Top 3 Darts For A Blowpipe in OSRS

One of the best tools in OSRS is the toxic Blowpipe.

It has a very high DPS, can poison its targets, and fires quickly.

The Toxic Blowpipe would be OSRS’s machine gun if it had one. The main thing that this blowpipe can do is shoot darts.

There are a lot of them, too.

But with the blowpipe, which dart works best?

With so many choices and types of blowpipes, it’s always important to use the right dart in the right place.

What Is The Toxic Blowpipe?

Top 3 Darts For A Blowpipe in OSRS

The Toxic Blowpipe is a strong two-handed dart (not bolt) weapon used in both PVP and PVM.

It has one of the fastest attack speeds in the game, which makes it a deadly tool to use in the Duel Arena and when bossing.

The DPS of the Blowpipe is great because it has a 25% chance of poisoning an opponent. So, the Toxic Blowpipe is one of the best weapons you can get in OSRS if you want a strong one.

  • Attack Bonuses:
    • +30 Ranged
    • +20 Ranged Strength
    • 3 Attack Speed
    • 5 Ranged Strength

The fighting styles have a big effect on the Toxic Blowpipe because they can make it more accurate, do more damage, or move farther away.

Each attack style is different, so you’ll have to use your best sense to choose which one to use in a fight.

  • Accurate: Makes the character hit harder and hit more accurately. You will hit more slowly, but you will splash less often to make up for it. This is the best way to attack if you want to do as many hits as possible.
  • Rapid: If you use the rapid attack style, your shooting speed will go up by one tick. So, if you use this style, you can get more DPS. But this way of attack doesn’t focus on accuracy, so you will miss more than with the other two.
  • Long-Range: This attack style will add two tiles to your range. It’s great for safely spotting enemies when you need more distance to fight them. You’ll also get more experience in Ranged, Defense, and Hitpoints.
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Also, the design team did a great job making the Blowpipe look good. They wanted to make a weapon that looked old-fashioned but felt new.

The possible weapon made of dragon darts looks scary and looks like the boss Zulrah.

Best Darts For A Blowpipe

So let’s look at my top choices and how they can be used.

3. Adamant Darts

The first item on this list is the Adamant Dart, which I would say is the lowest level dart you should ever use with your Toxic Blowpipe.

Their range attack is +11 and their range strength is +10. Players who don’t have much money should use this dart, or it can be used for general tasks like Slayer Tasks.

The darts only cost about 97 coins each, which is a very reasonable price for ammo at this level for most accounts.

So you’ll still get pretty high scores without going broke.

Most people who use these darts are in the middle to high level range or are on a tight budget.

You can only buy these at the Grand Exchange or make them yourself.

2. Rune Darts

Rune Darts, which I think are the best for bossing and slaying if you can pay for them, are another good choice for this list.

These cost 964 coins each, while Adamant darts only cost 97 coins each.

So each shot costs a lot of money.

Rune Darts, on the other hand, have a +15 range attack and a +14 strength bonus, which makes them a lot more useful and a lot stronger than Adamant Darts.

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I would definitely use these in Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood, where DPS is very important.

In the end, experts and better players who can afford them use these the most.

You can only buy these at the Grand Exchange or make them yourself.

1. Dragon Darts

The last pick is the very powerful Dragon Darts, which are also the most powerful darts in all of OSRS.

They have an attack range of +18 and a range strength bonus of +20, which makes them much better than Rune Darts.

They are much more expensive, though.

How much is that?

Almost 2.4k per shot!

Because of the crazy price, they aren’t very useful because you’ll spend a lot of money on them.

I think you should use these for the hardest parts of the game, like Inferno or bosses you’re having trouble killing.

Dragon Darts are a great way for experts to improve their PBs when they are trying to kill bosses quickly.

You can buy the dart tips on the Grand Exchange or get them from some Implings, some boxes, and some bosses.