5 Best Ways To Level Up Woodcutting in OSRS

There are many places in OSRS where you can cut wood. And there are trees all over the place.

But unless you want to be crazy and cut down every tree, there are a few places that give the most experience, and most players agree that certain places will get you to 99 the fastest.

Woodcutting Training Summary

This OSRS Woodcutting Guide should have helped you learn a few new ways to train woodcutting and some new places to do it.

Woodcutting is a skill in Old School RuneScape that is very relaxing and easy to do while away from your computer. You should always do it while playing on an alt account, watching a movie, or working.

If you want to work hard, the fastest way to get to 99 woodcutting in osrs is to use tick-manipulation on teak trees. Tick editing is hard and takes a lot of clicks, so only a few people can do it. It’s also not easy to learn.

Get the lumberjack outfit as soon as possible from the temple hiking minigame. The 2.5% increase in woodcutting experience will help you a lot, and for just 1 hour of game time, it’s a great deal.

You should also always chop at the woodcutting guild for the silent level boost, unless you’re a free-to-play player or you’re cutting down teak trees.

You can get to 99 woodcutting faster if you wear the lumberjack outfit while cutting wood at the wc club.

If you think the osrs woodcutting book is missing something, please let us know.

Tip: You can use the Woodcutting tool to figure out how much experience you still need and how much money you might make.

OSRS Woodcutting Cape

With the help of this OSRS woodcutting guide, you can get your woodcutting skillcape from Wilfred near the Lumbridge castle once you have reached level 99 in woodcutting.

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The woodcutting skillcape has the following benefits:

When the woodcutting cape is worn, there is a 10% greater chance of getting a bird’s nest.

In old school Runescape, you can’t use the woodcutting cape to move like you can with other skill capes.

So where are these places, and what makes them so great?

Let’s find out right away:

5. Seers’ Village Trees


Seers’ Village is a good place to start if you want to learn how to cut wood.

Behind Seer’s Bank, there is a nice group of maple trees that make it easy to store logs.

This is also true for oak logs, which you won’t be able to cut until you reach Woodcutting level 15.

I really think you should go to this spot early on because your stacked oak logs can be used later to train building. And your maple logs are a great way to learn how to make a fire early on.

There are even a few high-level trees in the area, such as Magic and Yew plants. So, if you can’t get to the Woodcutting Guild, these are a great choice.

Before the guild was made, this was the best place in OSRS to learn how to cut wood.

Where to Find: All over Seers’ Village! There are trees in a variety of areas.

4. Sulliusceps (Fossil Island)

Fossil Island has Sulliusceps, which are some of the fastest wood to cut in OSRS, as long as you don’t use tick manipulation at teaks.

At level 75 in Woodcutting, you can expect to make about 80k experience per hour. At level 90, you can get about 97,000 experience points per hour.

I’d say you should have at least 11 hit points here, because monsters will attack you on your way to the Sulliusceps.

But Sulliusceps are also a great way to get fossils for the Varrock Museum.

When you finish all the items in the museum, you get about 120k experience in any skill.

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This is great because you can get it for free while cutting wood.

You’ll also get numulite, which is Fossil Island’s cash. This can be used for many things, like putting power into the Ancient Wyvern defense.

Where to Find: Found only on Fossil Island. You’ll need to complete the quest Bone Voyage to access the Island.

3. Blisterwood Trees

The Blisterwood Tree is a new piece of material that requires you to complete the “Sins of the Father” quest and have a Woodcutting level of at least 62.

These are a very AFK way to train. All the player has to do is click on the tree every once in a while, and it will stop cutting after a while.

At level 90 in Woodcutting, you can get about 65,000 experience every hour.

You can make this even better by putting the Blisterwood logs on the floor instead of stacking them.

They give average experience in making fire, and I wouldn’t bank them because you can’t trade them.

I also think you should wear the full Vyre outfit so that people in Darkmeyer don’t attack you.

Where to Find: Upper-tier of the Darkmeyer City inside of the Cathedral styled building.

2. Teaks

Teaks can be cut starting at level 35, and if you plan to use tick manipulation, it’s the fastest way to cut wood in the game.

Keep in mind that tick handling requires a lot of clicks and will wear out even the most experienced players.

Only on Fossil Island can you cut wood for 1.5 ticks, if you plant your own trees to cut. It’s hard to learn, and you have to click even more than usual to control ticks.

You’ll also need potions that give you more strength and a lot of run energy.

But with this method, you can often cut two logs at the same time. This can give almost 200k experience per hour at level 90.

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Even if you don’t manipulate ticks, you can still get about 80k experience per hour, which is still great.

Where to Find: Teaks are best chopped on Fossil Island, but you can also chop them near Castle Wars and on Ape Atoll.

1. Redwoods Trees

My favorite trees are redwoods. I did these things from level 90 to level 99.

In OSRS, there are a number of reasons to cut down Redwoods. They are very AFK, which means you can take your time doing them.

They also give you Redwood logs that you can use to make birdhouse runs.

And finally, they give you the best chance of getting a Beaver, which is a pet that can cut wood.

At level 90, you can get about 55,000 to 60,000 experience points per hour. But if you use a Crystal Axe, you can raise this to between 70k and 75k experience per hour.

It will take you about 2 or 3 weeks to get to level 99 in Redwoods. But it’s by far one of the easiest 99s in OSRS, and when you’re done, you can sell the logs for a nice return of a couple million gold.

Where to Find: You can only find Redwoods in two places. The Woodcutting Guild, and one can be grown in the Farming Guild.

Woodcutting FAQs

What is the best Woodcutting Exp per hour?

Doing 2-tick teak trees is the best way to earn 170k per hour cutting wood. This requires a lot of clicks, so most players choose to AFK in redwood trees instead.

What is the best AFK Woodcutting method?

The best way to cut wood while you’re not there is to AFK in the Woodcutting Guild and cut redwood trees. Using this way, you can get up to 65,000 experience per hour.

When is the Forestry Woodcutting update happening?

The game Forestry will come out in the summer of 2023. The first part of the update will be available in June, and the second part will be available in August.