18 Best Castle Crashers Characters

A beat-’em-up called Castle Crashers sends players on an action-packed journey that never slows down.

A fantastic soundtrack and a tonne of fantastical themes combine in this 2D adventure game to create an almost addictive experience.

Additionally, it has a cooperative narrative that lets four players work together to save the princesses and thwart the evil wizard.

There are many characters in the game to pick from, each with unique advantages and playing styles.

I’ll rank my top ten video game characters on this list and highlight some of their most impressive moves.

18. Ninja

In the video game Castle Crashers, Ninja is one of the 31 playable characters and an opponent.

Their initial weapon is the Sai, and their magical attacks are Non-Elemental.

Advanced boss killing, combo locking, fundamental juggling, and knockback crowd management are among the ninja’s specialties.

17. Grey Knight

In the video game Castle Crashers, Grey Knight is one of the 31 playable characters and an NPC ally.

His magic uses Non-Elemental and Fire assaults.

The Skinny Sword serves as his primary weapon.

Damage over time, extreme knockback, destruction, simple juggling, and combo locking are among Grey Knight’s strengths.

16. Pink Knight

One of the 31 Playable Characters in the Castle Crashers video game is the Pink Knight.

Their initial weapon is the NG Lollipop, and their magical attacks are Non-Elemental.

The damage per second, unlock, combo locking, and fundamental juggling are among Pink Knight’s specialties.

15. Saracen

In the video game Castle Crashers, Saracen is one of the 31 playable characters and an opponent.

His starting weapon is the Falchion, and his magical attacks are Non-Elemental.
Advanced combo locking, extreme knockback, and supreme juggling are some of Saracen’s skills.

14. Iceskimo

In the video game Castle Crashers, Iceskimo is one of the 31 playable characters and an opponent.

His initial weapon is the Fishing Spear, and his magical attacks are Ice and Non-Elemental.

Advanced crowd management, fundamental juggling, and ultimate elemental combo locking are among Iceskimo’s specialties.

13. Bear

Bear begins as a dangerous foe but can later be unlocked to become a playable character.

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The protagonist uses the wind’s energy.

The character uses a deadly club, and his distinctive signature technique, the Tornado, is extremely dissimilar from other splash moves.

The Tornado attack can be directed toward opponents who would sustain magic damage.

12. Conehead

The person is a very powerful attacker.

They employ bombing attacks.

A Conehead can attack adversaries that are concealed by using bomb drops and bomb attacks, among other attack kinds.

They are also able to repair damage from fire.

Coneheads come in incredibly handy when the player is outnumbered because they can hit numerous foes at once thanks to the magic missile known as The Bomb.

The character is quite effective at dealing with fire damage and doing damage to several adversaries.

11. Knight in Blue

The game’s main character, Blue Knight, is a playable character right away in Castle Crashers.

Ice is the primary element used by the characters.

The ability of the character to freeze numerous foes gives Blue Knight a significant advantage.

The Knight can employ a variety of Projectiles to freeze an opponent.

His attack, the Ice Shards, is quite good in stopping the adversaries.

10. Castle Crashers of Fire Demons

The Fire Demon, as its name might suggest, wields a Black Morning Star and deals a lot of fire magic damage.

The whole move set of this draconic character consists of fire damage, damage over time, and the ability to send opponents back a short distance.

When storming into battle, this character has a menacing appearance with yellow eyes, broad wings, and pointed teeth.

Because fire damage is dealt with by all attacks, some adversaries may be able to completely avoid getting hurt.

The Fire Demon compensates for this weakness by dealing a lot of powerful blows with Fireball, Flaming Pillars, and Flame Engulfment.

9. Aliens Who Crash Castles

The Alien is equipped with a recognizable alien gun that shoots projectiles that cause magic damage that is not caused by elements.

Although this character has many benefits, its splash attack’s incredibly high cast rate is what makes it stand out.

Comet, which deals base magic damage and fire damage, may be cast three times faster than typical splash attacks.

This devastating move knocks foes a great distance and deals burn damage over time.

Note that this action alone qualifies the Alien for inclusion on the list and distinguishes it as one of the game’s finest characters.

8. Fencer

The Fencer is a deadly combatant who possesses the fencer’s foil.

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The buzzsaw technology, which may be employed in incredibly potent ways to clear areas full of foes, is only used by a select few characters, including this one.

Damage from non-elemental magic is quickly dealt with by the Fencer.

He possesses the magical air missile Buzzsaw, which launches a buzzsaw blade in the direction of the adversary.

This character can perform some remarkable maneuvers between the numerous missiles and splash strikes thanks to spelling weaving.

The splat assault With up to 7 saw blades flying across the ground, the Saw Trap is the Fencer’s most potent assault against opponents who are not pushed to the ground.

7. Industrialists fight against castle-breakers

The Industrialist is unquestionably the game’s most potent and adaptable character.

This powerful weapon uses the same buzzsaw technology as the Fencer, with one small exception providing a modest advantage.

The Ugly Mace, which is your Industrialist’s default weapon, significantly increases this character’s defense.

The Industrialist can therefore both deal significant damage to all foes while also being a dangerous fighter.

The Fencer and Industrialist both have a splash attack that makes them effective in taking down monsters by fusing their projectiles and splash attacks to create devastating combos of damage when timed correctly.

6. Blacksmith

Because of his magic and cosmetics, I admire this guy. His magic ranges from blazing hammers to frog tongues. But I realize he’s not the best crowd control.

His arsenal of magic spells and standard hammer weapon, which is amazing, keep him going. Overall, a fascinating character that deserves to be in the top 10 or perhaps eight.

He does have the nicest appearance, and I adore his magic hammer attack—when I was just level 2 and facing the barbarian boss, it dealt 12 damage each time, even before I upgraded!

He is a good melee character in my opinion, and I utilized him as a backup melee character because of his respectable magic.

5. King

He heals both players and himself, making him perfect for multiplayer.

He also makes a fantastic boss! And excellent for demanding employers!

He is useful if you pair him with magic and one of the starter knights.

Unless the opposing players request healing too frequently.

He is one of the best support characters in the game because of his heal, which makes him indispensable for multiplayer online games with your pals. bad solo.

4. Brute

Brute is one of the more difficult characters to unlock and has sick magic in addition to looking like a tank, making him more elusive.

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If you claim that he isn’t the best, you have most likely never played as him.

He’s underappreciated and excellent at tanking and taking down large enemy groups.

A terrific character that deserves some attention.

I adore him, and he deserves a lot more consideration!

He seems cool.

3. Orange Knight

The red knight may be superior, but nothing beats repeatedly unleashing fire magic to push your attackers up against a wall.

Lightning can immobilize targets and deal significant damage, but you remain exposed until you choose to break your lightning strike.

In any case, he was my first Orange knight player and is presently level 77.

He is excellent at displacing opponents, pushing them back, and preventing them from stealing your blade.

If you can keep moving and avoid opponents in your rear, the orange knight is excellent at crowd management.

Just keep in mind to block. I played Castle Crashers alone, yep ALONE, as my orange knight.

2. Knight in Green

If you practice and employ the right timing with that magic, the green knight humiliates everyone else—including the red knight.

The finest magic for combinations is poison.

For the competent player who focuses on timing and strategy, projectiles are ideal.

The leap attack works well against foes that use projectiles as one of their primary offensive weapons, while the magic and y (PS3 – triangle) is the finest move for crowd control.

I initially chose him because I thought he was cool, but after trying the others, I’ve decided he’s the greatest.

He can poison victims before continuing to harm them. Moreover, he has a fierce appearance

1. Red Knight

One of the four standard starting knights is the Red Knight.

The Red Knight’s primary weapon of choice is a grey mace, and he practices lightning-based magic.

Due to his “crowd control,” this knight is frequently used by players.

He can use magic to shock opponents.

He is regarded by many as the starting knights’ strongest of the four.

Similar to the Blue Knight, he can paralyze opponents with his lightning magic.

Your thoughts on the Red Knight? Agree?

The best is Red Knight.

I strongly advise you to try insanity mode if you haven’t already.

In mad mode, bosses are not a problem.

The hordes of common foes are.

For minions, his magic attack works best.

He also offers a lot of assistance to the wedding crash boss.