How to Get all Types of Clues in OSRS?

In this article, I’ll show the best and quickest techniques to collect Clues for each level, from Beginner to Master.

Beginner Clues

Except for a few creatures like level 1 Rats and tiny Spiders, the majority of low-level F2P monsters in RuneScape 2007 drop these hints.

Beginner clues are dropped by monsters including Cows, Goblins, and Chickens. Although they are not dropped by higher-level F2P creatures like Lesser Demons or Ankous.

Additionally, you can find beginner hints in geodes, clue bottles, and nests when fishing, mining, and woodcutting.

In that you have a greater probability of getting a clue drop with a higher skill level, getting a clue drop via skilling rolls is analogous to getting a pet.

Additionally, the tier of rock, tree, or fish that you are getting affects your chances of finding a clue.

For instance, mining Runite ore is considerably more likely to result in a hint scroll than mining Copper ore.

There is a 28.5% probability that a clue you receive as a drop from skilling will be Beginner or Easy, a 21.4% chance it will be Medium, a 14.2% chance it will be hard, and a 7.1% chance it will be an Elite clue.

Additionally, you won’t receive a clue nest, geode, or bottle if you already have that particular sort of clue scroll in your bank and it rolls that type of clue scroll.

This implies that having additional clues in your bank will not increase your chances of finding a certain sort of clue.

Implants are perhaps the easiest way to obtain any kind of clue scroll in the game.

Without any level requirements, you can purchase the Implings from the Grand Exchange and open them for a chance at a clue scroll and other random goodies.

1 in 50 for baby implings and 1 in 25 for young implings both produce Beginner hint scrolls. This means that, on average, you will need 50 baby implings or 25 young implings to obtain a clue scroll, which currently costs quite a bit of OSRS gold for a Beginner clue.

newborn implings (1 in 50)

Price: 150,000 OSRS gold

Little implings (1 in 25)

Price: 62K OSRS gold

Easy clues

Along with Gourmet Implings, baby and young implings still provide Easy clues. The average cost per clue is listed below.

As you can see, it is significantly more expensive and not justified for an Easy clue scroll.

newborn implings (1 in 50)

250K OSRS gold is required.

Little implings (1 in 50)

Price: 120,000 OSRS gold

upscale implings (1 in 25)

Cost: 92.5K OSRS gold

Members of H.A.M. (2% Chance)

Pickpocketing H.A.M. members, both male and female members, is a very common and effective approach to obtaining Easy clues.

They each have a 1/50 (2% likelihood) chance of producing an Easy hint scroll. You might be sent outside the H.A.M Hideout after being knocked out while pick-pocketing.

If you are wearing the full set of H.A.M. robes, there is a very, very little possibility that you will be kicked upstairs when you are knocked out. Wearing the robes lowers your risk of being thrown out.

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Male and female Goblins (0.78% Chance)

Because they have a 1 in 128 drop rate (0.78% chance) for an Easy clue scroll, goblins are a simple and quick-killing target to obtain clues.

The Edgeville home across from the bank is full of guys, and there are a lot of goblins in Lumbridge.

The most kills per hour can be obtained here using a blowpipe or a fast-attacking weapon, and a dwarf cannon can significantly speed up your killing pace.

(1.56% Chance) Thugs

Thugs in the level 1 wilderness of the Edgeville Dungeon are, in my opinion, the finest monsters to kill to obtain Easy hint scrolls.

When you kill them, you can bring an Imbued Ring of Wealth, which is made from a standard Ring of Wealth, and a Scroll of Ring of Wealth purchased from the Bounty Hunter Store or the Grand Exchange.

When slaying any Wilderness creature, wearing this ring doubles the likelihood that a clue scroll will drop.

As a result, when you are slaying Thugs, you can acquire clue scrolls at a 1 in 64 drop rate rather than a 1 in 128 drop rate if you match that with a good weapon.

Medium clues

Types of Clues

Zoo at Ardougne (0.39% Chance)

I’ll start with a somewhat improbable method of obtaining one. You can return to the Ardougne Zoo with your Karamjan monkey greegree, your Monkey talk amulet, some RuneScape gold, and some noted Bananas—I would advise at least 500. You can accomplish this even if you have completed Monkey Madness.

You’re going to approach the monkey minder while wearing the Greegree and speak with him. Speak to the talkative monkey until you can pick him up after he has placed you in the monkey cage.

After that, remove your Greegree and speak with the monkey minder once more to be released.

Go to the neighborhood general shop, sell 50 bananas there, then purchase them back, un-note them, and utilize every last one of them on the monkey you have in your possession. The same thing is possible in a bank.

There is a 1 in 256 chance that he will spit out a medium clue scroll for each banana you use on him. You can only use this once.

As a result, once you learn one clue about him, you will never learn another. By using this method, you can receive a Medium hint in under 5 minutes.


Again, Implings are the quickest source of Medium hints, and three different types of Implings can provide Mediums: Earth, Essence, and Eclectics.

Earth impling (1 in 100)

$230K in OSRS gold

Purity impling (1 in 50)

Price: 155,000 OSRS gold

Diverse impling (1 in 25)

Price: 100,000 OSRS gold

The most preferred option is eclectic because it is far less expensive to acquire a clue for them than for the others. However, since the most recent update to the clues, the cost of these Implings has increased.

Killing Guards (0.78% probability)

I also suggest 2 monsters for Medium-level clues. First, you can bring a cannon to Varrock, Edgeville, or Falador to significantly speed up your kills of Guards (0.78% chance) doing so.

Warriors of Ice (1.56% Chance)

Ice warriors in the Ice Plateau in the Wilderness are a considerably quicker option to get Mediums because you can make use of the Ring of Wealth I and take a cannon here. But that will undoubtedly increase your danger.

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Hard clue scrolls

Hard clue scrolls are once more very easily obtained from Implings, specifically Natures, Magpies, and Ninjas.

The average clue cost is significantly greater than the midrange clue costs. So, unless you are loaded, it is not advised for Hard clues.

Nature impling (1 in 100)

460K OSRS gold was spent.

Monarch impling (1 in 50)

1.1M OSRS gold was spent.

Invading ninjas (1 in 25)

Price: 1M OSRS gold

Farming Skotizo Totems (100% Chance)

Skotizo Totem Farming is a far more desired technique for obtaining an Elite clue, although it always yields a Hard clue.

You can camp monsters in the Catacombs of Kourend to fight Skotizo, who has a 100% chance of offering a Hard hint as long as you don’t already have one, thanks to the latest update that allows you to obtain several totems simultaneously.

There is a simple formula to determine the totem piece drop rate: 1/500 hitpoints

It is 1 in 500 minus the monster’s Hitpoints that you are battling. A monster has a 1 in 400 chance of possessing a totem piece if it has 100 Hitpoints.

Therefore, camping lesser Hitpoint creatures is far more effective for obtaining Totem Pieces.

For instance, you could kill 15 level 22 Skeletons in the same amount of time it takes to defeat a Brutal Black Dragon for its 1 in 185 chance to drop a totem piece.

Using binomial probability, there is a 1 in 32 chance that 15 Skeletons will yield a totem piece.

Therefore, low-level monsters like skeletons, hill giants, and especially ankles are the best to farm because they can be quickly dispatched by being chinned or burst.

There are 2 additional monsters I suggest eliminating purely for Hard clues:

Jellies (1.56% Probability)

First off, there is a 1 in 64 chance that the Jellies in the Catacombs of Kourend will drop them.

Hellhounds (3.12% Chance)

Killing Hellhounds, which have a base drop rate of 1 in 64 but can have a drop rate of 1 in 32 if you use an infused Ring of Wealth in the Wilderness, is probably the fastest and cheapest way to obtain a Hard clue.

You should kill the Hellhounds close to the Wilderness lever, and only grab three items and some food.

Elite clues

(20% Chance) Skotizo

In addition to the 100% probability of receiving a Hard hint, skotizo farming offers a 1 in 5 chance of receiving one.

Barrows (3% Chance if all six brothers are killed)

Barrows is a fantastic place to find Elite clue scrolls, and for every brother you kill there, you have a one in 200-chance of finding an Elite clue when you loot the basement chest.

Killing all six brothers results in a 1 in 33 chance of every Barrows run of receiving an Elite hint scroll.

There are a variety of solo-able monsters that you can camp for Elite hints; with the infused Ring of riches, Callisto, Venenatis, and Vet’ion have a 1 in 50 chance of dropping one.

Finally, you can cannon and camp Black dragons in the Revenant caves for a 1 in 250 chance at an Elite clue, which is still fairly common for such a high-tier clue scroll. Vorkath has a 1 in 65 chance of a clue, Zulrah has a 1 in 75 chance, and so on.

High-level wagers in Barbarian Assault are another means to obtain Elites, and if you are proficient and excellent at the game, this is a wonderful approach to acquire clues as there is only a 1 in 15 chance of doing so.

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Implings of the Dragon (1/50 Chance, 15M OSRS GP Cost)

Dragon Implings (1/50 Chance) is the final method for obtaining Elites. This will result in significant OSRS gold loss on your part.

However, opening 50 Dragon implings will take a sizable chunk out of your bank account if you’re looking for a super-quick Elite clue scroll.

Master clues

Master clue scrolls are the final clue in the game, and there are two ways to obtain them throughout the entire game.

Getting them from another clue scroll is the quickest method. The likelihood of finding one varies from Easy to Elite hints.

Easy 1/50 Chance

Medium 1/30 Chance

Hard 1/15 Chance

Elite 1/5 Chance

The second method involves trading Watson, who is found in the Hosidius House, an Easy hint scroll, Medium, Hard, or Elite. After giving him all 4, he will take them all, and you will then get a Master clue scroll.

This is a fantastic way to finish clue scrolls that you are unable or unwilling to complete. If you are a Hardcore Ironman, for instance, and you find a clue scroll in the Wilderness, you can give it to Watson to help with a Master clue before going to find a new clue scroll.

Mimic clue scroll Boss

When you open an Elite or Master clue, it can turn into a mimic casket. This lets you fight the mimic boss for a chance to get some tasty clue scrolls.

The Strange Casket upstairs in Watson’s home is where you must speak to activate the possibility of receiving a mimic casket.

There is no chance of receiving the imitation casket when you open an Elite or Master clue scroll if you choose not to speak to him.


What are the different types of Clues in OSRS?

There are several different types of Clues in Old School RuneScape, including Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, and Master clues. Each type of clue has different requirements and rewards.

How do I start a Clue in OSRS?

To start a Clue in OSRS, you need to obtain a Clue Scroll from various sources, such as monster drops, skilling activities, or Treasure Trail rewards. Once you have a Clue Scroll, you need to follow the clues to reach the final location and receive the reward.

What are the rewards for completing Clues in OSRS?

The rewards for completing Clues in OSRS can range from cosmetic items and emotes to rare and valuable items, such as God Pages, Third Age equipment, and Treasure Trail-exclusive items.

What are the requirements for completing different types of Clues in OSRS?

The requirements for completing different types of Clues vary depending on the difficulty level. Beginner Clues require no requirements, while Easy, Medium, and Hard Clues require specific skills and quests to complete. Elite and Master Clues have the highest requirements, including high-level skills, quests, and combat stats.

How do I increase my chances of receiving Clues in OSRS?

To increase your chances of receiving Clues in OSRS, you can kill monsters that drop Clue Scrolls or engage in skilling activities that have a chance of yielding Clues, such as fishing, woodcutting, or mining. You can also purchase Clue Nests from other players, which contain a random assortment of Clue Scrolls.