What’s The Best Yew Tree Spot in OSRS? (F2P + P2P)

There are many places in OSRS to find yew trees, but the best place for free-to-play players is behind the Varrock Palace, and the best place for members is inside the Woodcutting Guild.

Behind the Varrock Palace, there are three Yew Trees. This is a very common spot. This means that people with lower woodcutting skills may have trouble getting enough logs.

Due to its fame, it’s also full of bots, so be ready to fight for logs.

But this place is close to the Grand Exchange, which makes it easy to bank your items and go back home.

On the other hand, there are more yew trees at the Woodcutting Guild than anywhere else in OSRS. It has 17 yew trees in its park.

Cutting some wood here gives you an unseen +7 woodcutting level boost. This means you’ll cut down trees a lot faster and get more logs in the long run.

There’s even a bank and bank deposit boxes in the guild, which should make it easy to store your logs.

Just remember that you need to be at least level 60 in woodcutting and have 75% favor with the Hosidius House to get into the group.

What Are The Best Ways To Cut Yew Trees?

I would strongly suggest that F2P players use a Rune Axe for cutting wood, since it has the best stats of any F2P axe.

To use it, you’ll also need to have at least level 41 in woodcutting. But since you need level 60 to cut down yew trees, this probably won’t be a problem.

A Dragon Axe, an Infernal Axe, or a Crystal Axe is what members will want to use.

Dragon axes are easy to get and have one of the best “chop rates” in OSRS.

The Infernal Axe has the same stats as a Dragon Axe, but it has a 1 in 3 chance to burn a log, which gives you free firemaking experience. Nice work!

Both of these axes need a Woodcutting level of 61. The Infernal Axe also needs a Firemaking level of 85 or higher.

But Crystal Axes are the best for cutting in the game and are about 4.5% faster than Dragon and Infernal Axes.

To get a Crystal Axe, you have to finish the “Song of the Elves” quest and have at least level 71 woodcutting and level 50 speed.

Still, this axe can be more expensive to use than the others because it wears down over time and needs to be charged with crystal bits all the time.

But in terms of statistics, there is no better axe for grabbing yew logs.


Are there any specific requirements to access the best Yew tree spots in P2P worlds?

To access the best Yew tree spots in P2P worlds, there are no specific requirements. However, some locations may require completion of certain quests or reaching specific areas of the game. For example, the Tree Gnome Stronghold location requires completing the Tree Gnome Village quest.

What are the potential benefits of cutting Yew trees in OSRS?

Cutting Yew trees can provide several benefits for players. Firstly, Yew logs can be sold for a decent profit, making it a viable method for money-making. Secondly, cutting Yew trees grants experience points in the Woodcutting skill, allowing players to level up and unlock higher-level trees.

Are there any alternative methods to obtain Yew logs without cutting Yew trees?

Yes, there are alternative methods to obtain Yew logs without cutting Yew trees. Players can potentially obtain Yew logs as a drop from certain high-level monsters or receive them as rewards from various activities, such as completing Treasure Trails or participating in minigames like the Barbarian Assault.