18 Best PvM Drops in Old School RuneScape

Most people train fighting in OSRS so they can do PvM.

And, of course, we do PvM to get the cool stuff!

There are a lot of different bosses, and they all drop different things that can help your account or even make you very rich.

So, what are the best PvM drops to go after?

Let’s look at some of the best ones there are.

18. Seercull

Best PvM Drops in Old School RuneScape

A mud battlestaff is an elemental staff made of mud. When equipped, it gives you an unlimited number of water and earth runes and the choice to autocast.

To use it, you need 30 Attack and 30 Magic. The mystic mud staff is an even better option. It gives better stat bonuses for both melee and magic.

Curse spells are best cast with a mud battlestaff because almost all of them use both water and earth runes.

The only way to get the staff is if it falls from Dagannoth Prime.

17. Mud Battlestaff

A mud battlestaff is an elemental staff made of mud. When equipped, it gives you an unlimited number of water and earth runes and the choice to autocast.

To use it, you need 30 Attack and 30 Magic. The mystic mud staff is an even better option. It gives better stat bonuses for both melee and magic.

Curse spells are best cast with a mud battlestaff because almost all of them use both water and earth runes.

The only way to get the staff is if it falls from Dagannoth Prime.

16. Dragon Axe

The crystal axe, which is its straight upgrade, is the strongest and fastest axe in the game.

The dragon axe is tied for second place with the 3rd age axe in terms of strength and speed.

It is 10% better than the rune axe at cutting logs.

It’s an axe, so it’s both a weapon and a tool.

You need 60 Attack to use it as a weapon, and 61 Woodcutting to use it as a tool.

The special attack can be used to cut wood with the axe starting at level 58, as long as the player has 60 Attack and can use the axe.

15. Archers Ring

One of the best rings for range is first on our list. It has a bonus of +4 range attack and defense.

At the Nightmare Zone, the ring can be imbued to double these effects, up to a maximum of +8.

Note that this ring is often used for PvM and Slayer jobs, such as against the Alchemical Hydra and Kree’arra.

How to Get: Dropped from Dagannoth Supreme, one of the Dagannoth Kings at a rate of 1/128.

14. Primordial Crystal

The Primordial Boots, which are good for close combat, are made with this rock.

You need to have level 60 Runecrafting and a pair of Dragon Boots to make the boots.

When you mix the crystal with the boots, you’ll have a brand-new pair of primordial boots.

This crystal drop is worth a huge 25m as well. So these are a great thing to go after if you want to make money.

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How to Get: This is only dropped by the slayer boss Cerberus. To face Cerberus you’ll need level 91 slayer and a hellhound task. The crystal drops at a rate of 1/512.

13. Berserker Ring

This is another ring that the DKS drop, just like the Archers Ring. It is the best fighting ring in its slot.

The Berserker Ring gives a +4 boost to physical strength, and if you imbued it in the Nightmare Zone, you could boost it even more to +8.

This is used in almost every melee-based activity and is usually only switched out when defense is a problem.

You can hit harder with this ring, which makes it a must-have for attack builds.

How to Get: Only dropped by Dagannoth Rex, one of the Dagannoth Kings, at a rate of 1/128. Rex can be safe spotted making the fight very easy.

12. Zamorakian Spear

Here is a stick that is used all over OSRS and is very strong.

The Zammy Spear is worth about 14m and is the best tool for the Corporeal Beast in its slot.

It also has a lot of uses because it is the main part needed to make the Zammy Hasta and the Dragon Hunter Lance, which are both the best weapons for their slots.

Because of this, its market value has stayed pretty high.

How to Get: You can get yourself a Zammy Spear from K’ril in the God War Dungeons. He drops this at a rate if 1/128 which isn’t too bad. I recommend fighting him while on a Greater Demon slayer task.

11. Blade of Saeldor

Next on our list is the Blade of Saeldor, which is the best single-handed slashing weapon in the game.

The blade is worth a huge 73m, so it’s worth it to go after this drop if you can handle it.

The +94 cut bonus on the Blade of Saeldor is great for things like Theatre of Blood and Thermonuclear Smoke Devils.

For the blade to work well, you’ll need to change it into its damaged form, which costs 1000 crystal shards.

This form that has been changed doesn’t get worse over time.

Because it can take a long time to get crystal shards, many players choose to use the Ghrazi Rapier instead.

How to Get: You can get blade this as a 1/400 drop from the very challenging Corrupted Gauntlet, or as a 1/2000 drop from the regular Gauntlet. Trying the Gauntlet first requires that you complete the grandmaster quest Song of the Elves.

10. Trident of the Seas

The Trident of the Seas is not the most valuable thing on this list, like some of the others.

But it is one of the best magic weapons in its place in OSRS.

The trident has a built-in magic trick that needs fire chaos runes, death runes, and a few coins to make it work.

And this spear is very strong. At level 99, it can hit 28s without any bonuses, and 34s with all bonuses.

Because of this, the trident is very useful for how cheap it is.

It’s often used for barrows and other magic-based events, like Chambers of Xeric.

How to Get: Get this at level 87 slayer from cave krakens, or the Kraken boss! The drop rate is 1/200 and 1/512 respectively, with the normal krakens dropping an uncharged trident and the boss dropping a fully charged one.

9. Tanzanite Fang

One of the most useful things in OSRS is the Tanzanite Fangs.

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A skilled adventurer can make a Toxic Blowpipe with the right amount of fletching. This is one of the best DPS weapons in the game.

A great thing about the teeth is:

If you already have a blowpipe, you can take it apart for 20,000 scales. You can actually charge your Toxic Blowpipe with these.

The fang is also worth about 2.5 million gold, making it a nice drop if you just want to get more gold.

How to Get: Dropped from Zulrah at rate of 2x 1/1024. The drop rate is like this because there are two rolls on the drop table, meaning two chances per single kill. To fight Zulrah you must have completed the Regicide quest.

8. Dragon Warhammer

The Dragon Warhammer is worth a huge 39m because it is one of the best PvM special weapons in OSRS.

Because its special move can be used anywhere in the game.

If you make just one hit with the Dragon Warhammer’s special attack, the target’s defense will drop by 30%.

This only takes up 50% of the special bar, so you can use it again and again.

Chambers of Xeric, God War Dungeon, and Theatre of Blood are all places where the DWH is often used. It’s an important tool for any serious PvM player to have.

How to Get: Getting this warhammer can be extremely tedious. It’s only dropped by Lizardman Shamans at a ridiculous rate of 1/5k (0.02%).

7. Zenyte Shards

Some of the best jewelry in the game, like the Tormented Bracelet, Amulet of Torture, Necklace of Anguish, and Ring of Suffering, are made from Zenyte Shards.

All of these things are among the most powerful you can get, and you can use them in both PvM and PvP.

Because of this, each Zenyte Shard sells for about 9m. Which, if you sell them, will add a good amount of gold to your bank.

How to Get: Once you’ve completed Monkey Madness II you’ll gain access to Demonic Gorillas in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Demonic Gorillas drop Zenyte Shards at a rate of 1/300 which is quite decent.

6. Ancestral Robes Set

These amazing robes are worth more than 131 million dollars all together.

So, these are some of the most expensive clothes by a long shot!

The top of the robe, the bottom of the robe, and the hat make up the set.

If you wear them, they give you a very high magic defense and attack, but you need level 75 magic and level 65 defenses to put them on.

People often use family items in high-risk PvP, against Zulrah, in the Chambers of Xeric, and against the Kraken boss.

Your max hit will also go up quite a bit because of the clothes. And should be a top goal for anyone who wants to use magic seriously.

How to Get: Obtainable as rare drops from the Chambers of Xeric.

5. Armadyl Armour

It’s time to look at some really strong long-range armor!

The Armadyl set is worth a total of 64 million gold pieces. To use it, you must have reached level 70 in both range and defense.

The armor also has great range attack boosts and magic defenses that are very high.

So, the armor can be used for things like the Fight Caves, the Inferno, the Hydra, Zulrah, and the Chambers of Xerics. It can also be used in the Wilderness to tank magic users.

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How to Get: Obtainable from Kree’arra at a rate of 1/128 per armour item. Her bodyguards can also drop this armour but that’s a very high drop rate of 1/16,129 (0.006%).

4. Bandos Armour

Here’s something for the books.

The best in terms of fighting bonus and strength bonus!

At the time this was written, the price of the whole set was 55m. This is made up of the chestplate, the tassets, and the boots, though the boots are rarely worn because they are mostly for defense.

Both the tassets and the chestplate give +2 to strength and +4 to strength, which is great for improving max hit.

Just remember that you’ll need a defense level of at least 65 to wear this strong armor.

How to Get: Obtainable from General Graador at a rate of 1/128 per item. His bodyguards can also drop this armour at a much rarer drop rate of 1/16129 (0.006%).

3. Elysian Sigil

The Elysian Sigil is a very valuable drop because it is used to make the most powerful defense offhand shield in all of OSRS.

It’s worth a huge 1,070m, which is more than one billion gp!

This price makes it one of the most expensive drops you can get from PvM.

It is used to make the Elysian Spirit Shield, which has a 70% chance of lowering all damage taken by 25%.

This is, of course, very useful for tanking, and very wealthy players use it for things like the Inferno.

How to Get: An extremely rare drop from the powerful Corporeal Beast at a high drop rate of 1/4095.

2. Scythe of Vitur

Here’s one more very powerful weapon. The Scythe of Vitur is by a very wide measure the best DPS melee weapon in OSRS.

It’s worth about 560m because it’s hard to find and strong.

Why so popular?

Well, it can hit up to three enemies at once, as long as they are all within a 13 box range. This weapon can also hit a big monster three times in one game tick.

So this scythe is great for bosses like Verzik and Bandos who are big.

Just keep in mind that you need at least level 75 attack and strength to use this great tool.

How to Get: Obtainable as a very rare drop from the Theatre of Blood.

1. Twisted Bow

The very rare Twisted Bow takes the top spot!

It’s worth a whopping 1,068m, which makes this bow and the Elysian Sigil the most expensive drops from PvM.

To use it, you need to be at least level 75 in range, and it can shoot any kind of shot, even dragon arrows.

The bow can hit from a distance of +70 and has a passive effect. Depending on your enemy’s magic level, the passive effect lets you hit harder.

The more powerful their magic, the harder you can hit.

This means that you can hit 70s and 80s very often on some monsters.

So the Twisted Bow is often used in raids, the God War Dungeon, the Hydra, and the Giant Mole.

Overall, this thing is very helpful throughout the whole game.

How to Get: This is the rarest obtainable drop from the Chambers of Xeric, and is on the mega rare drop table. It drops at a roughly a 1/1k – 1.5k drop rate.