12 Best Monuments in Rust

In Rust, monuments are one of the best places to find scrap, parts, and weapons. There are a lot of statues in Rust, but the game doesn’t say which ones are the best.

How good a landmark is compared to others will depend on a lot of things. The things you get from high-risk monuments are better, but some early-game monuments also have items that you can get for less risk.

Early-game players won’t be able to get to some sites because they need clothes, which is a radiation requirement.

landmarks with radiation give great items, but landmarks without radiation can also give great items and are often forgotten by other players.

To get more loot from many landmarks, you will also need a green, blue, or red card. Some statues have good loot even without a card, but the best loot is always locked away in a card room.

12. Mining Outpost

Best Monuments in Rust

Mining Outposts are thought by many to be the best place to start when you first join a world.

They have low-tier loot and access to a recycler. As well as having no radiation.

Since there are no keycards or high-level crates in this landmark, many groups and high-level players avoid it. For them, it’s just not worth the time.

There are a lot of windows and a way to get to the roof, which gives you a lot of ways to defend yourself if you get caught.

During the night, it’s easy to sneak up on enemy players and attack them to steal their stuff.

11. Satellite Dish

Even though there isn’t much easy-to-get stuff in Satellite Dish, it may be the best place to get blue keycards.

It’s easy to find the few loot crates that spawn, but they leave you open to fire from many directions.

You need a switch and a green keycard to find the blue keycard.

Find the two metal shacks, put the fuse in, flip the switch, and use the green keycard on the green door lock.

There isn’t much radiation here, so you should wear at least Burlap.

10. The Dome

The Dome is a scary place to go, and you need to be pretty good at parkour to get to the top. There are 4 military boxes there.

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You’ll also come across several standard crates along the way.

When it comes to Low Grade Fuel, the Dome is the best. Under the Dome, several Oil Barrels spawn, and a nearby shack has an Oil Refinery.

Under the Dome, there is no radiation, but you need a lot of safety when you go inside.

9. Military Tunnels

At the moment, this is the only way to get elite boxes without a keycard.

To win Military Tunnels, you have to beat scientists. Don’t be fooled, they can shock you.

One guards the entrance to the bridge. After entering, you’ll find two more in the first part. To get to the special crates, you’ll need to beat at least 6 more enemies.

You can try to solve the puzzle if you have fuses and key cards on hand. You can find a lot of extra military and special crates inside the red room.

If there is a lot of radiation, you will need a lot of safety.

Other players will know you’re in the caves because of all the gunfire, so keep an eye out for counters.

8. Abandoned Supermarket

Getting a green card early in the game is important for moving forward. During the day, there are a lot of traps and players in Abandoned Supermarket.

The best way to get into Abandoned Supermarket is to sneak in during the Rust nights.

Abandoned Supermarket is a great early-game monument because it gives you a lot of food, a green card, about seven boxes, and a military crate.

Make sure to arm yourself and wear gear to give yourself a better chance of surviving a fight.

There is a recycler in Abandoned Supermarket, which can be dangerous during the day because it is a favorite monument for many players early in a wipe.

7. Sewer Branch

To solve the puzzle at Sewer Branch, players will need a green card. Most of the loot is in the puzzle room, so make sure you have a lot of room in your bags.

To start, make sure to get the blue card, which is needed to move on to better loot. Inside the puzzle room, you can expect to find about seven regular boxes and about six green crates.

Sewer Branch has a recycler and an oil plant, so the safe puzzle room is useful for more than just loot. Since other players will have guns like a revolver or crossbow, it is best to make your own.

Sewer Branch needs at least 10% protection from radiation, which can be done with beginner’s gear.

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6. Junkyard

The Junkyard is one of the landmarks in Rust that people undervalue the most. It gives out a green card and a lot of scrap through drums and crates.

It also gives out a lot of diesel barrels. It also has a recycler, and since it is the highest point of the structure, it is set up to be a defense.

There is no radiation requirement for the monument, and there will be a lot of people there in the beginning of a wipe.

Junkyard will have a lot of bow fights, but making bone arrows will help players hit their targets even if they do less damage.

There is also a magnetic crane and a shredder in the junkyard. The shredder uses low-grade fuel, but it can salvage old cars for scrap.

5. Train Yard

Train Yard is a great structure with a lot of loot that you should definitely build near.

You can get a red keycard and up to 10 military boxes per run. Each crate has a green and blue puzzle inside.

There are also a lot of medical crates and ration boxes to help you stay healthy and get more food and drink.

There are many places to look over the area before you go in. If you need to hide or get away from a firefight, there is a network of tunnels underneath.

Since there is always a road going to it, you can start by hitting barrels, loot the whole train yard, and leave with 400+ scrap. all the time!

4. Airfield

Airfield is an open monument with lots of open space, which makes it hard to fight other players with better guns.

It might be a good idea to make high-velocity ammo, since the faster bullet speed will make it easier to shoot at enemies from a distance.

There is a lot of loot in Airfield, which will bring a lot of people to the monument.

You can get a lot of loot without a card, but the red card and valuable loot are in the loot room. To move on to higher-level landmarks, you must have the red card.

Around four military crates and four normal crates will appear in the puzzle room. For the puzzle, you’ll need a green card, a blue card, and two fuses.

3. Oil Rig

Many players choose to put their base near Oil Rig because it gives loot late in the game. Oil Rig is one of the most difficult landmarks, but it has great loot.

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To get the most out of Oil Rig, players must bring all three cards. The locked Oil Rig box has the best loot in the monument, but opening it will let out heavy scientists who are hard to kill and can kill players if they aren’t ready.

Rare items like a C4, an assault weapon, an LR-300, and a rocket launcher can be found in the locked crate. Since Oil Rig gives out good loot, many players will try to take it over.

Oil Rig can be profitable to defend because players will be at a deficit and will get weapons and loot if they do it well.

2. Launch Site

Launch Site is hard to take on because it is the most fought-over structure in the game. The Launch Site is the biggest and most valuable landmark in the game.

Outside the loot room and in the houses around it, there are a lot of crates. Outside, the loot will be spread out, so players need to be on the lookout for ambushes from other players.

Players will have to go around the Bradley APC to protect all the loot outside. To take down Bradley, you should have at least two or three people, since it takes 11 regular rockets or 7 high-speed rockets.

It’s best to stick to making high-speed rockets because it’s faster and gives enemies less chance to attack players who are reloading their rocket launchers.

Bradley gives out special crates and can bring an M249 into existence. To cut down on the amount of radiation taken in by the puzzle room, you need a safety suit.

Even with a hazmat suit, players will always be exposed to radiation, so they need a lot of needles and water.

About three elite boxes and seven military crates will appear in the puzzle room. All over the puzzle room building, regular boxes will appear.

1. Oxum’s Gas Station

Crate spawns Crates, Ration Boxes, Military Crates, Mine Crates, and Vehicle Part Crates.

This structure should be the goal of any Rust player because it has a lot of crates and boxes packed in close together.

Since the recycler is kept in a small room, it is easy to protect it with a shotgun.

The best building in Rust is Oxum’s Gas Station. You can get stuff from almost every level, parts for vehicles, food, and a recycler.

Easy to protect, set up traps, or get away from.