What is Imbuing in Old School RuneScape?

In OSRS, you can improve or enchant some items and gear by imbuing them.

This process makes the things either stronger or more useful in more ways.

These imbued upgrades can give you some of the best things in their slots in OSRS.

They are huge improvements for almost any account.

How Do You Imbue Items?

There are several ways to give things magic.

Minigames like Nightmare Zone and Soul Wars, miniquests like Mage Arena 2, and items from the Last Man Standing minigame shop are all ways to do this.

The Nightmare Zone is the most popular place to imbue items because it’s easy to get points there. And there can also be a lot of general combat training here.

Most of the imbues for items are done here or at Soul Wars, which has the same imbues.

The best magic cape in OSRS, the Imbued God Cape, can only be earned in Mage Arena 2.

This minigame is hard, and you have to be at least level 75 in magic and have finished Mage Arena 1 to even try it.

But the whole miniquest takes place in the Wilderness, so only bring things you don’t mind losing, like a Mystic Set or Black Dragonhide.

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Last but not least, you can also imbue at the Last Man Standing shop. This is where your LMS points will go.

Only two imbues can be used here.

First is for the Magic Shortbow, which lets the Shortbow use only 50% of the special bar instead of 55% (and improves its range attack), making it a great PvP upgrade.

The second is the imbued Ring of Wealth, which makes getting a tip scroll in the Wilderness twice as likely.

Here are some examples of items that can be imbued:

  1. Berserker ring: Imbuing a Berserker ring enhances its offensive stats, including increased strength and slash bonus.
  2. Archers ring: Imbuing an Archers ring improves its ranged attack bonus.
  3. Seers’ ring: Imbuing a Seers’ ring enhances its magical attack bonus.
  4. Warrior ring: Imbuing a Warrior ring boosts its melee accuracy and defense bonuses.
  5. Ring of suffering: Imbuing a Ring of suffering improves its defensive stats and adds a damage reduction effect.
  6. Ring of the gods: Imbuing a Ring of the gods provides increased prayer bonuses and a chance to negate dragonfire attacks.

Imbuing items can significantly improve their combat effectiveness, making them sought after by players engaging in high-level PvM (Player vs. Monster) activities.

It’s worth noting that imbued items cannot be traded to other players, and the imbued status is lost if the item is uncharged or alchemized.

Which Imbues Are The Best?

I think the best imbues are for the Ring of Suffering, the Berserker Ring, the Archers Ring, the Slayer Helmet, the Salve Amulet (e), and the God Capes.

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All of the stats of the main rings are doubled by the upgrades, making them very powerful.

The Ring of Suffering in particular becomes a great tanking item, with a +20 bonus to all defense stats and a +4 bonus to prayer. The imbued berserker ring also gives you +8 strength, making it the best fighting ring for general use.

Now that the Slayer helmet and Salve Amulet have been imbued, their powers can be used for ranged and magic attacks as well as melee ones. In their original forms, these items only helped with melee attacks.

The imbued Slayer Helment is very helpful for slayer jobs, while the imbued Salve Amulet is very helpful for Vorkath.

The imbued God Cape gives you the best magic cape for its spot. You can use it anywhere you’d use magic in battle.

When worn with the ancestral set, this imbued cape can make your max damage go up by quite a bit, making it a very amazing upgrade.


How do I obtain Nightmare Zone reward points for Imbuing?

Nightmare Zone reward points can be obtained by participating in the Nightmare Zone minigame. You earn points by defeating bosses and enemies within the minigame. The number of points you receive depends on your performance and the difficulty settings you choose.

Can I trade or sell imbued items to other players?

No, imbued items become untradeable once they are imbued. They can only be used by the player who imbued them and are not tradable to other players. If you wish to sell or trade the item, it must be unimbued first.

Will an imbued item lose its imbued status if it runs out of charges?

No, an imbued item will not lose its imbued status if it runs out of charges. You can recharge the item, and it will retain its imbued properties. However, if you alchemize the item, it will lose its imbued status permanently.

Can I remove the imbued status from an item?

Yes, it is possible to remove the imbued status from an item. You can do this by talking to Dominic Onion in the Nightmare Zone and selecting the option to remove the imbued status. This will refund a portion of the reward points spent on imbuing the item.