15 Best Stab Weapons in Old School RuneScape

Sometimes, stabbing a monster in the heart is the only way to kill it for good.

Some of the stab weapons in Old School RuneScape are very strong and will come in handy when fighting things that are easy to stab, like Dragons, Vasa, and even the Corporeal Beast.

So let’s look at some of the best stab weapons you might want to add to your OSRS collection.

Just in case you want to kill some dragons the next time you feel like it.

15. Infernal Pickaxe

When you have Mining Level 61, you can use the Infernal Pickaxe, which is a unique type of weapon.

You can stab and crush your enemies with this weapon and do about medium damage to them.

To make this weapon, you need the Smithing skill at level 85 and a few specific items to use as smithing materials.

14. Adamant Spear

In Old School RuneScape, you can find an adamant spear almost anywhere in the world.

You can do medium damage to your enemies with this spear, and you can also use it to stab them.

Before you can make an Adamant Spear, you need to train your character in the Barbarian Smithing skill.

13. Steel Sword

The Steel Sword is a common weapon in Old School RuneScape.

It has the Stab and Slash attack types. It’s a steel weapon that’s stronger than the normal Iron Sword.

When your character gets to Attack Level 5, you can use this weapon.

This means you can use it early in the game.

12. Rune Dagger

Rune Dagger is an Old School RuneScape stabbing weapon made of Rune.

When your Smithing level is 85, you can make this weapon by using a Runite Bar.

This is one of the strongest daggers you can find in this game.

11. Wolfbane

Wolfbane is an OSRS dagger that can be used to heal stab damage.

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It is a special dagger that you can use to save the people of Canifis from turning into werewolves and attacking you.

You can stop them from changing with this dagger. You can attack by stabbing or slashing.

10. Rune Sword

Even though the Rune Sword is a medium-level sword, it is the best stab weapon for non-Members in its slot.

And it has every right to be on this list!

With a +38 stab bonus, it’s better than a Rune Dagger and only equal to the Rune Scimitar in terms of Slash.

This weapon is worth it even if you aren’t a member or are just getting started in the member worlds.

This weapon can be made by a player with a high Smithing level of 89, or it can be dropped by a variety of monsters.

9. Keris

Keris is a very unique weapon with a +40 stab bonus that doesn’t look like much.

So, you might be wondering why it’s on this list at all.

Well, my friends, Keris does an extra 33% damage to all Kalphites, and when it randomly punctures their exoskeletons, it can cause triple damage.

Because of this, the Keris can sometimes hit very high, which makes it a very good weapon for hunting Kalphites.

How to Get It: The hard quest “Contact!” gives you Keris as a reward.

8. Dragon Spear

The stab bonus of Dragon Spears is +55.

Which isn’t a bad thing.

But this is not the main reason why people usually use this spear.

The “Shove” effect of the Dragon Spear temporarily pushes an opponent back and stuns them.

This has been used a lot in the Wilderness to lure and stun people into areas with multiple fights. Usually, the player gets lured, gets hit, and loses their items.

Be wary of people in the Wilderness who have this weapon.

This is a rare drop from the “Rare drop table,” and Brutal Black Dragons also drop it.

7. Dragon Dagger

The Dragon Dagger is a popular weapon among low-risk Pkers. It is also called a DDS.

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It’s worth very little gold, but it’s a very powerful weapon.

The DDS has a +40 stab bonus, but because of its special effect, it is usually used as a “Knock Out” weapon in Pking.

The “Puncture” special for the DDS lets the player deal two hits at once while only using 25% of the special bar.

Also, the special lets you improve your accuracy by 15% and do 15% more damage.

If everything goes right, the DDS special can hit up to 96 times, and each hit would do 48 damage.

And that’s only with 25% of the special bar used.

How to Get It: This item can be dropped by a number of things or bought from a store in Zanaris.

6. Guthan’s Warspear

With a +85 stab bonus, the Guthans Warspear is the second most accurate spear in the whole game.

Even though the Warspear is a pretty strong weapon on its own, it really shines when it is combined with the rest of the Guthans set, which turns on its passive effect.

The full set has a 25% chance of healing the user by the same amount of damage it just did to the enemy.

So, if you roll a 21, it will heal you 21 Hitpoints.

This effect might be one of the best in the whole game, since it gets rid of the need for food in a lot of fights and lets you go on longer trips, sometimes even forever.

How to Get It: This item is a rare drop from the minigame Barrows.

5. Abyssal Dagger

The Abyssal Dagger is the best dagger in OSRS. It can be used with one hand and is very fast.

The dagger has the same special effect as the Dragon Dagger, but it doesn’t make you more accurate or do more damage.

This means that it is a stronger weapon in general, but its special attacks can’t hit as high as the Dragon Dagger’s.

At the moment, the dagger is mostly used by pures who want to get stronger.

You can get it from the Abyssal sire or very rarely (1/16000) from Abyssal demons.

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4. Zamorakian Spear

The Zamorakian Spear is the best spear in OSRS. It has a +85 stab bonus and many other high stats, such as a good crush and slash bonus.

It can move as fast as daggers and is faster than Guthan’s Spear.

But this spear really shines at Corporeal Beast, where it is needed to kill the boss.

K’ril Tsutsaroth will drop it in the God War Dungeon.

3. Zamorakian Hasta

As a changed Zamorakian spear, this weapon is the same as its brother in every way except that it can only be used with one hand.

This makes it almost always better than its brother, except when fighting Corp.

You can’t say enough about how useful this weapon is.

It is a real weapon that can be used to cut, stab, and crush.

Everyone who goes on adventures will want to have at least one of these.

How to Get: Bring a Zamorakian Spear to Otto in Otto’s Grotto. For a fee, Otto will turn it into a hasta.

2. Dragon Hunter Lance

This may be an old trope, but this is an upgraded Zamorakian Hasta with almost the same stats…

Its prayer and strength bonuses have been taken away, though.

In exchange, when you fight dragons, your damage and accuracy go up by a huge 20%.

This makes the Dragon Hunter Lance the best weapon in its slot for fighting Olm in the Chambers of Xeric and most other dragon enemies in the game.

To get this powerful weapon, attach a Hydra’s Claw to a Zamorakian Hasta.

1. Ghrazi Rapier

With a +94 stab bonus and a +89 strength bonus, this rapier is the best stabbing weapon in all of Old School.

It will pretty much destroy anything weak enough to stab.

This weapon is also tied with the Inquisitor’s Mace and the Blade of Saeldor for best general-use melee weapon.

The Ghrazi Rapier is very useful for killing bosses and other enemies because it can’t be broken and is very powerful.

This rare drop comes from the Theater of Blood.