12 Best Rust Armors of All Time

No matter if you are a farmer or a roamer, you must always wear defense when you leave your base in Rust.

If you don’t have it, you’re open to pretty much any kind of attack. Naked people with rocks can hurt you.

Of course, if you don’t have Best Rust Armors, other players might think you’re a simple noob and won’t waste their bullets on you. I can promise you that doesn’t happen very often.

It’s very hard for people who play alone. It can be hard to get the materials, scrap for study, and workbench you need to make higher-tier armor.

Luckily, there are some good options that won’t break the bank. I’ll talk about the best protection in Rust. This list will help you whether you play alone or with a group.

12. Wetsuit Armor Set

Best Rust Armors

The Wetsuit is the only thing on this list that can’t be made. Instead, it must be bought for 20 Scrap from one of three vendors in the Fishing Village. Players who get it early on can use it in very specific, strategic ways.

The Wetsuit gives you some protection from cold and radiation, which will help you early on when you’re scavenging in irradiated villages.

However, its best feature is that it makes you resistant to the “Wet” effect, which is what gives it its name.

This clothing is good for surfing, and it also lets people swim in the snow biome without worrying.

The Wetsuit is not at all made for fighting, but it can be a powerful tool when used in the right way.

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11. Civilian Armor

T-shirt, coat, pants, and boots, The Civilian armor set is easy to get and useful because it helps players survive the cold nights and even animal bites.

More importantly, this set cancels out about 20% of damage from stabs, including damage from traps like the Bear Trap.

Players who care about fashion in Rust will be glad to know that the Jacket, T-Shirt, Pants, and Boots come in dozens of different styles.

This means that players can mix and match this set however they want. The Sewing Kit is hard to get, so players will have to scrounge a lot to find what they need to make it.

10. Burlap Armor

You should try to get a few pieces of cloth going after you spawn and run around picking up things from the floor.

You’ll be able to go to cool towns right away and have a good amount of defense from stabs and cold. Materials Needed: Cloth

9. Hide Armor

Leather is a necessary part.

Hide is slightly more resistant to bites than sacking, but it is less resistant to cold. But you can wear the hide poncho over the burlap itself, which is a big survival advantage.

Leather, on the other hand, can be very expensive, so only use it to hunt animals or make a cape.

8. Hoodie Armor

Tier 1: Workbench

Cloth and a sewing kit are needed.

The Hoodie is often found in Toolboxes. It gives a good amount of safety all around.

You should look into it right away. For such a small price, the security it gives is great.

7. Jacket Armor

Tier 1: Workbench

Cloth and sewing kits are necessary.

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You’re more likely to get it from another person, since it only has a 1% chance of being in sunken crates.

There’s a lot of protection from cold and bites, and it’s also pretty good in other ways.

The jacket can be worn over shirts, which makes it a great choice for outerwear.

6. Wood Armor

Tier 1: Workbench

Wood and rope are necessary.

In the beginning of the game, no other armor will work as well as wood. Since it doesn’t protect against cold, but it does protect against rad, you’ll want to wear it when you’re roaming around rad places.

Bows and crossbows do much less damage to wood armor, but it has low bullet protection, so you should drop it as your loot gets better.

5. Heavy Plate Armor

Tier 2: Workbench

Sheet metal, high quality metal, and rope are needed.

Heavy plate is the only type of armor that can protect you from bombs, bows/melee weapons, guns, and even animals.

But there are some big problems…

It actually makes you less protected from the cold. Depending on what pieces you have, wearing the helmet can make you lose the ability to ADS with guns, slow you down, and make it harder to see.

When you wear thick plate, you can take a lot of damage. It is mostly used for base defense.

4. Bone Armor

Fragments of cloth and bone are needed.

Bone pieces aren’t very useful, except for making bone knives. Because of this, bone armor is easy to make and easy to find.

There are only two pieces, and you can’t wear anything else while you have it on. It also doesn’t protect you from the cold.

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Bone armor can be a very cheap way to fight other players early in the game and help you get through your first adventures.

3. Hazmat Armor

Tier 2: Workbench

Tarp, Sewing Kit, and High-Quality Metal Are Needed.

Many people think it’s a little too powerful for how easy it is to get. Hazmat suits protect you from radiation very well, and they also protect you very well from stabs and projectiles.

With a 4% chance of being in standard loot crates, you can get a small box full of hazmats in just a few hours of game time.

2. Roadsign Armor

Tier 2: Workbench

Leather, road signs, and sewing kits are needed.

Even though they only show up 1% of the time, the best place to look for roadsign armor is in military boxes. Either that or go roaming. A few days after a wipe, players tend to be covered in roadsign armor.

Since you need a tier 2 shop to make this armor, it’s likely to be your end-game armor if you’re a casual player or play by yourself.

Like metal plate armor, it makes you less safe from the cold. Protection from stabs and bullets is high, though!

1. Metal Armor

Level of Workbench: 3

Leather, high-quality metal, and sewing kits are needed.

Metal armor can only be found by looting locked boxes, supply drops, elite crates, or helicopter crates. If you’re playing alone, you’re not likely to get a set of metal armor.

Trading with clans for sulfur ore or low-quality fuel is the best way.

Even so, use this protection as little as possible. Even though it gives pretty crazy protection, you have to be careful when you roam because it costs a lot to study and make. Don’t fight over stupid things!