25 Best PS4 Multiplayer Games of All Time

How lovely it would be to have some PS4 Multiplayer games.

Nowadays, we would think that you would go on a lengthy, disguised walk with such a person and converse about the things that friends discuss. It could be a phone call.

Or, more likely, you just comment “Cute” on each other’s Instagram images and tweets without ever speaking to one another.

Playing video games with your buddies is an additional activity you can undertake! Even being physically present together is no longer necessary.

You can use some Wi-Fi sorcery to connect with a friend, anywhere in the world, rather than swarming around a 100-pound cube simply to shoot a pixelated foe.

Even if you don’t always feel like hanging out with people, we’ve compiled a list of the 25 best multiplayer PlayStation games for when you do.

25. Destiny 2

PS4 Multiplayer

You can’t skip Destiny 2 if you’d want to play a game you’ll enjoy playing with or without your friends.

This third-person shooter is set in a distant future where “The Traveler,” a huge sphere, has colonized the Earth and hired mankind as its Guardians.

These unkillable soldiers will repeatedly resurrect to defend the Traveler from his foes.

The game has a ton of PvE content you may play by yourself, with friends, or with other players. There are vast open worlds to discover, enormous raids to join, and a ton of weapons to gather for your armory.

Additionally, you can compete in classic PvP matches to test your shooting skills against The Crucible.

24. Star Wars Battlefront II

Meanwhile, in a very distant galaxy…

As far as aesthetics go, the game is flawless.

There are a ton of troops and vehicles that have been taken directly from the movies, and it never gets old to watch characters like Yoda and Darth Vader engage in bloody shootouts.

You can play the game’s story mode, try out cooperative missions, or take on online opponents at random.

The major online modes include intense, large-scale infantry combat, frantic hero duels, and Starfighter Assault, which lets you take the war into orbit.

23. ARK: Survival Evolved

We may have arrived both too late and too early to explore the Earth or invent space flight, but we’ve arrived just in time to learn about enormous video game open worlds.

It’s a beautiful environment where fabled creatures like phoenixes, griffins, and wyverns coexist with prehistoric plants and animals.

You’ll need to utilize your intelligence to tame monsters and supplement your own power in a world where you’re just another species in the lower rings of the local food chain.

The game is full of stunning biomes to explore and spectacular monsters to battle or interact with, and new patches have been published often since 2017.

The greatest time to begin playing ARK is right now.

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22. NBA 2K22

For almost a decade, NBA 2K has been the definitive basketball sim, and for good reason.

After a few drinks, you might start to believe that 2K is an authentic NBA game. The quality of the visuals is that high.

Gameplay-wise? Even though 2K has always had its flaws, it’s the closest thing anyone under six feet will get to being on an NBA court. The price of entry is more than justified by that.

21. Fall Guys

The easiest battle royale is Fall Guys.

It’s just excellent, annoying fun, and holy hell adorable. Mediatonic created a game that is like a narcotic thanks to the easy platforming, the quick rounds, and the stupid luck.

Above all, PlayStation Plus subscribers can get it for free till the end of the month for the low price of $15.

20. Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption 2’s multiplayer is surprisingly fun if you can locate some players who won’t sneak up on you, tie a rope around your neck, and drag your corpse through the desert for an hour.

Rockstar accomplished the unthinkable by transforming the game’s single-player open world into a multiplayer adventure that is equally enjoyable.

19. Risk of Rain 2

In this “zero to a hundred” game, you and your fire team battle waves of adversaries while attempting to gather power-ups.

But the harder it gets the longer you stay on a level. Gluttony and skill must be balanced in mobs made up of some of your close buddies.

The imagery is incredibly vibrant and distinctive, and the unlockables will keep you returning to the waves often.

18. Play Grand Theft Auto V

Admit it: You got bored of running over people and breaking into the military facility at some point, even if it was after playing Grand Theft Auto V for a thousand times.

Thankfully, the game’s multiplayer option provides those who have finished the single-player experience with, you know, actual things to do.

Learn to fly a plane, compete against your friends, and scale a mountain.

17. Racing Crash Team: Nitro-Fueled

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled is a compilation of all the previous CTR games with significantly more material and sufficient fan service to make you cry.

It is the only kart racer worth its weight except Mario Kart. That we adore it radical bandicoot is no secret, and this game only serves to highlight that.

Additionally, I’m sure you’re looking for anything to get you in the bandicoot mood because Crash 4 is coming soon.

16. Fortnite

I’ll act as if I’m not having a blast with this stupid baby game and refuse to acknowledge that it’s truly a blast with crazy crossovers and captivating gameplay.

I just play this game humorously with my younger brother because I don’t really love it. Obviously.

But if you wish, I’ll meet you on the battle bus.

15. Diablo III

This game will cover the gap till Gauntlet Dark Legacy is released again.

An industry staple since 1997, Diablo is a class-based, hack-and-slash, dungeon-crawling looter that was popular in its day.

Additionally, it is a remarkably important game for individuals who want to play something other than shooters.

You should organize your inventory because Diablo 4 is soon to be released. There’s a reason this dungeon crawler has managed to endure.

14. Overcooked! + Overcooked! 2

Even though I’ve never had cooking experience, Overcooked! surely describes what it’s like.

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In it, you and a friend share a kitchen while accepting, preparing, and serving food orders.

Overcooked! will leave you exhausted after an hour. make you hungry, too. first, have a snack.

13. Shadowbringers: Final Fantasy XIV

The 13-year-old me, after playing a variety of Final Fantasy games, exclaimed, “I wish I could create my own character and play with my friends like in RuneScape.” Well, you can now, kid.

The online version of Final Fantasy XIV brings the series’ magnificent settings and wild storytelling right into an MMORPG.

Like any decent MMO, this one is huge and includes a ton of content—thousands of hours worth. It’s one of the best MMOs of our time and a wonderfully exhilarating world to explore.

12. Monster Hunter World

I can quickly explain the basics of Monster Hunter to you if you’re not familiar with it: monster hunting.

You and a squad of four players face off against enormous, carefree, imaginative monsters in this action-packed game.

Amazing single-player content and multiplayer modes that redefine what it means to work as a team are seemingly infinite.

Seriously, your crew has the power to either make your life miserable or hunt monsters like a well-oiled machine.

You can dress up as Alloy from Horizon Zero Dawn or Geralt from The Witcher in the game’s fascinating crossovers from Street Fighter, Mega Man, and Final Fantasy (a coveted exclusive on PS4).

Nevertheless, be ready. These hunts last at least 30 minutes and can end in an instant of failure.

11. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The game with guns is Call of Duty.

Although it may have fallen out of favor recently, Modern Warfare and the enormously well-liked (and free-to-play) Warzone have allowed COD to recover its crown.

The competition is intense, and there are a ton of campers. Even if I can’t last more than a few minutes without being destroyed.

it’s somehow comfortable to be destroyed in COD once more. I’m actually looking forward to the recently teased Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War now that it is back on its game.

However, it seems like Russian zombies will be involved this time.

10. Overwatch

action figure, cgi art, massively multiplayer online role-playing game, games, fictitious character

Overwatch is one of the few games on this list that is so well-liked that an entire league exists where the best players compete for real-world money.

The first-person shooter from Blizzard is both entertaining and challenging to master.

Nobody from Esquire will be competing with the pros on an arena stage any time soon.

9. Rainbow Six Siege by Tom Clancy

I will never gain XP in this game again if I shoot my team one more time.

I don’t mean to, but as a few wonderful pals are constantly reminding me, I lack trigger discipline.

Since it is expected to be the first game released for the new generation, Rainbow Six Siege, which has been around for what feels like forever, will remain popular.

The game differs from shooters’ typical death match mode in that teams of five players must complete predetermined objectives.

In order to keep the game interesting, Rainbow Six consistently releases new operatives and material.

8. The Elder Scrolls Online

You’ve played Skyrim. It is absolutely everywhere, even on your smart home appliance.

Of course, you may play that online with your buddies as well.

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Even while it’s not quite Skyrim, it’s still a rather nice MMO that is set in the same world.

The Elder Scrolls Online captures all the fun and gritty wonder that entranced us in the early 2000s, only it’s far better and more polished now. The days of MMORPGS have come and gone.

7. Rocket League

In this list, it would be difficult to find a game that is stranger, more nerve-wracking, or more addictive than Rocket League, which, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is just soccer with automobiles.

I think that’s it. However, the combination is more than enough to put a stop to LilJimmy232 being called a big baby for three hours because you just unloaded five goals on his ass.

6. Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight can easily fill in for all those SNES platformers that you and your pals wished had co-op.

The shovel friend is now available to everyone, replacing the Wii U exclusivity.

Shovel Knight is aimed towards retro gaming enthusiasts, and the co-op achieves everything a decent co-op should by adjusting the difficulty of the game based on your partner’s skill level.

It has so much heart and imagination that remembering the first time you traveled with a companion would undoubtedly evoke fond memories.

5. Borderlands 3

Most likely, you’ve already played Borderlands. It’s similar to Destiny, but completely absurd.

It was the first, too. It was this game that popularized class-based loot shooters, and Borderlands 3 builds on and refines everything the series is known for.

Including its funny plot, convenient drop-in/drop-out system, ability to play both locally and online, and combat system.

4. Fourth Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage 4, a throwback arcade franchise with online multiplayer, provides beat ’em ups the much-needed facelift and does away with the quarter-eater ambiance for a new experience.

I’m done now. All you ought to know is that.

3. Minecraft

The game Minecraft is all about mining and creating, so it appears straightforward.

But it’s a game that takes you on a journey. You suddenly realize that eight hours have passed and have no idea how.

The game’s main emphasis is on survival and creative modes, where you can either create a world devoid of laws or craft what you can to survive.

At this point, Minecraft has moved beyond games as well, hosting graduation celebrations and serving as a teaching aid.

Therefore, Minecraft is the game to choose whether you and your buddies want to create a duplicate of the Death Star, survive the long night, or I imagine host a graduation celebration.

2. FIFA 22

Hey, here’s something you really shouldn’t be doing right now second: picking up a soccer ball with your dirty, contagious hands and dribbling it around with your friends.

FIFA 2022 is a soccer simulation that is so realistic that you might start to prefer it to the real thing while you wait for this horror to end.

1. Marvel’s Avengers

If you’ve had a chance to play Avengers, you already know how much fun it is to play as a superhero.

Yes, there are problems with Avengers, which people are all too happy to point out.

This game features thrilling squad-based fighting with all the top hero names.

Even better, if you play on a PlayStation, Spider-Man himself enters the action.

Even more surprises may be in store for fans of Marvel’s Avengers.