During this time, any gangsters you were fighting will die, and if you did any damage to them, you will get the loot for that.

12. Elf Warrior

There are elf warriors in Lletya and some parts of Tirannwn.

They play an important role in Regicide.

Most of the time, they are killed as part of a Slayer task or to get teleport crystals that can be used to quickly get to Lletya.

The Regicide quest must be finished before they can be used as slayer tasks.

11. Brutal Green Dragon

In the Ancient Cavern, you can find green dragons that are much stronger and more dangerous than the green dragons in the Wilderness.

To get to the dangerous green dragons, you have to do some of the Barbarian Training.

The dangerous green dragons have a simple magic attack and a melee attack that can both hit up to 18 times.

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They can’t get sick from poison. As an alternative to a green dragon Slayer assignment, you can choose to kill a brutal green dragon.

10. Dagannoth Kings

Many people who are out on a slayer mission, or who are just trying to get some quick money, frequently target the Dagannoth Kings!

A hint scroll has a 1/42 chance of falling from any one of the three kings. It’s quite improbable that a visit here won’t yield a hint scroll given that you’ll kill all three kings in a cycle.

In other words, if you go through all of them, you’re essentially promised one.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need top-notch equipment if you plan to camp here for a time. I advise visiting here after completing the Fremennik Elite Diaries and while on a slayer mission.

In this manner, you can gain extra damage from the task and bones that were documented in the diaries.

You’ll have a chance to obtain the DKS rings while you’re here, thus this place is fantastic for finding clues as well! Elite hints have a very slim possibility of being found as well, with a 1/750 drop rate.

Remember to bring a pet rock to unlock the door when you find it because it is located in the Waterbirth Dungeon.

9. Sarachnis

Without a doubt, Sarachnis is among the top bosses in OSRS for hint dropping.

This boss has an astonishing 1/40 drop rate for hard clue scrolls.

She also scatters elite hint scrolls at a rate of 1/60, though!

Therefore, it should be possible for you to readily get both clue categories.

This boss is so frequently farmed for clue scrolls.

Coming here as a high-level player means you completely destroy the fight because Sarachnis is also designed for mid-level players.

This boss is fairly accessible and simple to farm. What else is there to ask for?

Where to Find: Located next to Hosidius’ home on Zeah in the Forthos Dungeon.

8. Ninja Implings

When you plunder these Implings, you have a remarkable 1/25 chance of finding a hard clue scroll.

They also offer a ton of other loot, mostly rune-related things.

Ninja implings are the quickest way to get Hard Clue Scrolls, provided you have the money.

Simply purchase as many of these as you desire from the Grand Exchange, then crack them open one by one until you find a hard clue scroll. Each implying costs 30k, thus you would typically lose 13k overall. However, this does not account for the clue scroll prize.

Where to Find: These Implings can be caught at Puro Puro, however, most sleuths simply purchase the Implings from the Grand Exchange.

7. Hellhounds of hell

Hellhounds have a 1/64 drop rate for clue scrolls, which can be enhanced if you decide to kill them in the wilderness while wearing a Ring of Wealth (i).

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If you were to use the Ring of Wealth I your chances of receiving a clue scroll was 1/32.

These hellhounds would be among the top sources of scrolls in OS RS if they had that ring on!

While on a slayer mission, I strongly advise killing these in the Wilderness or in the Catacombs of Kourend.

Additionally, there is a chance to obtain dark totem pieces in the Catacombs, making it more advantageous to kill them.

But eventually, they’re the non-boss adversary that gets killed the most often when using hard clue scrolls (and for good reason).

Where to Find: The Wilderness, Catacombs of Kourend, God War Dungeon, Taverley Dungeon, and Witchaven Dungeon are just a few locations where you can find hellhounds.

6. Vyrewatch Sentinel

You can nearly totally AFK Vyrewatch Sentinels, which means you won’t need to put much effort into finding hard clues.

They have a drop rate of 1 in 100, which is decent given that they also have a lot of alchable drops and the expensive but uncommon Blood Shard.

So whether you obtain the clue scroll or not, you will always profit from AFKing for one.

Simply keep in mind that the location is in Darkmeyer, which is secured behind the Myerque quest line.

Where to Find: The Sentinels can be found in the city of Darkmeyer’s Upper Tier. You can quickly AFK and replenish supplies because a bank and altar are nearby.

5. Thermonuclear Smoke Devil

High-level slayer boss Thermonuclear Smoke Devil has a 1/96 chance of dropping a hard clue scroll.

This boss is on the list because it has a fantastic drop table that goes along with the clue scrolls, allowing you to make money while farming for the clue!

The Thermonuclear Smoke Devil must be fought while you are on a smoke devil mission and at a fairly high level (93 slayers).

Therefore, while this monster is not good for quick clues, it is ideal for a passive clue grind that also offers the chance to earn money.

Where to Discover: In the Smoke Devil dungeon, next to Castle Wars, is where you may find the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil’s den.

4. Skotizo

Skotizo is the BESTTT. Because he usually drops a difficult clue scroll when you fight him.

There are no better odds than those!

The main drawback is that fighting Skotizo requires a fully constructed Dark totem, which must be put together gradually over time.

You must slay adversaries inside the Catacombs of Kourend to obtain totem pieces. There are a total of three.

Skotizo’s drop table is remarkable, as he frequently yields over 100k in loot for each kill.

He’s also incredibly profitable and simple to kill.

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I suggest facing him with the Arclight because it will hit hard and instantly kill the eyeballs that are shielding him.

Location: Located in the heart of the Kourend Catacombs. To combat him, you’ll need a Dark totem.

3. Warped Jelly

In order to make the already existent Jellies stronger, Warped Jellies were added to OSRS. High-level players then had the choice of gaining extra slayer experience in this manner.

The Warped Jellies have an astounding 1/64 drop rate for hard clue scrolls, which is incredibly high.

And all you need to access them is a level 52 Slayer, which is simple. Did I mention that they’re not particularly difficult to kill?

Use ice barrage or chinchompas to strike numerous targets simultaneously if you want to eliminate them as soon as possible. This will enable you to quickly gather a large number of clues and numerous kills at once.

You won’t earn a lot of money. But compared to other ways, this one will help you find hints more quickly.

Where to Find: Located in the southern and eastern ends of the Kourend Catacombs.

2. Steel Dragons

Due to the fact that they don’t require a slayer to be killed, steel dragons are a fantastic choice for challenging clue scrolls.

I’ll confess that their drop table isn’t the most interesting, and sometimes killing them can be a chore.

With a drop rate of 1/64, everything is OK though.

Using dragonbane weaponry like a Dragon Hunter Lance or a Dragon Hunter crossbow would be the fastest way to eliminate them.

Low-level fire spells, though, ought to work just as well for players on a tight budget.

An antifire potion and protection from magic turned on are essential for avoiding all damage in this situation.

Where to Discover: The Brimhaven Dungeon and the Catacombs of Kourend are where you can find these dragons. The Catacomb dragons are in a multi-zone and will tag you all at once, so take note of that.

1. Superior Slayer Monsters

With a maximum drop rate of 1/6.4, which is the better form of a Warped Jelly, Superior Slayer monsters actually have the best clue scroll drop rate, with an average of 1/12.8.

Superior slayer creatures have a substantially reduced likelihood of spawning, with a chance of 1/180 or less. And before they can ever spawn, a slayer master must unlock them.

So yes, once they show up, they can have a high drop rate.

However, getting them to show up can be really irritating.

In addition, great slayer monsters occasionally drop an infused heart, which is worth 27 million!

Where to Find: Once you’ve killed a slayer monster on your job, you can only find a better slayer monster randomly when on a slayer mission.