8 Best Places To Cook in OSRS? (F2P + P2P)

It’s just as important to find a place to cook your food as it is to find food.

You can use grills, ranges, and fires all over OSRS to get your food ready to eat.

But where is the best place to go when you want to cook a lot of food at once?

You want to be able to cook as many things as possible and be in an easy-to-reach place.

Fish is the most popular thing to cook because it heals a lot of hitpoints and is easy to catch.

So let’s take a look at where you can cook fish and cakes quickly and easily.

8. Catherby

Catherby is a coastal town located northeast of Camelot.

It features a range near its bank, which makes it a popular spot for cooking.

It’s particularly convenient for players who fish in Catherby and want to cook their freshly caught fish.

7. Nardah

Nardah is a small town in the desert located south of Pollnivneach.

It has a bank and a range nearby, making it a convenient location for cooking.

The bank is just a short distance away, allowing for quick access to ingredients and banking.

6. Neitiznot

The island of Neitiznot, accessible via the Fossil Island barge, has a cooking area near its bank.

This spot offers a range and a fire close to each other, allowing you to cook efficiently.

It’s less crowded compared to other popular cooking areas, making it a good choice for uninterrupted cooking.

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5. Lumbridge Kitchen Range


This is a great place to start cooking, both F2P and P2P.

This range has a skill that slows down the rate at which you burn food, which is very helpful at lower levels.

The stove is also called the Cook-o-matic 100, so that’s something.

Most of the fish you can cook here is low-level fish.

Here’s an example of how the lower burn rate can work: Normally, trout stops burning at level 49, but it would stop burning at level 47 on this range.

To use this range, you must help the Lumbridge Head Chef and finish the quest Cook’s Assistant.

This is a very simple quest that you should do as soon as you get your account.

If you use this range, you can cook up to 1,120 fish per hour.

Where To Find: Lumbridge Castle First Floor inside the kitchen.

4. Cooking Guild

Once you reach level 99 in cooking or finish the Varrock Hard Diary, you can use the cooking guild bank. This makes the range here very useful.

Still, it takes a long time to get your food to 99. So, you might not find this place as useful until you gain more experience.

But this is one of the few free-to-play groups, so it’s a good idea to save it.

Even better, the stove is right next to the bank, so you can cook and do your banking in just a few steps.

Chefs with at least level 32 cooking can join the guild. To get there, you’d use a teleporting skills collar.

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In this spot, you can cook up to 1,377 fish per hour.

Don’t forget to wear your chef’s hat when you come in!

Where To Find: Located just outside Varrock west bank on the way to Barbarian Village.

3. Rogues’ Den

As the only fire on this list, the Rogues’ den is the closest to a bank, which is only one tile away.

Also, the fire is endless, so it will never go out.

Since this is a fire, you can only cook meat or fish. But this is usually fine, since most people cook fish when they want to level up in OSRS.

You can cook up to 1,388 fish here per hour, which is one of the most in the game when everything is working at its best.

Since this is a fire, you won’t get the same benefits from burning food as you would at a range.

Where To Find: You’ll find the Rogue’s Den under the pub in Burthorpe. Take the secret ladder behind the counter to reach this area.

2. Myths’ Guild

It’s hard to get into the Myths’ Guild.

It needs Dragon Slayer II to be finished (have fun). But if you can get in, you can use one of the best ranges in OSRS.

This range is similar to the Rogues’ Den in that it is only one tile away from a bank chest on the second floor of the club.

Because of this, you can cook up to 1,388 fish per hour here.

You’ll also get all the benefits of using a range, which sets this choice apart from the Rogues’ Den.

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This means you’ll waste less food, giving you more money.

And this might be the best place to cook at level 99.

Where To Find: In the Myths Guild on the second floor.

1. Hosidius House Kitchen

This is the best place to be while you’re still learning to cook, because the ovens here reduce your burn rate by 5%, and the effect stacks with cooking gauntlets.

Once you finish the Kourend and Kebos Elite diary, this effect goes up to 10%.

There is also a bank box here that is in a good spot and will help you cook a lot of food.

At the moment, you can cook up to 1,333 fish per hour here. Which is just a little worse than some of the above choices, but this spot has the added benefit of making sure you don’t burn as much food.

So this must be the best place to go if you want to make money and gain experience instead of trying to beat the clock.

To use the ovens here, you’ll need 100% Hosidius House favor.

Where To Find: Located in the Hosidius house, just east of the mess hall. Any easy way to get here is to use a Xeric Talisman teleport to the Glade!