12 Best Beat Saber Mods of All Time

One of the best VR games ever made is Beat Saber. How cool would it be to throw and hit Sabers in a set beat as you jump over obstacles?

How cool! Even though Beat Saber isn’t too hard on your body, the music makes you want to keep playing.

The game’s makers are working hard to add more and more songs, but it’s a slow process. With mods, you can change every part of the game to fit your wants.

And even if you don’t know how to mod, you can always download new ones.

So, without further ado, here are the best Beat Saber mods on our list.

12. Model Downloader

Since Beat Saber makes you look like a pair of lightsabers without bodies spinning around the void to the beat of the song, you might want to change how you look.

But since many other VR games let you change a lot of things and let you use any 3D model as your body, Model Downloader lets you do all of that in Beat Saber.

You can choose from a number of models that are already set up for Beat Saber. These change almost everything, including your model, the sabers themselves, the base you’re on, and the note blocks.

The Model Downloader also tells you which models you’ve already gotten and which models need mods you don’t have.

This makes things a little bit simpler. But keep in mind that you will need more mods to use all of the available models.

11. Custom Energy Bars

Want to add more themes and images to the HUD?

To get all of the mods that change how the energy bars look, you should use Custom Energy Bars.

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This is important for anyone who wants their Beat Saber to look unique and in a certain style.

Get the game to look how you want it to.

10. Beat Saber Custom Notes

Beat Saber Custom Notes are what you need if you want to change the look of the main blocks you’ll be hitting while you play.

With Beat Saber Custom Notes, you can change the note blocks that come with the game to anything you want.

Custom models may make your game harder to read, but you can make it look better to make up for it.

9. Score Saber

Score Saber is a great mod for players who are competitive and always keep an eye on the scores.

You can level up your game and play against people from all over the world with this mod.

On the leaderboard, you can post your number and see who else has done well.

8. Beat Saber Particle Overdrive

Want to change all of the effects that the game uses? You need the Beat Saber Particle Overdrive mod.

It gives you full control over how the blocks feel when you hit them. This can include the sound effect and how loud it is, as well as the sparks and particles that come out of them when you hit them.

So, if you think the default levels are too much, you can dial it back a bit.

Or, if you want more of a rush and more particle effects to emphasize each hit, you can do that at your own risk.

7. Songcore

Songcore is how the game sees all of the custom tracks, with various file locations for finished tracks that are ready to be played and WIP maps that need more work.

This is a must-have for anyone who wants to play custom games all the time.

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It’s also a great tool for people who make their own tracks because you can play them in practice mode to get a feel for them.

So, you can get rid of any parts that don’t make sense or aren’t fun, giving everyone who listens to your tracks a good time.

6. Beatsaver Downloader

Custom songs from the community are a big part of what makes PC rhythm games so fun, because they let anyone make their own levels with the music they want.

With BeatSaver Downloader, you can make this process even easier and do it all in-game.

By letting you view and download from the BeatSaver website without leaving the game, the process of downloading custom tracks is made faster and more smooth.

5. Bsipa

BPA is a simple tool that can help anyone who just wants to play their modded game.

BSIPA gives you a way to keep track of all your changes and make sure they work well together.

The unity manager has all the tools you’d expect from a mod manager, like being able to see what mods are installed, turned on, turned off, and so on.

A easy but necessary mod to make sure the game runs smoothly!


Camera2 is an update to the previous Beat Saber camera mods. It was built from scratch to make recording Beat Saber as good as possible.

The mod lets you see yourself play through a track from different camera views.

With choices to make walls half-transparent to keep the camera on you, this is a great way for content creators or people who just want to see how they did to play again and figure out how they could do better.

It also lets you fully enjoy the setting you’ve worked hard to create with all the custom models you’ve downloaded.

3. Playlist Manager

Playlist Manager will improve your experience if you don’t want the game to stop and have played enough base game tracks and custom tracks to know which ones you like.

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With Playlist Manager, it’s easy to put together a list of your favorite songs so you can play them all at once.

The mod lets you name and describe your own mix, change its order quickly, and add or remove songs.

It also has a well-designed interface that lets you switch quickly between all tracks, playlists, and WIP songs to find what you want to play.

It even has a folders area that lets you organize everything even more if you want to.

2. Beat Saber Custom Avatars

Finally, the end of what needs to be done to let people make their own models. Beat Saber Custom Avatars does by far the most, since the other ones just change the models that are already there.

But Beat Saber Custom Avatars lets you load models of yourself so that you can see yourself in-game.

This can, of course, be anything you can find, which means you can pretty much look like anyone.

At the very least, you can watch your body move as you try to dodge obstacles and hit all of the note blocks.

Or, if you want to use the game to make content, your model would look much better than a pair of sabers that are just floating in the air.

1. Beat Saber Custom Walls

Ever wish you could lose the way you want to lose instead of the way the game plans for you to lose?

Well, Beat Saber Custom Walls lets you change the walls to do this.

With this mod, you can change how the walls look, and since they are hurdles that are right in front of you, they might as well look good.

So just go out on your own!