What Are Fossils For & How to Use Them in OSRS?

Fossils are things that can only be found on Fossil Island. They can be used to make displays at the Varrock Museum, to trade with the Fossil Collector for Numulite, or to get prayer experience.

On Fossil Island, you can get fossils by doing many different things. This means killing enemies, fighting the Deranged Archaeologist, and chopping up Sulliusceps.

As of this writing, the fastest way to get fossils is to chop up Sulliusceps.

What Are The Main Uses for Fossils?

Fossils For & How to Use Them in OSRS

Once you have collected all of the fossils, you can put them on show in the Varrock Museum. For this to be finished, you’d need:

  • 70 small fossils
  • 60 medium fossils
  • 25 large fossils
  • 25 plant fossils

For every show you finish, you’ll get 2 Kudos and an experience lamp that you can use to gain experience in any skill you want.

The Fossil Collector will also buy your fossils from you. Depending on the size and value of each fossil, he will pay you between 100 and 500 numulite for each one.

This can also be useful, since Fossil Island uses Numulite as its cash. And it can be a pain to get Numulite in other ways.

You can also take fossils to the Mycelium Pool to make enhanced bones out of them. These aren’t crazy, but they can help you learn how to pray.

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Depending on how small or rare the enhanced bone is, it can give you anywhere from 250 to 2,500 prayer experience.

Last but not least, you can also charge an Ancient Wyvern Shield with rocks.

Using Numulite to charge it is a lot more expensive than this way.

So, if you want to use this shield a lot, you should save all of your fossils for it.


What are fossils in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)?

Fossils in OSRS are collectible items obtained by excavating various dig sites using the skill of Archaeology. These ancient remnants can be traded or donated for rewards, and they play a crucial role in unlocking new areas, restoring ancient artifacts, and progressing through the Archaeology skill.

How do you obtain fossils in OSRS?

Fossils can be obtained through the Archaeology skill by excavating designated dig sites scattered throughout the game world. Players use tools such as mattocks to dig at these sites and have a chance to uncover fossils among other valuable artifacts.

What are fossils used for in OSRS?

Fossils serve multiple purposes in OSRS. They can be turned in at the Varrock Museum in exchange for rewards, such as experience lamps and special fossils. Fossils are also essential for restoring ancient artifacts, which can be done at the Archaeology Guild. Restoring artifacts grants experience and unlocks new content and features within the skill.

Are there different types of fossils in OSRS?

Yes, there are various types of fossils in OSRS, each representing different prehistoric creatures or items. These include plant fossils, ancient animal fossils, rare fossils, and special fossils. Each type has its own significance and value, and some may be more sought after or have specific uses in certain quests or activities.