What is Prayer Flicking & How Does It Work in OSRS?

Prayer Flicking is a high-level strategy in which a player turns on a prayer just as the result of the prayer is about to happen, and then turns it off right away.

If you do this method right, prayer won’t drain as fast as it normally would, but it will still have the same full effects.

This is often done with prayers for safety and prayers that deal with damage, such as safety from Missiles and Piety.

Prayer flicking is usually only done by very skilled players in Old School RuneScape. This is because you need to know a lot about attack rounds and game ticks in order to do it well.

How Does Prayer Flicking Works?

  1. Understanding the Prayer System: In OSRS, players can activate various prayers that provide temporary bonuses or effects, such as increased combat stats or protection from certain types of damage. These prayers drain prayer points over time while active.
  2. Prayer Flicking Mechanics: When you activate a prayer, it remains active for a certain duration, continuously draining your prayer points. However, if you turn off the prayer before the drain occurs, no prayer points are consumed for that particular tick (game cycle). By rapidly turning the prayer on and off, you can minimize prayer point usage while still reaping the benefits during the active ticks.
  3. Timing and Coordination: The key to prayer flicking is timing. Players typically use a tick-perfect approach, where they turn on the prayer for one tick (0.6 seconds) to gain the effects and then immediately turn it off before the next tick. This allows them to maintain the prayer’s benefits while minimizing prayer point drain.
  4. Applications in Combat: Prayer flicking is commonly utilized during boss fights, player-versus-player combat, or high-level PvM (Player vs. Monster) encounters. By timing the activation and deactivation of prayers with enemy attacks, players can mitigate incoming damage, conserve prayer points, and prolong their prayer usage.
  5. Advanced Techniques: Prayer flicking can be further optimized with advanced techniques. For example, players may combine prayer flicking with other actions, such as weapon switches or eating food, to maximize efficiency and survivability during intense encounters. These techniques require practice, precise timing, and familiarity with the specific mechanics of the encounter.
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It’s important to note that prayer flicking requires a good understanding of the game’s tick system and precise timing. It may take some practice to master, but it can be a valuable skill to improve your combat efficiency and extend your prayer usage in challenging situations.

How To Do Prayer Flicking

OSRS: What is Prayer Flicking & How Does It Work?

To prayer flick correctly, you have to use the prayer on the exact game tick when you want the result of the prayer to happen.

For example, if you’re focusing on dealing damage with a prayer like Piety, the prayer will only be on for the exact tick you hit.

You can use game sounds to help you time this with a 4-tick tool like a whip.

Protection prayers work the same way, but you would use them at the exact moment an enemy attacked you.

It’s important to know that some OSRS enemies, like TzTok-Jad, don’t do damage on the exact tick they hit.

This means that the usual way of flicking your prayer won’t work, and you’d have to practice to get the timing right.

Slayer chores are a good place to try this out. And when you’re better at it, you can try it out on bosses like Commander Zilyana, where you’ll almost never get hurt.

What is 1-Tick Prayer Flicking?

You can try 1-tick prayer clicking if you are a very skilled player. This can be done with just one prayer point, which will never run out as long as you time it right.

If you use this method, you are turning on and off your prayers every time the game ticks.

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This means that your prayers are “technically” always heard.

It’s very hard to do it right. But if you do it right, you won’t waste any prayers.

Some players use this method when they’ve run out of prayer in places like the Fight Caves, or when they’ve run out of prayer in general and need to save their points.


Is prayer flicking allowed in OSRS, or is it considered an exploit?

Prayer flicking is a legitimate game mechanic in OSRS and is not considered an exploit or against the rules. It is a skillful technique used by players to conserve prayer points and strategically benefit from prayers during combat.

Does prayer flicking work with all prayers in the game?

Prayer flicking can be used with most prayers in OSRS. However, it is most commonly employed with prayers that provide temporary stat boosts, such as Piety, Protect from Melee, or Eagle Eye. These prayers are toggled on and off to coincide with enemy attacks or specific actions.

How do I start practicing prayer flicking?

To practice prayer flicking, it’s recommended to start with simpler combat encounters or PvM activities. Choose an enemy or boss with predictable attack patterns and try to time your prayer activations and deactivations to coincide with those attacks. As you gain experience, you can gradually apply the technique to more challenging encounters.

How difficult is prayer flicking to master?

Prayer flicking can be challenging to master initially, as it requires precise timing and coordination. It may take some practice to become comfortable with the technique. However, with patience, practice, and experience, you can gradually improve your prayer flicking skills and effectively utilize it in various combat situations.

Remember, practice is key when it comes to prayer flicking. As you become more familiar with the technique and gain experience in different combat scenarios, you’ll become more proficient and efficient at conserving prayer points and maximizing your combat effectiveness.