15 Best Food for Horses in Rust

Horses are one of the best ways to get around in Rust. You can get one at a stable for 150 Scrap.

They can move much faster than running on foot, which makes them great for moving loot, getting back into a fight, or making quick runs to recycle items.

Over time, horses can get tired and be able to run for less time. They can also lose health if they get hurt by an attack or fall.

By giving a horse some food, you can restore its health and strength.

You can store food for your horse in a Hitch & Trough, or you can just drop the food on the floor in front of your horse.

Some things that horses eat restore their stats more than others. It’s important to know which things are good for you and which are good for your horse.

This list is the best help to feeding your horse in Rust. It ranks the food based on how quickly it can be refilled and how easy it is to get.

16. Cooked Chicken

Best Food for Horses in Rust

Even though chickens are at the bottom of their food chain, they are still a very useful item in Rust.

They are easy to kill and give only a small amount of bone pieces, fabric, and meat.

It’s interesting that cooked chicken and cooked deer meat both recover the same amount of health and strength.

So, if players don’t want to hunt a deer, they should instead try to catch a chicken.

15. Cooked Deer Meat

In Rust, you can often find stags roaming the different biomes.

Players may hunt them for the many materials they can use to make things, but their meat can also be used to feed horses.

Cooked deer meat heals horses for the most amount of health and gives them a good amount of energy as well.

If players often kill stags, they might want to save some of the meat for their horse companions.

14. Cooked Horse Meat

Even though it might seem gross, horses can eat the cooked meat of their own kind. Cooked horse meat heals the second-most health and gives a good amount of energy back, too.

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It can be a good choice for players who don’t mind helping people eat each other.

To get horse meat, you have to catch a horse, which can be hard to do with simple tools.

Horses have 400 HP, so players will need something that can do a lot of damage.

13. Black Raspberries

Black strawberries, which can also only be found in food crates, belong to the same group.

Black raspberries heal horses the most and give them a bit more stamina than blueberries, which makes sense since they heal people the most.

Even though black raspberries are more valuable, they are just as hard to find as red raspberries.

Like with grapes, players will have to think carefully about whether to feed them to their horse or keep them for themselves.

12. Blueberries

This rare food item can only be found in food crates, making them a hot item that players may not see very often.

In addition to recovering a lot of health and stamina for players, they give horses the best health boost possible and a small amount of health and stamina.

They are not the best food for horses because they are hard to find, but they are useful if players can find them.

Blueberries are also best left for player fights, so don’t give them to horses too often.

11. Cooked Wolf Meat

Wolves may not be as important to hunt for food as other animals, but they are very important for making defense.

Players can also feed their horses with the meat they get from a good wolf hunt.

Cooked wolf meat heals horses the fourth most and gives them a good amount of stamina back as well.

If players are already going out to get a Wolf Headdress, they might want to bring back some cooked meat for their horse.

10. Berries

Berries and a few other things on this list can only be found in forest biomes.

You can get berries by the dozens, so you’ll quickly have a big stockpile.

Berry bushes have a huge surface area, which makes it easy to find and pick berries. It won’t take long at all to get about a hundred different kinds.

By giving them to your horse all the time, you can keep its energy up while you’re on the move.

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9. Cactus Flesh

The most surprising thing on this list. No one knows why horses like to eat these sharp bits of cactus, but they do.

Cactus plants only grow in the desert, so this could be your only safe source of food if you build somewhere in the harsh, hot climate.

Players can also get a lot of nutrition from eating cactus meat, but it would be much easier to save it for your horse if it needs a quick health boost.

8. Cooked Pork

Boars roaming any area in Rust can give you pork, which is a great source of food for both horses and people.

In contrast to wolves, boars are slow and easy to kill. This makes them a great choice for shooters with less gear.

Cooked pork returns the same amount of health and stamina as cooked wolf meat, and it can be gathered in larger quantities. Some people might think that it’s a waste of good food, though.

7. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are one of my favorite food things in the game because you can get a few stacks of them in just a few minutes. To find them, you’ll have to go to a forest.

Even though they taste good to your horse, they are important for early-game PvP because each bite gives the player 3 life.

But most people don’t care about them. If you’re one of them and you always pass up mushrooms, start picking them up to feed your horse.

6. Cooked Fish

Cooked fish is another food that gives the same health and energy boosts as cooked wolf meat.

Even easier for players to get their hands on, all they have to do to get this resource is go fishing for a while in the nearest body of water.

Different kinds of fish have different amounts of meat, with catfish, salmon, and small sharks having the most.

This is probably one of the easiest ways to make sure your horse has enough to eat in the game.

5. Pickles

At the food store in the Outpost, you can buy 60 pickles for just 10 scrap. That’s enough for your horse to get almost 200 energy.

If you can afford the trips to outpost, pickles might be the best food you can give your horse.

But players don’t really need them, and having a lot of pickles in your collection isn’t the best idea if you need to spend more time getting better food.

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4. Corn

Corn grows quickly near rivers and is one of the best foods for both horses and humans. For new players, it’s always best to build near a river.

Just not too close, because players often go to rivers to get more veggies, and no one wants to keep running into people while they are farming or trying to get back to their base.

Corn is a good choice for your horse on a budget because it heals health well and heals some energy.

3. Cooked Bear Meat

It’s not easy to kill and gather a bear because they have 400 health, can move very quickly, and have a high attack.

When you kill a bear, based on the tool you used, you can get between 8 and 19 bear meat from it.

With this much meat, you and your horse will be able to eat for a very long time.

Even so, hunting bears is always dangerous because you could be caught by other people.

If you come across a bear on your journey, you should kill it, but you shouldn’t go out of your way to find one.

2. Pumpkins

There are lots of pumpkins near rivers, and an easy trip (maybe on your horse) can get you dozens of them.

If you eat them, you’ll get pumpkin seeds that you can plant and grow up to five pumpkins from.

No other food will give your horse as much health back as a pumpkin, and it’s tied for second place when it comes to giving back energy.

Pumpkins are easily the best food item in Rust, and the only thing keeping them from being number one is how players can use them. You and your friends can use them.

1. Potatoes

This food can be found in the Red Forest area, along with Mushrooms. It is very easy to get a lot of it.

Potatoes give the player a lot of calories but not much hydration, so it’s best to give a good chunk of your stash to your horse.

You don’t need much else, since you’ll get at least two potatoes from each wild plant and up to six from each crop you plant.

Potatoes are the best food for horses because they are easy to get and help them heal faster than any other food.