Dispel Magic 5e D&D Guide

Just a little behind Counterspell, Dispel Magic can be the bane of every mage. 

It can be used for a variety of uses in a variety of situations and is an essential tool for those who are planning to participate in a battle that could be dominated by magic.

The rules of Dispel Magic can be found in the Players Handbook on page 234.

Dispel Magic 5e

Abjuration: 3rd Level

Time to Cast: 1 Action

Range: 120 feet

Components: V, S

Duration: Instantaneous

Select one object, creature, or magic effect that is within your range. Any spell that is 3rd or lower level on the target’s end. 

For each spell with a 4th or higher at the point of attack, perform an ability test by using your spellcasting skill. 

The DC is equal to 10 times the level of the spell. If the check is successful the spell is over.

At higher levels: If the spell is cast with the slot for spells of 4th or higher level it automatically ends the effect of a spell that affects the target if the level of the spell is less or equal to that the amount of slot you chose to use.

The rules of Dispel Magic show that casting this spell could be directed at a specific creature, object, or even a magical result. 

The ability to be able to target a creature is often neglected which is a huge mistake. If the spell is effective the spell is over. 

This is a huge opportunity inside and outside of combat situations.

Is the Dispel Magic Effective?

Dispel Magic concentrates on removing spells that cause magic. It has one task that it can do effectively. 

If you’re in a position in which you have to limit or eliminate magic, it is the ideal option. 

It is crucial to keep in mind that the spell cannot discern between good and bad magic.

The spell is used to stop spells from affecting friends negatively. It is also a method to stop unwanted magical effects that affect objects. 

In addition, it can remove magical effects, including illusions, completely.

Hot Tip

Arcane Lock is a favorite spell that is used by villains to secure their wealth. 

A clever wizard equipped with Dispel Magic can make quick the task of a seemingly difficult task. 

Because Arcane Lock is a continuous magical spell it can become the target of Dispel Magic.

What is the process behind Dispel Magic work?

Dispel Magic is a spell that Dispel Magic works differently compared to the majority of spells used within the games. 

Its goal is to eliminate magical effects from a person or object or even an area. To verify if it succeeds in casting, the caster performs a contested roll against the spell that needs to be eliminated. 

The caster adds their spellcasting ability modifier to the roll. The level of difficulty (DC) determines the difficulty level of the spell that is to be eliminated.

Example 1.

  • An ally of a wizard has been affected by Charm Person The wizard tries to get rid of the magic effects through casting Dispel Magic at 3rd the level (base). The Charm Person can be described as a Level one spell and as per these rules Dispel Magic is automatically ended any magic effect that is that is cast at 3 3rd level or lower.

Example 2.

  • The wizard’s five allies were affected by a Charm Person ability. The wizard is able to eliminate the effects on one of these allies by using Dispel Magic at 3rd the level (base). For charm Person to be used this way the spell must be cast as 5th stage spell. This means that a one-sided roll is needed. Wizard rolls 1d20 plus their modifier for casting spells to an DC equal to 10 times the amount of their spell.

The ability to dispel Magic Roll 1d20 + 5 (Intelligence Modifier) in comparison to DC 15 (10+ 5 (Level of the Spell Cast))

If the wizard can roll an 11 or more the spell effect will be taken away.

Dispel Magic Results from 16. (11 + 5) against DC 15 (10 + 5)

Example 3.

  • Five of the wizard’s allies were affected by the charm Person Spell. The wizard has a good understanding of how to use the Charm Person spell and can make an successful Arcana check to determine the level at where the spell was cast. The wizard is then able to cast Dispel Magic at 5th grade on one friends. Because he casts at the same or higher that the spell being targeted it’s an instant success.

Dispel Magic is extremely efficient and strong. It can eliminate one of the strongest magic that exists in the game. 

This does not mean that it’s risk-free. An unsuccessful attempt is 3 3rd in the level of spell slots and is not able to do anything at the level of the base.

The casting of the spell increases the chances of success automatically however it is not helpful when the casting isn’t sufficient for auto success.

Can Dispel Magic be employed to get rid of a curse?

In the simplest sense, no, Dispel Magic cannot be used to get rid of the curse. The function of purpose of Dispel Magic as well as Counterspell is to cancel spells by themselves; 

Counterspell to cancel any spell before it begins to take effect as well as Dispel Magic to take away the effect after it’s been activated.

Dispel Magic is only able to remove magical effects that consequence of an ongoing spell. 

Sleep Charm Person Blindness/Deafness illusions are just a few examples of spells in continuous use that can be squelched.

Hot Tip

The primary use of Dispel Magic is to remove negative effects from allies. It’s not always the most effective use of the spell, however. 

If an opponent is getting an invulnerability-related buff based on spells, such as Invulner It could be beneficial to take it away from the target. 

Removing a powerful ability could drastically alter the outcome of a fight.

Final Words

Dispel Magic is a great advantage for a group that is looking to explore. It can be used for a myriad of applications in different situations. 

However, it comes with some dangers. If the spell ends up being not successful, it takes a spell slot.

At the 3rd stage, it could not be a game-changer however, a miss or missed in the 6 6 level spell can be significant. 

If time permits make sure you obtain as accurate an understanding of the DC as you can before casting the spell.