18 Best Rings in Old School Runescape

OSRS has a lot of different options for the ring slot.

There are rings for skilling, fighting, and even making jokes. There’s a ring that really does turn you into a rock.

Some of these rings are so good that they’re crazy. So much so that you couldn’t do certain things well without them!

This means that the ring slot is a very important part of your character’s build.

You should never leave your ring slot empty, no matter what class you’re playing.

Before you choose any ring to put in your ring slot, you should know which ones are the best and what other benefits they can give you besides making your attack or defense better.

18. Ring of Charos

The ring of Charos is given to you when you pickpocket Dr. Fenkenstrain during the Creature of Fenkenstrain task.

By doing part of the Garden of Tranquility task, the ring can be turned into a ring of charos.

If you lose it, you can get it back by pickpocketing Dr. Fenkenstrain on the top floor of Fenkenstrain’s Castle or, if you have started The Great Brain Robbery, in the bottom of Harmony Island’s windmill.

If you turned it on before you lost it, it will still be on when you get it back.

17. Beacon Ring

The What Lies Below Quest uses a ring called a signal ring. It can be bought from Zaff and used during the quest to call him back.

If a player loses this ring, they can get it back for free from Zaff.

This makes it a free option to the Seers’ ring, though its magic attack stat is much lower.

The numbers are the same as the Lunar ring, but it has one less Magic defense.

16. Lunar Ring

The lunar ring is a piece of equipment worn in the ring slot that is used on the moon. During the moon Diplomacy quest, players can get the moon ring.

Selene, who is near the center of the Lunar Isle, will tell players where to find it by telling them a riddle. A player must take a spade and walk from the south side of the town to the east until they reach a bridge.

The player must then dig on top of a blue flower that is on the other side of the bridge. After a player has finished the quest, they can also buy the moon ring from the Oneiromancer.

It has the same magical attack bonus as the Beacon ring, which is the third best of all rings after the Seers ring and its imbued version.

15. Ring of Wealth (i)

The Ring of Wealth infused is a really cool little ring.

It doesn’t improve your numbers, but it does a lot of other cool things.

When you wear it, it will instantly pick up any coins or numulite that enemies drop and put them in your inventory.

When imbued, it also makes it twice as likely that a clue scroll will drop when you are in the woods.

This can be a great way to get hard clues from Hellhounds.

This ring also makes it easier to get better items from the rare drop table when it’s rolled randomly.

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Lastly, there are four built-in teleports that can take you to The Grand Exchange, Falador Park, Donakan, and Miscellania.

How to Get: You‘ll need to craft a Dragonstone ring and imbue it. This requires level 68 magic and 55 crafting.

14. Ring of Life

This ring, which is almost always worn by Hardcore Ironmen, might do what the name says… save your life!

If your health goes below 10% while you’re wearing this ring, it will automatically take you back to where you started.

But this won’t work if you’re above 10% health and get hit for all of your hitpoints, so be careful!

This teleport won’t work above wilderness level 30, or if you’re teleblocked. And once the impact of the ring is used, it will break into pieces.

How to Get: A quest reward from completing “The lost tribe”. Or you can craft and enchant a diamond ring, requiring level 57 magic and 43 crafting.

13. Celestial Ring

This is pretty much the newest ring in OSRS, and it’s also the first F2P ring on this list.

The Celestial Ring gives you a +4 level Mining boost that is unseen and works anywhere you wear it.

On any rock, the ring has a 1/10 chance of giving you an extra metal, up to adamant. This doesn’t work, though, at Motherload mine. So the only boost you’ll get here is for farming.

If you have at least level 70 in Crafting and Smithing, you can also combine the Celestial Ring with an Elven Signet to get the benefits of the signet.

How to Get: Buy this from Susuri’s Star Dust Shop for 2k stardust.

12. Ring of the Gods (i)

This ring in the ring spot has the best prayer bonus in the whole game.

It gives a huge +8 bonus to prayer and also has the benefits of a holy wrench.

The only other safety it gives is a +1 to all defensive stats, which isn’t much.

The ring is mostly used by people who want to get the most out of their prayer bonus, and only on builds with a lot of prayer.

How to Get: A drop from Vet’tion. You can then imbue it at Soul Wars or Nightmare Zone.

11. Granite Ring (i)

Granite Rings are meant to be medium-level rings with +4 basic defense bonuses for melee attacks.

This does have a large +16 range defense bonus, though.

In the end, this ring doesn’t get worn very often. And is worth only $30,000 on the street.

It’s in this spot because some PvP players like to use it to boost their defense because it’s cheap to get compared to how much safety it gives.

Note that you must have a defense and strength level of at least 50 to wear this ring.

How to Get: This is dropped by the Grotesque Guardians in the Slayer Tower.

10. Warrior Ring

The Warrior Ring is often thought to be the worst of the four rings that the Dagannoth Kings dropped.


Because it only gives a small +4 attack and defense slash bonus.

It’s only worth 30–40k on the Grand Exchange, and like the granite ring, it’s mostly only used by PvPers who are looking for cheap gear that gives them an edge.

How to Get: This is dropped by Dagannoth Rex at a 1/128 drop rate.

9. Eternal Slayer Ring

Here’s another ring that doesn’t have to do with fighting.

The Eternal Slayer Ring doesn’t change your stats, it just lets you move. And it works wonderfully!

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Most slayer bands can take you to a maximum of 8 different places. The eternal ring lets you move as many times as you want, so you never have to get more.

The ring can take you to places like The Slayer Tower, Fremennik Slayer Cave, Tarn’s Lair, Stronghold Slayer Cave, and the dark beasts in the mourners caves.

Just keep in mind that some of these places need to be opened before you can use them.

How to Get: Use an Eternal Gem on a slayer ring to create the Eternal Slayer Ring. The gems are rare drops from superior slayer monsters.

8. Treasonous Ring (i)

Now, this ring has the best +8 attacking and defensive stab bonus of any ring in OSRS.

But it’s not the most popular ring because there are better ones.

But it has been used against monsters like dragons and Corporeal Beasts that are hard to stab.

It’s also not too expensive at 500k, which makes it a lot cheaper than other rings here.

How to Get: Dropped by the Wilderness boss Venenatis a rate of 1/512.

7. Elven Signet

The Elven Signet is a very useful non-combat ring that gives you a 10% chance to use crystal weapons, like the upgraded Blade of Saeldor, without using a charge.

In the game, there are many different crystal items, such as the crystal shovel, axe, harpoon, bow, and shield.

This ring would be best for the pickaxe or harpoon, both of which are used for skilling.

But it can be hard to get Crystal Shards. So this signet is a blessing for skillers who use crystal tools a lot.

How to Get: Only obtainable from Crystal Implings which only spawn in Prifddinas. You will need a minimum of level 80 hunter to catch them.

6. Tyrannical Ring (i)

The Tyrannical Ring is another boss ring from the Wilderness. It has a +8 crush bonus on both offense and defense, which is very good.

This ring is often worn as a switch so that players can use their Dragon Warhammer special move while wearing it.

This is because the Warhammer depends a lot on crush bonuses to hit.

The only bad thing about this ring is that it doesn’t add strength, which makes many players not want to use it as their main ring.

How to Get: A rare drop from Calisto who resides in the Wilderness. It drops at a rate of 1/512.

5. Ring of Endurance

This is probably the hardest ring in the game to get. Also, it’s the most expensive thing on this list.

You need to be at least level 70 in agility to wear the Ring of Endurance, and it needs to be charged with Stamina Potions.

First of all, this ring refills 40% of your run energy and makes a stamina potion work twice as well.

And second, if you have more than 500 charges, it will cut your run energy drain rate by 15% if you have more than 500 charges. That’s very helpful!

Because of these benefits, the Ring of Endurance is very helpful when you need to run a lot, like at Blast Furnace or when you’re fighting Commander Zilyana.

How to Get: You’ll need a minimum of 92 Agility to attempt the final floor of the Hallowed Sepulchre, and successfully loot the Grand Hallowed Coffin. This is no easy feat, and the drop rate is 1/200.

4. Brimstone Ring

The Brimstone ring is like the “Barrow’s Gloves” of bands.

It gives +4 to attack, defense, and magic, with magic getting +6. Even better, it has a cheeky +4 strength bonus.

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All of the information from the DKS rings are put into this one ring. And this is only for the rings that are not enchanted.

The Brimstone ring is also one of the best magic rings in slot because it has a great silent effect.

When the user performs an offensive spell against a target, there is a 25% chance that the opponent’s defensive roll will be cut by 90%.

This means you’ll hit harder and with more consistency.

How to Get: Only obtainable by getting its three component drops from the Alchemical Hydra, which requires a minimum of a very high 95 slayer to kill.

3. Archers Ring (i)

The Archers Ring, which is the second DKS ring, is the best in slot range ring.

It gives a +8 bonus to both attack and defense at a distance.

Rangers use this ring everywhere because it is the best ring for long-range attacks.

Common places include DKS, Cerberus, Armadyl (GWD), Saradomin (GWD), Giant Mole with a Twisted Bow, slayer jobs, and much more!

The ring is also one of the most expensive of the 4 DKS rings, with a street value of about 3.7m.

How to Get: A drop from Dagannoth Supreme at a rate of 1/128. Since Supreme isn’t too tough to kill, it’s not too difficult to get this drop early on in the game at around 90 combat.

2. Ring of Suffering (i)

As the best defensive ring on this list, this is godlike and a must-have in some cases.

This ring has no offensive stats, but its defense stats are all +20.

This is incredibly useful for almost every solo boss fight because it reduces damage by a large amount.

It even has a prayer bonus of +4, which makes this baby even sweeter.

The built-in effect makes the Ring of Suffering even better. You can give it up to 100,000 charges from rings of recoil, which is about 2,500 rings, and the Ring of Suffering will act as a ring of recoil.

This affect can also be turned on and off whenever you want.

With this effect in mind, the ring is pretty much a must-have for Zulrah, as the effect of the ring’s rebound will kill the snakelings for you.

Solo PvM like trips to Bandos or the God War Dungeon of Zamorak will also require you to be tanky, and this ring helps you do that.

Now, get this ring. Don’t even consider doing it. It’s worth what it costs.

How to Get: Enchant a Zeynte ring, which requires level 93 magic to enchant and level 89 crafting to craft. Alternatively you can buy this on the Grand Exchange for about 10.5m.

1. Berserker Ring (i)

As the best of the best when it comes to melee, this ring has no attacking bonuses, a +8 crush defense bonus, and a huge +8 strength bonus.

Here, we only care about strength. Because everyone wants to get more max hits, and the Berserker Ring is the best way to do that.

More power means more damage done per second. So, this is the main ring for most close-range fights.

Because of this, it is also the main ring used in The Theater of Blood.

This is true for both PvM and PvP, where the ring is very common. Most PvP “pures” and “mains” will take a chance on this ring.

How to Get: Obtainable as a drop from Dagannoth Rex at a rate of 1/128. Rex is also the easiest of the 3 to kill since you can safespot him.