25+ Best GBA Games of All Time

If you’ve been looking for a long list of old-school games for your GameBoy Advance (also known as GBA), we have good news for you.

You don’t have to go from site to site to find different GBA games because we have the most comprehensive list of the best GBA games in all of the most popular categories.

The list below will help if you have a working GBA handheld or have gotten an emulator for your PC.

Here are the top GBA games you can play in the year.

To make it easy for you to look through these games, we’ve put them in different sections based on the type of game they are.

You can use the links below to jump to the part you want to read. It’s important to know that the Gameboy Advanced and its disks are no longer made, and the only ones that are still available are old ones.

Because of this, emulation makes it possible to play most games here.

26. Double Dragon Advance


Million’s remake of the classic arcade game is not only one of the best in the series, but also the best fight on Nintendo’s handheld.

It has reworked versions of the original four stages of the arcade hit, but it also adds four more stages, which makes the game a lot more fun.

The way combat works has also been changed. Million took ideas from later games in the series and added new guns to spice up the already solid gameplay.

As with many scrolling fights, Double Dragon Advance is a lot more fun with a second player. However, the game’s high price makes it hard to find a second person to play with.

25. Gunstar Future Heroes

Treasure’s great run-and-gun game is both a tribute to old Sega games and a new take on the original Mega Drive game.

Even though its combat has been toned down a bit, it still has a lot of tactical action as you switch between your guns and shoot your way through many levels, taking down huge bosses that often look really cool.

Fans of the first game will recognize a lot of the levels right away, but there are also a lot of new parts that make references to old Sega games like After Burner and Thunder Blade.

The only real complaint is that there are only six levels, which is way too few.

24. Sonic Advance

This Sonic game was made just for the GBA, but after a while, it was also made for the Nokia N-Gage, and just recently, it was made for the Android.

But this game has 4 different characters from Sonic’s world, which makes it even more fun and cool.

The game lets you play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and the brand-new Amy. Each character has different skills and moves that were taken from some of the game’s earlier versions.

Use this great group of friends to destroy Dr. Eggman’s evil kingdom.

23. Rhythm Tengoku

The last first-party GBA game from Nintendo never made it to the west, but it’s a lot of fun to play and you don’t need to know much Japanese to enjoy it.

It’s like WarioWare in that it’s a collection of strange minigames with a unique look, but the main goal of each crazy job is to keep your rhythm as much as possible.

In the minigames, you can punch things, pull the hairs off of hairy veggies, or use sea creatures to jump all the way to the moon.

It’s completely crazy, but the tight controls and great music will make you tap your feet as well as your fingers.

22. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

Get ready for harvest time, because you will get back what you put in. In this most popular game, you start out as a farmer.

Players are given a big farm, and it’s their job to harvest it every season. In this game, you can also make friends around town and help them out.

You can grow food, raise animals, raise birds, and do a lot more. In this game, there are lots of ways to make money.

To keep going with the main storyline of the game and make your small farm one of the best in Mineral Town, you also have to do different jobs.

21. F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

In its later years, Nintendo’s system had a few polygon-based racers, but the best games were those that tried to look like the SNES’s Mode 7 games.

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Maximum Velocity is a great example of this, as it wowed players when it first came out with its smooth racing and cool-looking tracks.

Even though it takes place many years after the first game, and there are no normal characters like Captain Falcon and Samurai Goroh, the game still works the same way, with speed boosts based on how far you’ve come and the same elimination-based format.

It works perfectly, and one of the best racing games on the system is the result. After that, there were two sequels, but both are too expensive, especially F-Zero: Climax, which is only available in Japan.

20. Kirby And The Amazing Mirror

Kirby’s first adventure on the GBA was an improved version of his first NES adventure, but his second was a much bigger deal.

Mirror World is basically a huge maze, and Kirby will often need to call on three other Kirbies (using a cute cell phone) to help him solve puzzles and move on with his goal.

It’s a cool idea, but it works better when you work together with three other real opponents.

Mechanically, it’s the same as any other Kirby game, but it has nods to the Metroidvania style and some very fun minigames that make it stand out.

19. Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country is one of the best-rated and most fun platform games for the Game Boy Advance.

Both Diddy and Donkey Kong are in this game. You run through lush forests, helping each other out, taking turns, and beating the crap out of evil little kremlings.

Your banana hoard was taken by those annoying little kremlings, and you have to beat all 40 levels to get it back. To finish each level and move on to the next one, you have to jump around a lot.

18. Super Monkey Ball Jr.

Even though THQ called the version of the game for the Game Boy Advance “junior,” it was anything but small.

The series started out in arcades and on the GameCube as a Marble Madness-inspired action game with lots of unlockable features and modes.

For the Game Boy Advance version, the UK development studio Realism used every bit of the GBA’s hardware to give players the same fun and fast-paced experience.

When compared to the growing power of other handhelds, the GBA version might not stand the test of time, but when it came out, Super Monkey Ball Jr. really showed what the system was capable of, and it’s rare to see a third-party developer put so much work into so many game modes on a portable system.

Even though Realism didn’t last long after Super Monkey Ball Jr. came out, they went out with a bang by making one of the best console-to-handheld ports on the GBA.

17. Golden Sun

One of the first “hyped” games for the Game Boy Advance was Camelot’s original RPG, which could give Square’s teams a run for their money.

Camelot had been making most of its money with Golf and Tennis games for the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy.

This game had great graphics, a lively music, and a complicated plot, and even though it used the old “random turn-based battles” mechanic for half of its gameplay, it was still a satisfying console-like experience on such a small system.

Its sequel, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, changed and streamlined things a bit and even let you transfer data from the first game in the series, but the original made the biggest effect on Game Boy Advance gamers.

16. Ninja Five-O

Ninja Five-O had a bad name and even worse box art, so most gamers just shrugged when it came out. Then, all of a sudden, people started to play the game inside.

It’s a completely old-school action game that mixes classics like Bionic Commando from Capcom, Shinobi from Sega, and Rolling Thunder from Namco.

It’s also a lot of fun and a lot of work, a side-scrolling arcade game that could only really do well on the 2D-friendly Game Boy Advance.

It’s one of the hardest games to find on the market for used cartridges, but it won’t make you rich if you do. Only in the sense of “awesome gameplay” is it useful, but in this case, it’s worth more than gold.

15. Beyblade: G-Revolution

You remember the Beyblades, which were like little spinning tops with almost abilities. In the Bey stadium, different beasts would fight each other.

If you liked the original Beyblade cartoons, you’ll be glad to know that you can now play the great game on GBA.

The story of this game is the same as that of the show, so you will feel right at home when you play it. The images are amazing, and the fights between Beys are a lot of fun.

You can use special moves with your Beyblade to call your bit beast and do a lot of damage to your opponent. In this fun game, you can just let loose.

14. Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green

These games are remade versions of the original Pokemon Red and Blue games from the first series of Pokemon games.

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If you like the first generation of Pokemon and the Kanto region, this is the game for you. It has the best graphics and a great story for the Kanto area.

Once you finish the main story, you can go back to the first generation of Pokemon and see them in beautiful graphics.

You can also trade with games from the third generation. The story is almost the same in both versions, but there are a few Pokemon that are only available in one form or the other.

13. Metal Slug Advance

The most famous shoot-em-up game from SNK Playmore was able to make it to the GameBoy Advance.

Metal Slug Advance is the only Metal Slug game for the GBA, and it is one of the best action games for the system.

You can play as completely different heroes and drive or walk through enemy land while shooting at them.

There are a lot of different weapons and cars to choose from, and the game is fun and fast-paced. If you’ve never played a Metal Slug game before, this is the best one to start with.

12. Final Fight One

Final Fight has a long and important place in Capcom’s past. Even though there isn’t a new game in the series and the characters will be in Street Fighter, GBA gamers got to try out the famous action-packed beat-em-up.

The classic arcade game Final Fight One is now available on the popular Nintendo Handheld. Players can play the same way that arcade veterans do, and veterans can remember how much fun it was to play Final Fight.

In the game, you have to fight your way through the streets of Metro City, beat all the bosses, and save Jessica, the girl in trouble.

You have three strong fighters who can help you win the battle. Break some bones with a dangerous tool or your bare hands.

People think of Final Fight as one of the first beat-em-up games and a forerunner of current fighting games. This is clear from Final Fight One.

11. Advance Wars

Advance Wars is one of the best GBA games, but it doesn’t get the attention it deserves and stays a niche game.

It’s a tactical game where you have to use operational warfare and military methods to win the war. There are three Wars stories in total. They are called Black Hole Rising, Dual Strike, and Days of Ruin.

The first two games can be played on the Game Boy Advance, and the last one can be played on the Nintendo DS.

The Orange Star Army is at the center of Advance Wars. Other countries’ armies are attacking them in dangerous ways.

People say that the Orange Star Army has attacked troops from other countries for no reason. In this action-packed game, you can play from both sides and beat your opponents by using Battle Maps, quick thinking, and smart strategies.

Simply put, Advance Wars is a great GBA game, and if you like strategy games, you shouldn’t miss it. And since remakes of the first two games are coming soon for Nintendo Switch, why not give this one a try?

10. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Listen, everyone is familiar with the Legend of Zelda games from Nintendo. Zelda is known as one of the best RPG series of all time, and the Gameboy Advanced had some Zelda games.

Minish Cap has been called one of the most fun and exciting Zelda games on GBA, and maybe even on any platform.

It has a great story, great gameplay, powerful action, and puzzles that will blow your mind. Everything that makes the show well-known. The game had a top-down, pixel-art style like Pokemon games from this age.

Your job is to keep the bad guys away from the kingdom and help the little minish cap that has stuck to your head.

He will show you the way on your trip so that you can help him defeat the forces that are trying to take over the kingdom. While Tears of the Kingdom is still a few weeks away, you could try the Minish Cap.

9. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

If you’ve played any of the Final Fantasy games, you’ll love Tactics Advance for its great story and intense fighting.

You have to put together a group of warriors who will fight against the witches and monsters. In this game, you’ll need to use your ability to think strategically to win.

If you win a lot of battles, you can get stronger suits and learn new skills. All of this will add to the final war, which will let you leave the land of swords and sorcery.

You must, however, follow the rules of battle or you will end up in jail. So, why don’t you just do it? Play Final Fantasy Tactics Advance right now on your GBA device or emulator.

8. Pokemon Emerald

It’s possible that this is one of the best Pokemon games for the GBA. Pokemon Emerald is the full version that takes the best parts of Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire and puts them all into one game.

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It takes you on an epic trip. You use your Pokemon to take on the world and train them to be the winner.

There are a lot of new Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald that aren’t in other versions of the game.

There are even extra areas and tasks after the game is over that take a lot of time, making it an amazing RPG adventure on the GBA.

7. Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure

If you are a huge fan of Goku and his friends, you are going to love the GBA game Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure. This game starts from the beginning of Goku’s story.

You will work your way up from there, and you can also play as 27 other characters, including Krillin.

However, the real story only follows Goku, and you will only see the story arc and images when playing as Goku.

You can also play one-on-one fights with other people. In the game, you have to finish different missions to move on to the next level.

6. Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

This game has action, adventure, role-playing, platforming, and both Super Mario Bros. The goal is still to save the girl, but the way you fight is different this time than in the other games.

There are a lot more things to do in the world than just jump and pick up coins. This time, there is a story, characters talk to each other, and there is turn-based fighting to beat Bowser and his evil friends.

5. Fifa 07

Fifa 07 is a great sports game for the GBA. It’s not quite as good as other versions of the same game on other systems, but it’s still pretty good.

Even though the graphics weren’t great and the gameplay was pretty simple, it was one of the most interesting games on the GBA and had a lot of teams from different leagues and parts of the world.

The top stars were in the game, which made it fun to play on the GBA. The GBA version didn’t have minute-by-minute commentary either, but that was because of the limits of the GBA’s hardware.

4. Mario Power Tennis

Another sports game by Mario that made the top lists. This game is one of the most fun sports games for the GBA device because it has the right amount of tennis and fun over-the-top action.

The motion in this game is really over the top. The shots, backhands, and slashes are all perfectly done.

It’s one of the fastest tennis games you’ll ever play, no matter what platform you use. The action is more like an arcade game than an actual tennis game, which makes this a great game that never gets boring.

3. Drill Dozer

Again, Drill Dozer is a platformer game made for the Game Boy Advance system, but it has a lot going on. You play as Jill, and the game is about her and her Drill Dozer.

The game has seventeen stages, and on each one, you have to deal with enemies and tasks that you don’t understand.

All of these problems cause Jill to use her Drill Dozer to find a way out, which is where you get to show how smart you are. In every stage, you can also update the drill’s gearbox by looking for treasures and red gear.

As you go up, your gearbox will get stronger and you’ll be able to spin it for longer. Besides the usual monsters, you will also have to face a huge boss and use the drill to hit its weak spot.

Simply put, Drill Dozer is what makes GBA games so interesting, and you shouldn’t miss this action-packed shooter game.

2. Astro Boy

He’s strong, can fly, and can see through walls. No, he’s not Superman. He’s the classic video game character Astro Boy, and he’s looking for action and excitement.

Astro Boy is a classic side-scrolling platformer game where you control the robot Astro Boy.

You have to give the Professor all of his stolen money back. In this classic game, you have to fly and punch your way through swarms of enemies to finish all 10 levels and give all the stolen money back to your boss.

1. ChuChu Rocket!

ChuChu Rocket! is a cute puzzle game that makes you think a lot before you start a level.

Your goal is to get all of the mice (called “ChuChus”) into the rockets while staying away from the dangerous cats (called “KapuKapus”).

If a cat gets into your rocket, it will eat your mice, and you’ll have to say goodbye to your best and cutest mice.

In the game, you have to put arrows on the field so that your characters move in the right way. To make sure that all of the mice get to the rockets safely, you have to think carefully.