How To Get a Rune Crossbow on Ironman in OSRS?

Ironmans can acquire Rune Crossbows in one of two ways:

By fletching and smithing, you can make them.

Alternatively, you could defeat the Wilderness’ Crazy Archeologist demiboss.

In the God Wars Dungeon, Kree’Arra can be defeated in three different ways.

This alternative won’t be discussed, though, as it’s doubtful that a player would farm this endgame-level boss without even having a rune crossbow.

Amazing mid-level weapons that take 61 Ranged to utilize are rune crossbows.

They are a well-liked choice for content like the Fight Caves and Slayer missions because they can shoot Ruby and Diamond bolts and can employ a shield.

Rune Crossbows (and the means of obtaining them) are inaccessible to free-to-play players, the same as practically all other rune weapons.

First Approach: Practice with your Rune Crossbow

Players can build their own Rune Crossbows using their smithing and fletching abilities, albeit it is not advised.

To do this, you’ll need level 91 Smithing to make the Runite Limbs (or to obtain them as a drop from monsters like Iron Dragons), and level 69 Fletching to put them together with a Yew Stock and a Crossbow String.

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Since 91 Smithing is a very high prerequisite for a mid-game item, getting the Runite Limbs is the biggest disadvantage of this method.

In contrast, Crazy Archeologist will involve a much simpler foe and drop the finished weapon.

The Hardcore Ironmen or players who prefer to play during busy times, which increases the chance of spotting a PKer who interrupts your farming, may find this alternative appealing, though.

Second Approach: The Irresponsible Archaeologist

The most common way to obtain a crossbow is to farm the Crazy Archeologist, a demiboss in the Wilderness with a Combat Level of 204.

Despite being relatively simple to kill, two Rune Crossbows can drop at a rate of one in twenty-five.

This provides a rapid replacement (even with the drop rate). in particular when weighed against the challenging requirements of 69 Fletching and 91 Smithing just to wear a level 61 weapon.

A red d’hide body, cannonballs, food, and dragon arrows are a few other drops that low- to mid-level Ironmen may find interesting.

This produces a fairly straightforward boss that is easy to kill and is likely to drop something you’ll need at some point.

Entering the Wilderness is the main drawback.

Because it’s a popular place for farming, Crazy Archeologist is a popular place to look for players. Therefore, it’s crucial for players to have an emergency teleport on hand and to react quickly if they spot anyone.

You might be able to escape if you act quickly because the demiboss roams around levels 22–25 of the Wilderness.


What are the requirements to wield a Rune Crossbow on an Ironman account in OSRS?

To wield a Rune Crossbow, you need a Ranged level of 61 and a Defense level of 40. Additionally, you must complete the Underground Pass quest to use the weapon’s special attack.

What are the benefits of using a Rune Crossbow on an Ironman account in OSRS?

The Rune Crossbow is one of the best ranged weapons in the game and can be used for a wide variety of activities, such as boss fights, slayer tasks, and player vs. player combat. Its special attack, “Enchanted Bolts,” can also be very useful in certain situations.

What bolts should I use with a Rune Crossbow on an Ironman account in OSRS?

As an Ironman account, you will need to obtain the materials to craft your own bolts. The best bolts to use with a Rune Crossbow are either Amethyst or Dragon Bolts, but these require high Ranged and Smithing levels to make. Alternatively, you can use Broad Bolts or Mithril Bolts for a cheaper option.

What is the best way to train Ranged with a Rune Crossbow on an Ironman account in OSRS?

One effective method is to train at the Lizardman Canyon using the Crumble Undead spell with a Slayer staff to kill the Lizardman Shamans. Another option is to do the Dwarf Cannon quest and then train at the Dwarf Battlefield with a Dwarf Multicannon. Both of these methods can be very profitable and give good Ranged experience.