What’s The Best Master Farmer Location in OSRS?

The best places for a Master Farmer to take are in the Farming Guild or in the market in Draynor Village.

You can trap the Farming Guild Master Farmer in a small 3×3 tile area near the Celastrus farming patch. This means you’ll have to click a lot less and pay a lot less attention.

That place is also close to a bank, which is helpful if you need to get food or seeds from the bank. Here is also where the seed vault is, if you want to put your seeds in it right away.

Just keep in mind that to use the Farming Guild well, you need to be at least level 85 farming. However, you can do this area with less efficiency starting at level 45 farming.

If you can’t get into the Farming Guild, Draynor Village Market is another great choice.

This is because there is a bank nearby and a store where you can buy wine to heal yourself if you’ve been hurt.

Note: You can’t steal from Martin the Master Farmer here because it takes two clicks. You should instead pickpocket the Master Farmer who walks around the Draynor Village market.

Master Farmer

Why Pickpocket Master Farmers?

People often steal high-level plants from Master Farmers, which can be sold for a lot of money.

Even more money can be made if you use the Rouge Set, which gives you twice as many seeds for every steal!

If you want to find these master farmers, you should also wear a Cape of Thieving Skill or have finished the Ardougne Hard Diary. This will make it more likely for you to get away with pickpocketing.

Also, if you want to start pickpocketing Master Farmers, you’ll need at least level 38 in stealing.

Depending on how good you are at stealing, you can earn anywhere from 130k to 1.2m per hour.

But either way, this is a very good way to make money in OSRS, and if you can join the Farming Guild, you should steal from the Master Farmer there.


Where is the best Master Farmer location in OSRS?

The best Master Farmer location in OSRS is generally considered to be Draynor Village. The Master Farmer can be found in the vegetable patch north of Draynor Village Market. This location offers easy access to a bank, making it convenient for banking the seeds obtained from pickpocketing.

Are there any alternative Master Farmer locations in OSRS?

Yes, there are a few alternative locations for the Master Farmer in OSRS. Some players prefer to pickpocket the Master Farmer at Ardougne Market due to its proximity to a bank. However, this location is often more crowded compared to Draynor Village. Other alternatives include the Hosidius House in Great Kourend or the Thieves’ Guild, but these locations may not be as convenient for banking.

What level Thieving is required to pickpocket the Master Farmer in OSRS?

To pickpocket the Master Farmer in OSRS, you need a Thieving level of 38 or higher. Prior to reaching level 38, you can train your Thieving skill on lower-level NPCs or complete Thieving quests to level up.

What are the potential rewards from pickpocketing the Master Farmer in OSRS?

When pickpocketing the Master Farmer, you have a chance to receive various seeds as loot. These seeds can range from common herbs and vegetables to more valuable tree seeds, herb seeds, or even the elusive Ranarr seed. The higher your Thieving level, the better your chances of receiving valuable seeds.