12 Best Player House Locations in Old School RuneScape

Construction is one of the best OSRS useful skills because owning a home has a lot of advantages.

Houses are places where you can hang out and relax, but they can also be used to teleport, store your things, train, and keep your pets.

In OSRS, there are a total of 8 Player House Locations but i have mentioned 12 here, and each one has its own perks.

The best place to play will depend a lot on how you play and what your goals are.

So let’s look at the best places in the game to put your house.

12. Edgeville

Edgeville is a popular choice for players who frequently engage in player-versus-player combat or wilderness activities.

It is located near the Wilderness, and the nearby amulet of glory teleport offers quick access to the Edgeville bank.

11. Al Kharid

Al Kharid is a suitable location for players who want quick access to a bank and a range of skilling activities.

It is close to the Al Kharid mine, where players can mine gold and other ores.

The location also provides easy access to the desert, making it convenient for various quests and activities.

10. Ardougne

Ardougne is a convenient location for players who frequently engage in thieving activities.

It is close to various thieving stalls, the market, and the Ardougne farming patches.

The Ardougne teleport lever also provides quick access to the Wilderness.

9. Canifis

Canifis is an ideal choice for players who are engaged in the Slayer skill.

It is located near the Slayer Tower, which is home to numerous Slayer creatures.

The area also offers quick access to the fairy ring network.

8. Brimhaven

Construction is one of the best OSRS utility skills because owning a home has many perks.

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You can kick back and relax in a house, but you can also use it to teleport, store your things, train, and keep your pets.

In OSRS, there are a total of 8 house sites, and each one has its own advantages.

Choosing the right spot will depend a lot on how you play and what your goals are.

So let’s take a look at the best places in the game where you could put your house.

7. Taverley

The island of Karamja is a pretty cool place to get away from the rest of Old School RuneScape. It looks like a tropical jungle, so it’s a good place for a vacation.

Putting your house in this area is best for adventurers who want to work on quest lines in the Karamja area or go deeper into the Brimhaven Dungeon.

There are a lot of slayer monsters in that cave, but the most dangerous ones are the metal dragons, up to and including Steel Dragons.

The site is also close to a place to farm, which makes it easier to go to the farm.

Overall, Brimhaven is at the bottom of the list because it gets easier to get there once you get the fairy rings and Karamja gloves (3).

6. Pollnivneach

Deep in the Desert, south of the Shanty Pass, this place to live is best for people who like it dry and dusty.

You will be in the northern part of Pollnivneach, which is a town with a lot of things to do.

Just outside the house portal, you can practice speed on the roof and learn to steal, which you can do with your blackjack.

Nearby is also the Smoke Dungeon and carpet rides for quick journey across the desert.

This is one of the places with the best location, since there aren’t many ways to teleport in the desert.

5. Hosidius

This building is on the island of Zeah, which makes it quick and easy to get to the island. Even more so since there aren’t many teleports to this area in the early and middle game.

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Low-level adventurers will find that this housing location has the closest teleport to Sand Crabs. This makes it a very desirable choice, since getting there by other means can take a long time.

You will also be able to use the Hosidius farming patch, which is close by.

If you want to start seeing more of Zeah, this is a great place to stay. At least until you’ve gained more things on the island that make it easier to get around.

4. Prifddinas

This is the newest place to live in OSRS, and to get in, you have to meet some really high level standards.

It needs a unique construction level of 70, as well as the Song of the Elves master quest to be done.

The Iorwerth Dungeon, Zalcano, The Gauntlet, rooftop agility, and other great things are easy to get to from this housing spot.

The elf city is also beautiful from an artistic point of view. From a RuneScape point of view, this place looks great.

3. Yanille

Yanille, especially World 330, is a popular place for house parties, and it’s often full of people using other players’ nice homes.

If you go to Yanille, you’ll be in an area with a lot of quests, which will make it easy for you to get to other places faster.

Yanille is also home to Nightmare Zone. And having easy access to this in the early game, when you’re still working on imbuing your rings and slayer helmet, can be very helpful.

Lastly, if you choose to live in Yanille, the wizard’s club is right next door. This is a good place to get runes and a way to get to the Rune Essence mine.

2. Rellekka

Rellekka, the Viking-style town in the northern part of OSRS, is my personal favorite place on this list.

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There aren’t many places to move to in this area.

So if you have a house here, you can quickly get to the area. This is only really useful if you are doing one of the close things.

From this spot, it will be easy for adventurers to get to Vorkath, Basilisk Knights, and DKS, which is great for those who want high-level PvM content.

You can also find the Rellekka slayer cave east of the house portal if you need to do those jobs.

All of the beaches have rock crabs, which are popular with lower classes.

In terms of skills, there is rooftop agility, the Trollweiss hunter area to the north-east, and mine. Not to mention that there are a lot of things to do in the area.

Overall, Rellekka is a good place to live if you’re not sure where to go.

1. Rimmington

This area should be your first choice if you want to train construction, which is a big part of where your house should be.

There is a non-player character (NPC) named Phials in the general store who will exchange your noted things for you. This is a great place to go if you want to unmark bones for prayer training.

Phials will also help you unmark planks, which will make training in building a little less boring.

This is also the easiest place to get to out of all your houses, since you only need level 1 in construction to get there. When it comes to house parties in world 330, this spot is much more famous than Yanille.

This place is also used by a lot of people in PvP worlds.

And many risk fights happen right outside the portal, which is useful because players can quickly go back to their homes to regain their stats between fights.